bluth kids

Like this post if you remember these NON-DISNEY animated movies from 80s-90s:

Swan Princess
Quest For Camelot
Land Before Time
Fern Gully
Page Master
The Brave Little Toaster
Troll In Central Park
We’re Back
An American Tail / Fievel Goes West
Road To Eldorado
The Prince Of Egypt
(Also, what movies am I leaving out?)

Why don’t you hug Bonnie now?

I owe a big thanks to Kosperry for reminding me of how fun is to draw in the old Bluthian style.

I am waiting for the continuation of the story. I know this particular kid is likely to haunt Freddy, and not Bonnie, but heh! artistic license! 

If it turns out that the haunts the puppet, I’m gonna be embarrassed. LOL!

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Clap your hands if you’re ready for Rebecca Sugar to emotionally destroy you.

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