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Doll Grade kanekalon Discontinued

Thought this would be a nice bit of info for any doll collectors out here!

Recently it’s been noted that Mattel has stopped rooting their dolls with Doll-Grade Kanekalon (also known as synthetic mohair in the BJD/Blythe hobby)- notably the Electrified dolls and the Totally Hair repro Barbie, both of which have polypropylene, which is known to be pretty gross (Same hair type that the ‘’gross’ bratz dolls had a few years ago) and the Endless Hair Kingdom dolls have been reissued with saran.

I contacted Kaneka corp, the manufacturer of both human-grade kanekalon and Doll-grade kanekalon and got this response today-

I’m curious to know what the ‘market change’ was? 

Personally I’m SUPER disappointed by this. Kanekalon is probably one of the best hair types out there, especially for the easy styling and resemblance to human hair. It’ll be sad to see this hair go, especially if doll companies replace it with a cheaper hair like polypropylene like Mattel has been doing.

Also sad because Monique Wigs will probably stop making wigs with Synthetic mohair, which are my fave doll wigs!