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Jenba’s Population Project

(I couldn’t think of a better title, and BHL-NH Population Project doesn’t really roll off the tongue :-p)

Here’s the current list of residential lots I’m building/have built for Blythe Harbor Lite and Newlyn Hills, for the purposes of filling up the world with Sims created by you guys. The houses that have been claimed have a name by them; those that have not been claimed are indicated by the word *free*. I’ll update the list as lots are claimed and households are completed/shared. :)

My control freak-ish rules:

  • Ideally, if I’ve already built the house, the family should match the house (although i don’t mind tweaking bedrooms a little bit. Just no major alterations or having to add five extra bedrooms or something. Heh.)
  • The family must be CC-free (but you can use all SPs/GPs/EPs)
  • You must be able to upload the family to the Gallery to share them with me (or send me the Tray files somehow if you don’t want them public)
  • You must be OK with having the household be shared as part of my eventual Blythe Harbor Lite/Newlyn Hills save (you will get credit in the final post, of course!)
  • I’d love a mix of ages and skin tones, but my world is a fairly realistic one, so please no berry-sims (even though they’re lovely!) or aliens
  • Descriptions and backstories encouraged but optional! 
  • Let me know if you have any careers in mind for your Sims, or if you don’t mind me giving them roles/careers (like retail owner, schoolteacher, etc.)
  • Feel free to submit families as townies with no home if you want!
  • I don’t really have a deadline, but I’m hoping to finish this save in the next 4-5 weeks, so let’s say mid-October! :)

The lists are under the cut!

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