Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend @blushpretty @pellebeauty #bplovespelle event at #blushprettystudio #777beauty #bpteam. It was great to officially meet Marnie yesterday and learn more about her products. Her Stellar Multitasking Facial Oil came home with me yesterday:). As a treat, everyone who attended went home with a lipbalm of either Vanilla, Peppermint or Mocha (Was excited to see Mocha in mine as I love coffee), samples of Luxe Beauty Oil and Bloom Facial Mist (a new product that will be available in the Summer 2014). I can’t wait to try them all:) #blushpretty #pellebeauty #beauty #facialoil #beautyoil #facialmist #lipbalm

on to the next bride for the day. back at the studio for what is starting of to be a beautiful day. big love to @samshairband @inthebuffskinstudio and @siciliannabeauty whom are all working with multiple brides across the city as well! I’m training them to do “two-a-days” … Sorry guys! #777beauty #blushprettystudio #makeup #hair #bridal #weddings #trials

true story : today, the bride pulled up her inspiration look for hair and I said “hey that’s me”. The bride looked at me funny because the girl in the picture was blind and fair skinned. I quickly clarified : “no no - I mean that’s my bride I did that hair!!!” … The bride today had no idea that the hair she chose as inspiration was created by the person she came to see today! Is that fate or what?!? (She had a previous trial run with another vendor and wasn’t sure about it). Good things … #777beauty #blushprettystudio #makeup #hair #theworldissmallerthanwethink