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“Nagisa can’t be gay. He is an angel and angels are asexuals”

Yes, I’ve heard people saying this shit.

Okay. If we think this way, then Shinji and Ayanami can’t be together because she is also an angel. But Ayanami is a girl, so no problem. It’s not like there aren’t people shipping these two, of course (sarcasm).

Of course Shinji likes Ayanami. And Asuka. And Misato. But Shinji falls in love with every fucking human.

I think Nagisa looks more like a human than Ayanami, at least in the movie “Evangelion 3.0 you can (not) redo”. Ayanami is like: “Gendo is my God. I’ll do whatever he wants.”.

Nagisa is close to Shinji. He gives him all the love that Shinji needs.
Shinji only want to be loved by people, by his father. He is trying to do what people say in the right way. 

And Nagisa has sacrificed for him. 

People is like: “Shinji you are an asshole” (this is Asuka of course). But Nagisa is supporting him. ALWAYS.

Maybe Nagisa is an angel, but he has a male body. He is a guy. And Shinji blushes when he sees him. And Nagisa loves Shinji.

But you are right. 

Fujoshis are crazy. 

Nagisa and Shinji aren’t gay. 

Is our imagination.

Fuck you, fujoshis.

Just in case I want to clarify I meant that Nagisa loves Shinji regardless his sexuality.

I’m sorry if I explain bad. 😅

when shinji and kaworu started dating he would greet anyone with, “hello! did you know shinji-kun and i are dating?” until shinji noticed people started staring at him in the hallways and asked kaworu if he knew what was going on, to which kaworu would reply, “i told everyone we’re dating–is that wrong?” while holding his hand and shinji just blushed and told him that it’s okay

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you delusional fujoshis make everything gay just to please your yaoi ships

Kaworu told Shinji he loved him.
Shinji stated that he loved him back.
Kaworu and Shinji held hands during the shower scene, naked.
Kaworu and Shinji made out in the manga.
Shinji acting tsundere with Kaworu, which is a love trope, by the way.
Kaworu and Shinji were to kiss in the first draft of episode 24.
Kaworu’s compliments and subtle comments to Shinji.
Shinji’s blushing and googly eyes.
Kaworu’s comforting words and ability to help Shinji.
Shinji admitting that he was romantically/sexually attracted to Kaworu.
The author saying in an interview that Kaworu was Shinji’s actual love interest.


You’re the one making everything straight.

You’re the delusional one.

How does it feel hearing that from someone else?

What makes the visored blush?

[Previously - blushing espada and blushing shinigami!]

Well…dang. I didn’t realize I had a separate list for the blushing visored. Rose and Shinji were sort of included in the shinigami list. Ah, well. They get to reappear! Anyway, let’s talk about what makes each of the visored blush!

1. Shinji: Accidentally calling Hinamori “Aizen”

Shinji: Yo! Aizen! Do you have the -




Shinji: Yeah…..that happened.

2. Rose: Kira singing beautifully

Rose: My stars! Your angelic voice is causing my face to glow as red as morning sky that brings fear to sailors!


Kira: Captain, why do you talk like that?


3. Hachigen: People remembering his birthday

Hachigen: O-oh my goodness! Inoue-san sent me this little cupcake! It’s pink!

Hiyori: Why’d she do a stupid thing like that?


Hachigen: No reason.

4. Mashiro: Kensei’s browser history

Mashiro: Kensei!!! Your perverted browser history makes a lady like me blush bright red!


5. Kensei: Mashiro’s browser history


6. Hiyori: Various shoe malfunctions

Shinji: Yo, idiot. Did you know there’s a youtube video of your flipflop strap breaking causing you to fall on your face?

Shinji: 397 views!



Shinji: Oops it was just deleted.

7. Love: OTP feels


Rose: Dude! No spoilers!

8. Ichigo: Naked ladies

Yoruichi: Yo! Ichigo! I’m back!


9. Lisa: Bats wearing hats

Kensei: Lemme get this straight.

Kensei: You can read the hardest of hardcore porn with a totally straight face, but bats wearing hats cause you to fucking lose it?

Lisa: I am a complicated person.

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Pairing: Kaworu/Shinji
Theme: Twister

“Ah… Shinji-kun. Your arm…”


“Shinji, you pervert! But don’t move! You’re on my team!” Asuka snapped once Kaworu brought the placement of Shinji’s arm between his legs to everyone’s attention.

Twister had been proposed as a game for the four to play, being confined due to the rain outside and finishing testing for the day. Kaworu had brought it up and Asuka jumped at the idea for anything to do, getting out a map and spinner.

Not even five minutes had passed when they were in awkward positions, Rei being the only one that was entirely silent. Asuka was snapping, Shinji was blushing, and Kaworu looked infinitely amused.

