blushing aoba

  • Aoba: Honey bun?
  • Koujaku: Yes?
  • Aoba: (blushing) I meant, would you like one?
  • Koujaku: (blushing) Oh. Yeah, sure. Sugar?
  • Aoba: Yes?
  • Koujaku: (blushing harder) I just meant, would you like some in your coffee?
  • Aoba: (further embarrassed) Oh. Yeah, sure.
  • Both: (flustered)
  • Mizuki: (from a distance) Even I am getting embarrassed from watching them.
  • Ren: I think I know what you mean.
Kiss Day

Koujaku repeatedly kissing Aoba on the lips nonstop. His lover does enjoy it, but its a little too rough on him.

“Koujaku…mmmmm…wait…” Aoba said.

“What is it my love?” Koujaku asked and gave in another kiss.

“I know its kiss day, but your being a little rough on me…” Aoba blushed.

“You are so cute my Aoba…since I’m being rough, show me how to kiss you.” Koujaku explain.

Aoba blushed harder and passionately kissed Koujaku. Their tongues meet sofly.

“Aoba…I thought your wanted soft kisses.” Koujaku said.

“Was’nt that soft?” Aoba asked.

“It was rough, but I loved.” Koujaku proudly said.  

Aoba blushed and said “Happy Kiss Day…” and surprised kissed Koujaku.

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All of the boys reaction when their s/o makes dirty jokes

Aoba: A blush would quickly form across the blued haired boys cheeks and he’d stumble a little with his words, the comment completely unexpected.

Koujaku: He gives an exaggerated gasp before a grin spreads across his lips. “what happened to my innocent, little doll”

Noiz: Subtly hits you with an even dirtier joke and plays it off like it was nothing, leaving you shocked and slightly blushes.

Clear: *stares blankly* “What does that mean, _____-chan?”

Mink: Tries to ignore your comment, depending on how dirty it was, you might get a quick side glance.

@lintmaster1989 showed off this video which got us on the subject of nyaning or whatever the plural is of that and just, my mind goes places so

Aoba being extremely drunk and cutely nyaning at Koujaku, which immediately almost prompts a nosebleed from the hippo and is something that Aoba never lives down, or rather, Koujaku never lets him forget. Koujaku takes it upon himself to nyan seductively into Aoba’s ear every now and then, just to see him blush. 

Aoba commenting that Noiz looks like a cat after coming across him curled up on the sofa directly in the sunlight so Noiz just lifts his head and lazily nyans at him. Aoba goes the brightest shade of red because that was too fucking adorable and Noiz is like OHOHOHO, what is this? And, like the brat he is, just keeps doing it at random times to get a reaction out of Aoba but then, Aoba turns it around on him. When Noiz is least expecting it, Aoba goes full out - like doing the hand motion and everything and gives gives the cutest fucking nyan here. In hindsight, a bad idea since Noiz’s got that switch and when it gets flipped, well, you know

Aoba finding a stray cat and taking it home to give it some food / a bath. Mink comes home and Aoba holds up the little guy like ‘Look it, ain’t he cute?’. The cat meows at Mink. And Mink, out of fucking nowhere, just kind of leans down and softly meows back whilst petting the little thing. Aoba nearly drops the cat in surprise and fluster. Mink doesn’t really understand why Aoba is so flustered but teases him with his new found power anyway. 

Aoba stumbling across a headband with fuzzy cat ears on it while he’s out shopping with Ren and jokingly puts it on Ren, calling him a cute kitty cat. Ren, not really understanding but wanting to play along, tilts his head and with a completely serious expression nyans. Fully unprepared for such a thing, Aoba immediately flushes deep red. Seeing that reaction, Ren gets a mischievous smile on his face, leans forwards and softly nyans directly into Aoba’s ear. Still grinning, Ren leans back, takes off the headband and puts it on Aoba’s head before telling him that he is now a cute kitty cat. Aoba somehow proceeds to blush an even darker shade of red before stammering out a nyan and briskly walking away. Ren suggests buying the headband, Aoba immediately and firmly declines. 

Don't let him know


Aoba sat on his desk, doodling something in his notebook as he tried to stay invisible for his class. Being around people wasn’t a thing that the tiny boy liked especially with his strange looks and preferences. So he preferred to be in the shadows and get the negativity away from him.

“So class” the teacher said as the bell rang, making Aoba sit up straight. “I am telling you the partners for your research paper which is due the end of this semester.” He cleared his throat a bit. “Peter and Aoba.” He said in a loud and clear voice, making the blue haired teen stiffen a bit.

He didn’t know anyone who was Peter and he didn’t want to meet him. But it was already too late as a nice looking boy sat next to him. Aoba blushed immediately and looked down at his hands.