Just a week away!! Come see Blythe Baird at our first open mic poetry night of the semester! This event is part of the social justice leadership project and women’s studies feminist week in celebration of feminist month!! ****free and open to the public****
Plus there will be donuts and coffee!

*Check out some of her work here:

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…so…I impulsively made these yesterday*.  The three dresses, on the left, are Blythe size, and the bottom center shirt and skirts on the right are Barbie size.

Do you think they’d be worth putting on Etsy? They’d all be under $10 each (yes, the dresses use the $5 Winks pattern, but these are all decorated, which is not done to Winks.)  The last batches of things I’ve listed there haven’t done so well, so I’m now…hesitant…to list things, especially since I haven’t been keeping up with Blythe, and Barbie stuff never seems to do well.

I’d be willing to sell through Tumblr, too (I’d take better pictures!), but Etsy at least has the ‘listing is up for four months’ thing (and potentially larger market), whereas bloggy sales posts from me are always things I want finished as fast as possible (+ oh, wait, none of my dollyfriends have any money either…)

(Thinking about this is why I didn’t use up all the dinosaur print cloth–I could have made more, but why, if no-one wants it.  I mean, sure, I’d keep and use what wouldn’t sell, but my dolls have a limit to how many earth tone dinosaurs even they might wear.)

*and the patchwork they’re laying on was done impulsively the day before that, cutting last weekend’s impulsive patchwork into squares and alternating with squares of a contrast cloth.  I get stuff done when it’s done impulsively, yes, but it’s at the expense of not-doing the things I’ve been planning to do or even need to do.  So.

anonymous asked:

(( occasionallyshedinja )) A large Shedinja approaches Victini, hovering closer to the ground. Blythe has a gardenia at the ready, and holds it out to the legendary, "I offer you this gardenia - and I must say, your outfit looks fantastic! I hope you have been enjoying yourself here so far."


It’s nice to meet you Blythe! Victini really likes your mask! Thank you for the flower and compliment! Here’s a daffodil for you! Victini is having a lot of fun at the ball!


Aries, the way you refuse to let anyone be invisible around you is a profound act of empathy.

Taurus, it is not that you have a gift but that you are the gift.

Gemini, you are only afraid of power because it is all you’ve ever wanted.

Cancer, like a diamond, light catches you and shines from every angle.

Leo, you deserve to be able to talk openly about what happened to you.

Virgo, the ideas you have are interesting and clever and worth listening to.

Libra, you matter more than sent emails and a crossed off to-do list.

Scorpio, addiction has a whole hungry family of its own to feed.

Sagittarius, your sexuality is still valid even if you had to make a home out of the closet.

Capricorn, you do not miss them; you miss the person you allowed yourself to be around them.

Aquarius, it is impossible to hate your body into loving yourself.

Pisces, do not mistake the curled fist of jealousy for intimacy.
—  JANUARY HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird (2017)

Here are the dino dresses!  Please note that there is only one of each dress (and I don’t have the cloth to make reproductions), which is shown on ‘original’ size Fashionistas Barbie, Momoko, and Blythe.  I’m afraid I don’t have any Azone Pure Neemo type bodies, but I hope these photos can help people curious about the fit on those, as well as other dolls not shown here.

First row: Eenie Meeny Einiosaurus has a custom-dyed cotton trim at the hem, closes in back with Velcro $6 *PENDING*

Second row: Camarasaurus Camaraderie has bobble trim and a row of micro sequins at the hem, closes in back with Velcro $7 *SOLD, thank you!*

Third row: Give Me A Brachiosaurus has a contrasting front yoke with topstitching, appliqué felt heart, tiny red lace at the hem, closes in back with Velcro $8

Shipping is $2.61 within the US.  Will ship internationally, but will not ship it as a letter, so will be at parcel rates, sorry.

Here’s a link to the Barbie-size dino separates!

Please send inquiries to andrea7566 atat yahoo dotdot com (but, y’know, formatted correctly… *glares at spambots*) 


Oh–adding: it’s February 20, 2017 today.  I’ll leave these up for sale here for a few days before moving stuff to Etsy =)


Aries, some ghosts are here to teach you instead of haunt you.

Taurus, your mother is not disappointed in the person you’ve become or the people you have been.

Gemini, it is difficult for an artist to love another artist; you both desperately want the other to hold still.

Cancer, avoiding important conversations because they’re difficult does not make anything easier.

Leo, you are still adequate even when you are not receiving constant validation.

Virgo, the life you deserve is fulfilling and filled to the brim with glittering magnificence.

Libra, everyone misses you even when you don’t think you’ve gone anywhere.

Scorpio, healing doesn’t have to mean yanking the memory down like the string of a ceiling fan.

Sagittarius, the careful balance of chaos and beauty in your life is inspiring to those around you.

Capricorn, some things are just meant to be a conversation; not everything is meant to be a poem.

Aquarius, the person that once made a city out of your heart is still looking for your tongue in the mouths of strangers.

Pisces, good intentions are not good excuses.
—  FEBRUARY HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird (2017)

Here’s the purely-Barbie-size dino themed stuff for sale.  Doll modeling in the photos is a new ‘original’ size Fashionistas.

Shoreline Shirt (there’s only one, shown in both full body photos) closes in back with Velcro $5

Babby Dinos Miniskirt, closes in back with Velcro, also has a small center back slit in the hemline, darts at back waistline $5

Biggy Dinos Pencil Skirt, closes in back with Velcro, also has a center back vent at hemline, darts at back waistline $5

Shipping is $2.61 within the US.  Will ship internationally, but will not ship it as a letter, so will be at parcel rates, sorry.

Here’s a link to the dino dresses, which fit Barbie, Momoko, and Blythe (as well as probably lots of others!)

Please send inquiries to andrea7566 atat yahoo dotdot com (but, y’know, formatted correctly… *glares at spambots*)


Oh–adding: it’s February 20, 2017 today.  I’ll leave these up for sale here for a few days before moving stuff to Etsy =)

Anne: “I went looking for my ideals outside of myself. I discovered it’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it. The dreams dearest to my heart are right here.”

Gilbert: “Well, I hope you keep on dreaming. It’ll be three years before I finish medical school. Even then, there won’t be any diamond sunbursts or marble halls.”

Anne: “I don’t want sunbursts or marble halls. I just want you.”