Dragon’s Lair Movie Brings Don Bluth And Gary Goldman Back Into Action

If you haven’t heard about it yet, famed director/producer team Don Bluth and Gary Goldman are back with a Kickstarter to fund a pitch to make Dragon’s Lair: The Movie. With such classics as An American Tail, The Land Before Time, Anastasia, All Dogs Go To Heaven and Dragon’s Lair under their belts, Bluth and Goldman have made an enormous impact on the animation world. Fans have been hoping for a Dragon’s Lair film for decades, and more fans have been wishing Don Bluth would come back. Still more fans have been hoping for a resurgence of 2D animation. 

This Kickstarter for Dragon’s Lair: The Movie proposes to do all three. There is still quite a bit of time to help fund the project and meet Goldman and Bluth’s goal of $550,000. If they reach this goal they will begin seriously pitching the story to Hollywood studios, creating promotional art and getting the name out there. This is very similar to other projects that have been funded through Kickstarter, such as Aaron Blaise’s Art Story. In much the same way, when Art Story was funded through Kickstarter, Blaise began pitching it to studios. This of course does not ensure that the film will be made. 

At the time of this writing, Dragon’s Lair: The Movie has a lot of momentum. With more than 20 days to go, the project has raised more than a fifth of its goal. This is a very attainable goal if people get the word out and show the world that they care about Dragon’s Lair and 2D animation. If nothing else it’s exciting to see so many animated projects blow up on the internet just because of fan interest. This is a good time for the industry.

- Christopher

I posted a process preview for this, but never the finished product. The Beehive Society hosted an Arrested Development tribute art show called No Touching back in July. This was my contribution. I had a hard time choosing a few characters to draw, so I drew them all!

I’m also having a table at New York Comic Con in early October. Con season usually puts a bee in my bonnet, so I’ll be posting more art as it approaches. :3