This week was my 23rd birthday.

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I look like this now.

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I actually feel my age for the first time in awhile, but I’m not sure if I feel young or old. Being overly busy has probably aged me a bit, along with a messy employment experience last year, which explains why everyone in my social circle apparently assumed I was turning 26 or 28. 

Good god, I’d hope not – I would hope I’d have a little more accomplished by that point.

Dylan has been traveling for two weeks now. Which means, two weeks of me being bored as fuck. I am learning to deal with this, and maturely accept that I have to wait and embrace my work and jobs for now and spend time with friends.

Sort of.

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Or, judging from my notepad at work, not at all… erp. Oops.

On a better note, I’m really enjoying the Bottega so far! Feeling super loved and proud of all these guys.

There was a drawing class today for the first time and I got some decently good ink gestures in. 

Visual, for reference:

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Models today were Kai (spelling, i am not sure of, she emcees stuff?) and another girl who had a dermal on her face and a butterfly tattoo. 

Flaco, being Flaco, spent most of his time splitting between teaching, harassing Jimbo (protege/student), or leaning on my head watching me draw. I also got to meet a couple other artists I’m working on the Monster’s Ball show with– Ashley McFadden, et al. 

Generally a superb time, and there was lots of wine and cupcakes. The best part of the Bottega, I think, is that they always provide food and liquor and it’s never awkwardly quiet.

Aside from that, I’m trying to find a bike, or fix my bike. Either or. It’s a weird combination of choices, both of which are pricey. Yuck.

Also viewing a house in Detroit soon, so that’s super exciting! Scary, but exciting, I’m not sure if I can do it without a roommate, so it depends on whether anyone needs a room. (Someone who isn’t Flaco, because I can see that being fun. Too fun. Constant inebriation fun.) (also, HI, are you reading this? Dylan suggested I ask you to be my roommate, and your twitter is proving to me that if that were the case, I would definitely be biking with wine. oh god.)

Current status, via lists:


  • vintage beach bikes
  • pumpkin spice latte (like everyone else ever, yes)
  • art classes with my friends
  • warhol factory-esque art spaces in general
  • white hair + false eyelashes
  • walking during my lunch break
  • brush pens
  • cafe d'mongo
  • people that make me cupcakes (it has happened a LOT LATELY)
  • actually managing to be online while dylan is conscious
  • texting claire at 4 in the morning
  • facebook messaging Lyz after a night of drinking, even though she is literally 20 feet away across the hall, because we can’t bear to actually get the hell out of our respective beds
  • sweater that is not mine + white shorts + long sweater socks
  • in general, wearing white things after labor day and looking like a crazy Bowie alien
  • the Monster’s Ball at the bottega
  • woodbridge in the fall in general


  • sleeping by myself
  • leg cramps, from driving 350miles a week
  • uncomfortable work shoes 
  • being super paranoid about not being physically active for some reason
  • still partially living in Ann Arbor
  • spiders nesting in my apartment because I am hardly ever at it
  • being late to like anything, ever, really
  • not having time to draw
  • client problems
  • unreliable people problems
  • weird dudes who are super stalkerish at events


  • in order to be properly lonely, you have to switch to a wifebeater and change necklaces
  • akon apparently lives in LA? or maybe his lady friend is going there?
  • if you are a happy couple, there is a huge chance akon is walking past you enviously
  • the small child on a bench is also lonely, and akon feels him
  • akon does not really like proximity to other happy children though
  • for some reason, akon and this girl are breaking up, even though they clearly do not want to
  • akon appears to have brought a change of clothing to the empty movie theater street, just to fashionably emphasize his loneliness
  • akon’s girlfriend appears to have gone back to her…mom? somebody? somebody with a really nice picket fence? 
  • akon has clearly messed up his life by being a jerk, he probably should have foreseen this really

I should likely probably stop this post before it gets really weird and night-blogging-ish.


Learned to make some woodblock prints with the help of Google and my ever-patient studiomate Lyz! These are the first three blocks I’ve ever carved, so I’m really pleased that I didn’t maim myself at all. :)

The resulting prints are still available – I’ll be putting them up on etsy sometime before the end of the year. Decorate your house with tiny spoopy tarot! 

World Tarot sketch! I’m trying to get back into doing these, since I’ve been saying for years that I’d do a series of them. This one, especially, I feel like my view of what it represented re: my personal life was really warped for a really long time. So, a do-over was in order.

This is a tiny lil ink thumbnail in my sketchbook, and I’m currently in the process of sketching it bigger to match the Moon & Magician ones.