Reaching a hand out to flick the spinner, there was another few moments of mumbles and swears. Shinji’s face was about to read a new shade of red when Kaworu gave a soft laughter and a sing-song ‘oops.’ “My hand slipped! Ah, I guess that means I lose, right?”

Asuka was the first to leap up, giving a victorious yelp and 'good job on not messing up, Shinji’ before going to get a celebratory soda. Rei followed, smoothing her clothes and left soon after. Shinji shifted to do the same, but his wrist gave out and he swore once he fell, his sudden weight on Kaworu causing the other to fall as well.

His forehead hit against something metallic and cold and the boy was confused as to what it was until he pulled back. When he realized his face was now close to where his arm had been, his entire face heated up, the shell of his ear beginning to turn red.

“Shinji-kun?” Kaworu asked, looking amused. “Admiring my belt?”

a brief overview of evangelion characters' snapchat accounts

Asuka: has everyone in the known universe of snapchat. kaji is one of her best friends but it is tragically one-sided bc he never replies to her. she takes tons of selfies and they’re all carefully planned to maximum prettiness bc asuka would rather die than make a triple chin. asuka also takes pictures of her in her plugsuit and when they’re doing synch tests in nerv even though it is technically a breach of national security. it is worth it to make a (cute!) duck face with unit 02 in the background

Rei: surprisingly enough, she actually snaps people quite regularly when she gets the hang of it. it’s usually these vague shots of random stuff, like the sunset or a closeup of her pills. weirder stuff too, like an open can of spilled tuna on the street or a pic from the inside of a garbage can. sometimes she will also send pictures of herself but there always off-centre, like the edge of her hair or school ribbon or something. there’s never a caption for explanation. everyone agrees rei would be very popular on instagram.

Shinji: you can say he has the most “typical” account. he sends snaps of good weather, Pen Pen, his surroundings etc. shinji also takes snapchats of his meals whenever he’s done cooking. he NEVER sends pictures of himself, even when he’s having a convo he’ll just take a snap of something random to go with his caption. people always give him shit bc he keeps opening their chats but then never replies.

Misato: selfies of her in underwear with beer, selfies of her in her underwear with Pen Pen, selfies of her in her underwear with beer AND Pen Pen, selfies of her making faces and cussing out Ritsuko and Kaji

Kaworu: everything, kaworu snapchats everything, and he uses the little paint tool constantly to draw faces on bricks and snails and stuff. kaworu always snapchats every millisecond of when he and shinji together, and he takes a ton whenever shinji blushes!! (though he only sends them to shinji) kaworu also takes videos of him telling terrible fucking jokes and shinji’s reaction to them, the videos aren’t even that funny, like shinji will just be reading or whatever and kaworu will go “shinji-kun, what did the dinosaur say when you asked him to take the banana out of his ear” “uh, i’m not sure…” “he said, ‘i can’t hear you! i have a banana in my ear!!’” these are the sorts of jokes kaworu tells, like seriously fuck you kaworu

Ritsuko: pictures and videos of her cats (hers is clearly the most superior snapchat), snaps of whatever coding thing she is doing, more pictures of her cat memorabilia, and then snaps of all of her coffee cups stacked on the table

Kaji: all he does is snapchat his watermelons. he also sends nudes to misato. misato always replies

Fuyutsuki: snaps of Gendo when he isn’t looking and making fun of him, and all these pictures of go boards and Kantian philosophy. most of the time the light in his snaps are so bad you can’t even see what it is?? they are just foggy old man shadows

Gendo: Gendo does not have a snapchat bc that would be too much fun, and he is not capable of fun

This Day in Evangelion: December 24th, 2015

Inside the ruins of a house on the outskirts of the lake that was once Tokyo-3, Asuka lays in a bathtub, emaciated and naked, her clothes folded neatly on a chair beside her.

She mumbles to herself about how her sync rate is zero, meaning she is no longer qualified to be the Second Child. She says that there is no reason for her to exist any longer, since no one will look at her, not her mom, her dad, or anyone. She concludes that there is no reason for her to live any longer.

The sound of something breaking in the distance seems to go unnoticed by her. A NERV agent approaches, asking if she is Asuka Langley Soryu. Asuka does not respond.

At NERV HQ, Hyuga gets a call from Intelligence Division 2 that Asuka has been located and is safely in their custody. He relays this information to Misato, who says its not like Division 2 to take seven days to find her, or even lose her in the first place.

Hyuga says they probably did it intentionally to spite the Tactical Division, and Misato says its a possibility. Silently, she notes that Asuka is found the same day her replacement, the Fifth Child arrives, and that it seems a bit too convenient.

Lying in his bed, Shinji thinks about the Rei clones and Rei III, saying to himself that the impression he got of her really was one of his mother. Thinking of Rei and his mother in conjunction, he wonders what it is that Gendo is up to.

