He’s in one of the more populated sitting spots in Lower Beatty of Wentworth Institute of Tech. if anyone wants to go take a peak at it! Last I checked it was still there, and I just left it alone for the first time today

(I’m also still around if you wanna meet up and chat <v< Just sayin’)

EDIT: Yes, those are legs my friend added. They’re too marvelous to erase



Stream is over! Thanks to all that joined tonight! ♫

(due to tumblr quality being awful, please click and full view them to see them well!)

Tonight just felt like a good night to draw some people’s OCs. In order, here are their names as well as their creators!

Gate started as a drawing to cheer myself up because it’s Gate (Just look at him. He’s so happy. He’s just this big happy huggable doob), Risto came along afterward because I have been long overdue with drawing this marvelous anime-nerd mob boss, and Eli because…
Look I felt the need to at least try and draw a pretty lad after drawing Risto the way I did :L Also Eli is a precious nerd archer and I like him

Again, thanks to everyone that stopped by tonight! Hopefully I will do another stream very, very soon! C:

I just had way too much fun with an Ask response on the Trundle blog and this was the result

I’m super happy with this. I wanna put it on things. Like a mug or something
I’d put it on a shirt if it didn’t have the crude gesture
Maybe this’ll be my new iPhone case or something

Please do not re-post or use without my permission. I worked my tail off on this


I had the urge to leave little drawings around town today

So I did

I just drew whatever came to mind with a phrase, then stuck it where I sort of felt it fit best. I made a Zacharie one as well, but my phone died and I didn’t want to stick it anywhere without documenting it first, so I still have it with me
Maybe I’ll post him somewhere tomorrow. It was fun sticking these around, so I may do it again while out and about :U

Also, I was thinking…if anyone in the Boston area sees one of these around, take a picture and send it to me! I’ll draw ya something if you find one :V
(I can tell you right now that Enoch may be a bit hard to find :T; The photo is so blurry because I had to awkwardly angle my phone to get that picture. You most likely won’t see it unless you’re sitting in one of the seats at the restaurant)
I dunno. Just a fun little thought, ‘cause why the heck not!