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Academy AU BM Jhin

Junior so he’s not graduating yet but still stressed as fuck. (You know those lame nerds who say high school will be the best years of your life???? What the fuck)

He’s an artist, but also a recluse. His final senior art portfolio he plans on tackling the concept of artistic beauty in death. Sits in the back of class day dreaming and drawing regardless of what class it is.

Enjoys sciences like biology, especially when talking about human form. Also tolerates english/language class. History is meh, Math can go to hell. If there is a cooking class he excels.

Never gets sleep, pretty angsty. No one touches him because the last time someone did, Jhin made a painting featuring them that incited nightmares. 

People fear he’s like a goddamn school shooter or something because the aura around him and they think he’s a creep. But he’s mostly an edgy dork.

Hoodies. Jackets. Trench coats. Keeps himself covered as much as possible, even during Physical Education.


That’s what I got. //SHRUGS

anti-trc  asked:

Hello! After starting to watch Crysal, I really wanna start reading the SM manga, but unfortunately I am painfully inexperienced when it comes to mangas and am completely lost as to where I should start. I kinda look to you as knowing all things SM, so I was wondering if you'd be able to tell me where to start? Or maybe a link to a reading guide, anything really. After ep8 I'm itching to start reading, I don't think I can wait 2 weeks haha. Thank you!

It’s nothing to it at all but you can call this Sailor Moon Manga 101. :-)

I’m doing this as a masterpost to help other people who want to read the manga as well. 

The Sailor Moon Manga is 60 acts/chapters broken into 5 arcs ( 12 volumes) which each act/ chapter is roughly 40-60 pages long.Each season of 90’s anime is based off of an arc in the manga. 

Compared to other Manga series, it’s really short series to get through.

1.Dark Kingdom ( Sailor Moon Classic) Acts 1-14 (Volumes 1- 3)

2.Black Moon ( Sailor Moon R) Acts 14-26  ( Volumes 3- 5)( Chibiusa arrives in the middle of act 14 so that’s why it’s counted as DK and BM arcs)

3. Mugen Academy /Infinity ( Sailor Moon S) Acts 27- 38 ( Volumes 6- 8)

4.Dream ( Sailor Moon SuperS) Acts 39- 49 ( Volumes 8- 10)

5.Stars ( Sailor Moon Stars) Acts 50-60 ( Volumes 11-12)

Also you have Code Name: Sailor V ( 18 acts, 2 volumes)  which is the prequel to SM that you read after and the Short Stories that you read after too. One of the Short Stories ” The Lover of Princess Kaguya” is the main Storyline for Sailor Moon S Movie ( Hearts on Ice)

Since Crystal is following the manga closely ,each episode in Crystal is an act in the manga.So Act 8 in Crystal is actually Act 8 in the manga. So if you want to find out what going to happen next, you can read Act 9 which is called Serenity- Princess.

So read the Dark Kingdom arc first to see if you like it and then you read the other arcs.

Those links will take you to Miss Dream where you can download the PDFs or ebook versions of each chapter individually or each volume. If click on each arc individually, it will directly take you to download the rar file of each arc. ( Those are just the scans which are not in PDF or epub format)

I hope that helps. :-)

For the group me and chesi (now Chesi/Kins) came up with, our monster girl boarding school group Bellua Monstrum Academy. :)

We have a lot of snakes and I feel kinda bad for not being original but I sketched her up and everyone liked her, then played her on board and she kind of stuck..

Narissa is possessive and kind of a cunt. She decides things are hers and once she does it’s a huge fight to get her to give them up. She likes to cause issues.

Her hair rattles are set off by both her mood and by will, and when she gets mad or irritated they rise up. If she gets mad enough they can actually untie themselves, fanning out around her face to make her look more threatening.

She’s venomous.