In a holding cell in NERV HQ, Gendo meets with Ritsuko. Without turning to look at him, she tells him about how her cat, the one she left in her grandmother’s care, has died. Gendo’s face is one of unease.

She goes on to say that she hadn’t paid attention to the cat for so long, and now she’ll never see her again. Gendo asks her why she destroyed the Dummy System, and she clarifies that it wasn’t the Dummy System she was destroying, but Rei. Gendo asks her why, saying he’ll only ask once. She tells him its because she’s no longer happy, even when he makes love to her. She asks him why he doesn’t just have his way with her body, like he did a previous time.

He tells her that she disappoints him, and she scoffs at this, saying he didn’t hope or expect anything from her since the very beginning. He leaves at this, and Ritsuko is left alone, asking her mother what she’s supposed to do now.

Meanwhile, Shinji stands before Unit-02 on it Umbilical Bridge, wondering where Asuka is now. Silently, he ponders what he could even talk about her with, and considers the idea of talking to her about Rei.

Later, as the sun sets, Shinji stands at the edge of the lake that was once Tokyo-3. He sets his thoughts on how Toji and Kensuke lost their homes and moved away, and that he no longer has anyone he could call a friend.

He muses that he can’t go see Rei, as he doesn’t have the courage and doesn’t know how to face her. Thinking of Asuka, Misato, and his mother, he wonders what he should do now.

Shinji becomes aware of the sound of someone humming the “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony nearby. He turns to see that the source of the sound is a silver-haired boy perched atop a statue a small way into the lake.

The boy stops humming, and without turning, says that singing is great, as it enriches the soul. He says that music is the highest achievement of the civilization created by the Lilin. Turning to face him, he asks if Shinji feels the same, calling him by name.

Shinji asks how he knows his name, and the boy tells him that everyone knows his name. He says that he doesn’t mean to sound rude, but that Shinji should be more aware of his position. Shinji asks who he is, and the boy introduces himself as Kaworu Nagisa, one of the Children like him, the Fifth Child.

Shinji is surprised by this, addressing Kaworu by his last name. He tells Shinji to just call him Kaworu, referring to him by his last name as well. Shinji blushes and smiles, telling him to call him by his first name too.

Similarly, Kaworu laughs and smiles at this.

Riding a car train together down into the GeoFront, Hyuga tells Misato that the Fifth Child has arrived, and Misato notes that all of Kaworu’s past records have been erased, just like Rei. Hyuga says the one thing they do know is that his birthday is the same day as Second Impact, and Misato says that since the Committee sent him directly to them, there must be something to this.

Hyuga says that anything related to the Fifth Child is also classified in the Marduk Report, so he admits to hacking into the Intelligence Department’s database. Misato calls him reckless for doing so, but Hyuga tells her that it was worth it. Leaning in close, he tells Misato that he learned where Ritsuko is being held.

Misato says nothing, so Hyuga asks how she wants to handle Kaworu’s sync test. Misato says to hold off on the trick questions for now and first get a straight reading on just exactly what he’s capable of.

Shinji, Rei and Kaworu undergo a sync test. Fuyutsuki tells Maya to lower the graph depth, and upon seeing the data readouts, he asks if they’re accurate. Hyuga tells him that all the instruments are operating normally, and Maya tells him that the Magi haven’t detected any errors. Fuyutsuki marvels over the fact that Kaworu is able to synchronize with Unit-02 without its core being reconfigured.

Maya protests, saying that it shouldn’t be possible with this system. Misato tells her that regardless, these are the facts, and that they should first accept them as they are, and then investigate the why behind them.

After the test, Rei ascends an escalator, and appears startled to find Kaworu waiting at the top. He asks if she’s the First Child, and Rei does not respond. He says her name, then says that she is just like him.

Again, Rei does not respond. He notes that both of them took the form of the Lilin on this planet, and Rei defensively asks who he is.

In Gendo’s office, Fuyutsuki tells Gendo that Kaworu has made contact with Rei, and that the Magi are currently pouring all of their resources into analyzing the data they received on the Fifth Child.

Meanwhile, at her apartment, Misato has been doing the same, but finds that despite all of this, they still have no idea what he is. She wonders just who Kaworu could possibly be.

She subsequently leaves her room, and stands in front of the door to Asuka’s room, silently reading the sign she left on the door. She then goes to Shinji’s room, and opens the door, only to find it empty. She says to herself that Shinji still has returned, then says that she’s failed as a guardian.

Shinji sits outside a gate in NERV HQ, listening to the 4th movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on his SDAT. A gate opens and Shinji looks up to see Kaworu emerge from it. Kaworu asks Shinji if he was waiting for him, and removing his headphones while blushing and smiling, Shinji stammers that he wasn’t exactly doing that.

