Black cloth added! It’s stuck in there by duct tape though. I may just leave it that way, in case something gets on the cloth and I need to wash it :U

Next comes his dazzling eyes. Y'know, the ones that just kinda glow from the darkness in his head and judge you

Hello, Handsome

Most important part of the costume is complete!! Next on a scale of visual impact is the hands, then coat. I’m also going to go out and buy suspenders while with my friend today, so that takes care of that, too!

I think this may be the first cosplay I actually complete before the actual convention days. Ahah. Wow. This is FUCKING EXCITING!
To say the least :y



That picture remind me of something from Monster Hunter
Not sure which beast, though

Also the teeth aren’t set in place. That was just me making sure they’re spaced well and fit nicely!

Also temporarily put the previous piece of cardboard I cut off back in place to make sure the gap in the two sets of teeth were still there :U


Another progress post, oh boy! :Y

I cut out the gap I want in his teeth as an outline, then sort of cut a little more room to get my head in at the bottom of his jaw
Then I cut open the black mask I’ve been using and used it as a base to make a longer white one! :L
I had to cut an eyehole for it, though, because I was blind as a bat without it :L Can’t see a damn thing through that cloth

Now that that’s all set, I chopped off the top section of where his teeth are gonna be and started molding them PEARLY WHITES out of Model Magic :Y
It’s hilarious looking. They remind me of those little poor, unfortunate souls in Ursula’s “garden”. Except cuter. And sillier
I plan on sanding them down lightly once their hard enough, then going to spray-paint them with this Glossy White spray-paint I have
The rest of the head will be sprayed Matte White, so the whole head isn’t going to be glossy :U

Oh yeah!! That first GIF I made because I realized I never show what I wore underneath!
To elevate the head a bit, I took a baseball cap, cut off its visoor, then ducttaped some bubblewrap I found on top. The results were better than I expected them to be!

That’s all for now! I’ll keep posting more as I go!

I’ve been meaning to post cosplay progress, so here’s the first one for this royal prick 8Y

The plan is, for this mask, to have the moving jaw and black part of the mask be one part and the rest of the head separate. From there I’m either going to paint  the pieces or cover them in white cloth, since white cloth will be coming off of the pieces to cover the black around my neck. That’s the plan for now, though. Very up to being changed :U

What you see here’s just me figuring out if any changes should be made to the template and if my placement of the elastic band is right to get the jaw to move. That’s me opening my mouth a bit wide though, so I may make more changes or something in attempt to make it open more when simply talking. Once I think the shape of this jaw is fine, I’m gonna make it out of cardboard, stick it on the black mask, and see if it’s alright 8Y

Also, once both pieces are done being constructed, I’m gonna cut off where the teeth are and replace them with clay teeth since I CAN’T SEE SHIT PASSED WHAT’S THERE RIGHT NOW. Gonna be looking through the gaps in the teeth in the end :L

I’ll be posting more progress pictures/gifs as I go! With hopefully less wordy descriptions! 8L

EDIT: It just occurred to me how funny this gif looks :‘L


I mainly took three pictures instead of two because all I could hear as I stared at the lone top row of teeth was “Smashing”. I needed to share the experience

They aren’t glued into place yet, except for the two top corner teeth. This is definitely a mask I’m going to come back to and fix up after the convention, because damn I know I can make this sucker better >:‘L


First photo: Unsanded side
Second photo: Sanded side

So I love Sculptey now

Sure, still gotta get the hang of it so I don’t get cracks like I did in the handle, but I’m still feeling a lot better about using clay in general now since I’m liking my first go at it this much


Just realized I never posted pictures of my costumes for AB
Sadly these are all I have of me currently. Never really uh, got any of myself. Hard to when you can’t see all too well, aheh

Anyway! Here’s FM and I. Picture on the left is from Friday (he as Undertaker and I as Sloop) and on the right is from today, Saturday (he was Ulquiorra in the morning and I was Dedan for the whole day. He changed to Mad Hatter Undertaker later in the day)

So yeah! There’s that

So the video that vanished last night was showing off THIS FEATURE


Those suckers also glow in the dark ‘cause they’re made out of those star things you stick on your walls. The pupils are just a result of the hot glue that FM and I took advantage of

There’s still one or two things I gotta do to the mask, but this is pretty much it for now! Gonna be wearing this baby to AB today owo


This would have been so much easier if I didn’t have to tape two piece of paper together to get the model the size I needed it to be :’U

What I’m working on here is the large horn protruding from the back of Bard’s head. I’m figuring out what shape I need to cut out of the cardboard so it will curve with the least amount of seams possible, so I’m experimenting with paper first, then I’m going to open and flatten out the one that works best and use that as a stencil
Started with a super rough thing that was literally just paper rolled into a cone, looked at it, wanted a curve, slashed an opening into where I wanted said curve and bent it to how I wanted it to be, then cut it all open and traced the new stencil. Rinse and repeat until I had a cleaner stencil to work with

The last photo is what I have currently and WOW I AM REALLY ANXIOUS ABOUT CUTTING INTO THE CARDBOARD WITH THIS. It word great with the head harness I’m also working on to keep this all in place, but this is my last chunk of cardboard that I have until stores open again tomorrow ono;

I guess it’s time to hope for the best and dive right in o~o;; Wish me luck!