Starlooks’ July Starbox: Nylon Pink Special Edition

This is weeks overdue because I’m so lazy, but here it is! All bright and neon-y!

Lip Liner in Tipsy [$12]
I’ve bought a lip liner in the shade of Tipsy from Starlooks with a $35 gift reward some months ago so I was a bit disappointed to receive another one this month. I definitely think I get around to using this second one, just because I love coral lipsticks (and these Starlooks lip liners are amazing as lipsticks!), but I wish I could’ve tried something new.

Eye Pencil in Blue Chill [$12]
Hmm… bluuee.. I think I’m about done with blue makeup and blue nail polishes. It’s a really warm, sky blue, for sure though!

Single Shadow Compact in Traffic Yellow [$12]
Didn’t I get a yellow eye makeup last month?? >:|

Lipstick in Hot Mama [$12]
My favorite product this month! It’s such a beautiful bright, matte orange! And with my slight new tan, it’s almost perfect! It goes on opaque with about a layer and it stays on for a few hours. But because it’s matte, it’s definitely not moisturizing and it does accentuates any roughness or chappiness.