blushy dave

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Are cannoncalls still open? if not ignore this! howdy, im dave and im looking for my john mostly! but id also love to find a jade and rose! I dont have many memories but i do remember me and my john were dating and i belive in love?? question mark? its a mystery to me what he saw in me. I was a trans boy then and a trans boy now so encase that makes you uncomfy than dont contact! I remember some of our looks as well, so that should help. Have a great day either way!!

theyre always open! good luck, dave!


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tbh I really like the idea of dave being super giggly when he thinks about him and karkat being together. like he just thinks about the fact that they're dating and he smiles like really big (he tries to hide it, but tbh everyone notices) and he just starts giggling and blushing up to his ears. and it's super dorky but like super cute too (this is like completely self-indulgent)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA anon the blushy daves are 1000% My Fucking Fetish and him blushin thinking about karkat is just too much for my gay heart ur slaying me

ffffuck i wanna draw highschool badboys dave and karkat who wear leather jackets and studs and boots and hold hands in the halls and make out behind the school and no one dares question it and theyre like fan faves because bad boy dave does smtn cute and scary leather-clad karkat gets all blushy and dave actually smiles and what the fuck thats not fair dave giving karkat his jacket bc its raining and its way too big on him and j ust stop looking at each other like that so he l p m E