Kaworu asks Shinji what he’s going to be doing now, and Shinji tells him that all he has to do is take a shower and go home. He starts to express his lack of enthusiasm for doing so, but trails off. He looks up to see Kaworu leaning over him, a genuine smile and a look of genuine interest on his face.

Shinji continues his thought, saying that lately he doesn’t really want to go home. Kaworu tells him that having a place to return to and call home will him to happiness. Shinji asks if he thinks that’s true, and Kaworu tells him he’d like to talk to him more and asks if he can accompany him. Shinji looks at him, surprised by this.

Kaworu specifies that he wants to accompany him to the shower, asking if Shinji had indeed said he still needed to take one. Shinji quietly confirms that, and Kaworu asks if its a no then, and Shinji tells him that’s not what he meant.

The two go to the shower together, and then soak in the bath beside each other. Shinji slowly looks over at a serene Kaworu, the blush outright refusing to leave his face.

Kaworu says that Shinji goes to such extremes to avoid initial contact with others, and wonders if he’s afraid of connecting with other people. Kaworu notes that its true that if Shinji doesn’t get close to others, he’ll never be betrayed and no one will be hurt, but he says that he’ll also never be able to forget his loneliness.

He goes on to explain that humans can never truly banish their loneliness for good, because being human means being fundamentally alone. He says that despite this, humans are able to go on with their lives because they’re able to forget their loneliness every so often. At this, Kaworu puts his hand on Shinji’s, causing Shinji to gasp.

Shortly after this, the lights go off. Shinji says its time, and Kaworu asks if its really over already. Shinji says it is, and that they should go to bed. Kaworu asks if this means going to bed together, and Shinji frantically stammers that there is probably a room ready for Kaworu, a separate one. Kaworu says he understands, and stands up.

He says that humans constantly feel pain in their hearts, and because the heart is so sensitive to pain, some feel that to live is to suffer. Turning to look at him, Kaworu says that Shinji is delicate, like glass, and that his heart is especially delicate. Shinji, who has been silently staring at Kaworu and blushing this entire time, asks if he’s really talking about him.

Kaworu confirms this, saying that Shinji has his regard because of it. Shinji asks what he means by regard, and smiling, Kaworu tells him that it means he loves him, words that Shinji is hearing directed at him for the first time.

Seele holds a meeting, discussing how NERV was formed to be Seele’s executive branch, created in order to put their script into practice, but it has now fallen into the hands of a single individual. They agree that they must take it back before the promised day, and Keel says that NERV and the EVA series must be in their true forms by then. He goes on to say that Gendo will bear the responsibility of his malfeasance towards Seele.

Around this time, Gendo has the Adam embryo Kaji smuggled to him grafted into his right hand.

After this, he stands before Unit-01 on the Umbilical Bridge, saying that the time given to them runs short, but that the Lance of Longinus, which stood in the way of their desire, is gone. He says that the final Angel will appear soon, and if it is destroyed, their wish will come true. He addresses Unit-01 as Yui, telling her that it will be just a little longer.

Lying in the dark in her apartment, Rei wonders why she’s alive again, for what purpose and for whose sake. She thinks of Kaworu and notes that she feels like he’s the same as her, and wonders why.

Misato stands on the balcony outside her apartment, holding PenPen in her arms and looking out on the lake that was once Tokyo-3. She says that she’s glad the apartment is on the outskirts of the city, because it kept PenPen safe from the destruction.

She says that there is no guarantee that they’ll be so lucky the next time, so she says to PenPen that starting tomorrow, Hikari’s family will be looking after him. She looks down at him, saying this will be goodbye for a little while.

PenPen looks up at her and squawks. Misato bows her head and hugs the penguin tightly.

At NERV HQ, Kaworu lies on the bed in the room he was provided, while Shinji lies on the floor. Kaworu says that he’ll sleep on the floor, but Shinji insists that its okay, saying that Kaworu is already doing him a favor by letting him stay with him tonight, so he’s fine where he is.

Kaworu asks what Shinji wants to talk about, asking if there are things he wants him to hear. Shinji says that a lot has happened since he came to Tokyo-3. He says that before that, he lived with his teacher, and that those days were peaceful, because nothing ever happened and all he needed to do was just exist. He says he was okay with that life, because there was nothing he had to do. Kaworu asks if he hated people, and Shinji says that it didn’t really matter to him one way or another, though he admits that he hated his father. Shinji silently wonders why he’s telling Kaworu all of this.

He turns to find Kaworu looking down at him fondly, and again blushes at this. Kaworu smiles, and says that he thinks he may have been born so that he could meet Shinji.

(Events depicted in episode 24′. A full timeline of the events depicted in Evangelion can be found here.)