Chords to "Jam Buddies"

Weeks after Steven Bomb #2 left me down on the floor in the fetal position. Two thoughts came to mind. One pearl you thirsty. And two what a wonderful soundtrack. I had to know the chords to the Jam Buds jam so I set out like I’ve done for “Be wherever you are” and listen to the song a good 20 times. The song is in the key of D.

D F#m

The sun is bright, our shirts are clean

Bm A

we’re sitting up above the sea.


Come on and share this jam with me!

D F#m Bm

Peach or plum or strawberry, any kind is


fine, you see.

G A D D7

Come on and share this jam with me!

G G7

I’ll do my best to give this jam the


sweetness it deserves.

G G7

And I’ll keep it fresh, I’m jamming on

G7-G#7-A7 (A string: 9-9-8-)

these tasty preserves!

D F#m Bm

Ingredients in harmony, we mix together



G A D ( D harmonic)

come on and share this jam with me!

Tip an other details~
Pluck the string from the tuner to the nut of the C string to play the D harmonic.

Hopefully I could get a cover of this with a friend soon cuz this song is so sweet!