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Why am i posting this i dont know-here in lies a prompt of sorts for a story I have thought up- semi inspired by Natsumi’s book of Friends and other folklorish comics i’ve stumbled upon. I came up with this a long while ago. 

I feel like sharing because i feel like i’d need help. I’ve only shared this with like 2 people. its another one of my long term on the shelf projects. 

HMMM so a while back i got really really tired of typical mythos. You know. Vampires, Werewolves, zombies- and i looked at manga and movies inspired by Celtic and Japanese folklore and i become really impressed by all the cool things. Yet america sees so terribly lacking in information on its own lore. We’re always stuck with the stuff of Euro origin and i feel like there is so little knowledge on core North American lore. And i mean before colonialization and after. Myth that could almost purely be considered a part of North American history. 

So i wanted to make a story about the son of a Native American Indian chief named Finch. Who manages and helps and faces various spirits and beasts he may encounter in modern times (i’m thinking he may live a bit in  south western america). And i was hoping to encompass all the myth i could get my hands on even despite some regional differences.

everything right now is a bit on the vague side- especially involving native american cultural traditions. I know little to nothing about them. it is indeed a hard work in progress. from what i understand a lot of things can be kept secret or private among indian tribes.

Finch isnt very lavish and impressive upon first impression- he’s a bit thick and likes to spend his time watching movies and following the best television shows. he’s very stuck to modern media but is constantly thrown into his cultural responsibilities which he sometimes acts nonchalant about but turns out to be very passionate and concerned about them. No one knows about his rather extreme spirit sensitivity, it’s only seen as a slight sensitivity to those around him and only a handful know indept of all the work he’s been thrown into thanks to his ability.

Grey is a shapeshifter given homage by Flinch’s tribe as of recent for unknown reasons. He and Finch don’t start off on a good note. he must wear the pelt of the animal he desires to change into.

Morgan Henry, befriended and discovered by Finch at his highschool. Morgan seems to be a direct decedent of the legend John Henry. She has his strength as well as his burning passion. 

I want to maybe have mini chapters on various myths- and some familiar things like Wendigos, Babe the Blue Ox, johnny appleseed, etc. 

maybe even Slenderman- for modern lores sake. No ones superstitious these days but i think its the only one that has come up.

unedited inks of this thingy i hope you like this tappy i worked real hard on it. tomorrow i’ll have cleaned it up a bit. this is my friend taplaos’ character but i’m also using it as a commission example. above waist will be about 20-25 dollars.