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A Question

I have to ask all those people who think or are worried about Oliver going back to L once the break up happens…

Just how mundane and fragile do you think Oliver’s love for Felicity is exactly? 

I mean, the writers have just spent years developing their love, giving us scene after scene of how well they fit together, how they bring out the best in each other, how under each other’s spell they are. I mean, we’ve literally had hours and hours of that narrative spent on Olicity and how Felicity showed Oliver his light again, and how much he loves and needs her. Oliver hasn’t so much as acknowledged another woman’s presence since 3x01. 

That’s over 30 episodes ago. 

30 episodes. 

So, they break up, and all that development of Oliver, so, what, that never happened? We’re just going to pretend that last 3 years never happened and go back to S1. Because Oliver hasn’t grown and changed at all. Well, he’s gotten worse at loving people if that happens, so I guess that’s a change. It’s just that becoming more of a crap human being with limited ability to love people beyond your own weaknesses is not your usual super hero s/l arc. 

I’m just wondering why people are so quick to think Oliver is incapable of a mature and deep love that preservers. Maybe we got Olicity too quickly. Maybe it wasn’t earned enough if there are people out there who love Olicity, but aren’t convinced Oliver is capable of loving a woman like Felicity and will abandon her the first excuse he gets. 

I’m just really curious where you’re seeing that man, because I watch the scenes on Arrow, all of them, and I’m not seeing it. I’m not seeing a man who lacks loyalty. I’m not seeing a man who gives in easily, or loves lightly. I’m not seeing this fickle guy who gives up when it gets hard that some others seem to be seeing. I’m not seeing the guy who passes his heart around like it was nothing - can’t have you, oh well, you’re a woman standing nearby, close enough, I’ll move onto you next. 

Who’s that guy??? 

Because seriously, I’m looking, and I don’t see him on Arrow. Pre-island Ollie, sure. But 9 years after pre-island Ollie, um, no, the guy has changed. Like, a LOT. That’s the whole point of the show. If I was still watching S1 Oliver, or even pre-island Oliver, I think I wouldn’t be watching. I’ve got other concerns about Oliver based on his evolution, but running off with another woman because he can’t have Felicity, yeah, not even on my register of things to remotely even think about, let alone worry about. 

So, yeah, just curious where people who are concerned about something like this happening (insert L, or BM or whoever into the mix), are seeing in Oliver’s development that he’s capable of doing such a thing. Do you have a scene or something he does or something you don’t feel they’ve addressed on the show that makes you worried? Is there something the writers should have done/not done to make you have more belief in Oliver as a character? Or are you just carrying over concerns from previous shipping experiences that the Arrow writers can’t do anything about? 

I said I had one question, that’s a lot of them, but it’s all under the same banner. The writer in me is very curious to try and figure out if people feel there were issues with the writing which are making them consider this possibility as a real threat…

anonymous asked:

Hi Laura, I read your article 'What didn't work in 'Unchained'' and I totally agree with you. Esp the BM s/l. I understood why he lied the 1st time (still hated it)but Oliver not telling Felicity the truth about each trip to CC makes him an ass. He lies every. single. time. It makes me sick to my stomach. Felicity will be vulnerable with her Dad back, not being able to walk and now the lie. I hate that MG justifies the s/l and lie as "Oliver's flawed". How would you like to see Oliver fix this?

Thanks for reading, Anon! You and I are definitely on the same page about the repeated lying being the dealbreaker. I could accept the lie by omission as an example of Oliver being flawed, but Oliver’s active duplicity over and over again with his trips to Central City isn’t a flaw. It’s a dick move, for lack of a better term. 

I actually don’t want Oliver to work to fix things with Felicity first and foremost. Sure, he can have the immediate freakout meltdown at the reality of losing her that Amell would totally kill and I would probably shamelessly love, but he needs to fix himself before he’s ready to be with anybody. It needs to be a process of him really understanding why his behavior was unacceptable and finding a way not to default to the sorts of decisions that sabotage his own happiness. He needs to be able to function without Felicity in order to be ready for a second go at a relationship with her, and so I would like for Olicity to take a backseat while Oliver learns how to be a real boy without a safety net.