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Audrey: *to Laura* Robbie never smiled at me the way Shadow smiles at you.

Shadow: *looking at Ostara*

Shadow: *can’t stop smiling, blushing, indulges her in a little Shadow Moon fact, escorts her like a lady, is probably the most calm he’s been since he’s gotten out of prison*

But consider this:

Eric “Bitty” Bittle, great-grandson of Howling Commando Dum Dum Dugan (on his Mama’s side), has a cousin coming to Samwell and needs to crash at the Haus for a while until they can “sort out his living arrangements.”

Bitty’s cousin Steve is a Brooklyn boy from New York, an art student, is about five foot and change of sass and kindness. 

Also, he can cook too. 

(“Bless your heart, is that colcannon, cousin?”

“Trust me on this - the boyfriend loves it.” )

Shitty is over the moon because “Cousin Steve” has an amazing tolerance to the Haus’ infamous “Tub Juice.”

Of course, Jack the History Major promptly has a heart attack because World War II is one of his major interests and he totally recognizes Bitty’s “Cousin Steve” and he actually fumbles when Steve smiles ruefully and just shakes his hand. 

Jack mumbles something about his thesis on the Howling Commandos and Steve tells him it’s a “Yes.”

Also, Jack is not sure whether to be thankful or completely pissed off that Steve proved that Bitty is a full body blusher.  He tries not to understand what it meant when Steve looked Jack up and down and turned to Bitty and said, “Cousin, we definitely have a type.”

“Oh my lord,” Bitty moaned. 

“Brunette, killer cheekbones and blue-gray eyes, Bits.  We’re definitely related." 


Jack begins to understand about brunette and killer cheekbones when he realizes "Cousin Steve” has a shadow who, for whatever reason, trips all of Jack’s internal alarm bells.

Shitty is all:  “He’s ex-military and is taking engineering.”

“How do you know this?”

“Elementary, my dear Watzimms - you don’t get that murder strut on America’s Next Top Model.”


“Okay, so maybe I saw him take down one of the few known assholes on campus - the one who tried to drown our Bits in the toilet?”

“The one who still has your sneaker prints on his ass from when you kicked him out of the Haus.”

“Not that you didn’t sock him on the jaw too.  That was beautiful, bro.”


“Well, Mr. Murder Strut put the fear of God into him, so much so that I hear he’s dropping out and moving to some other campus.”

Jack comes into the Haus one day to find Mr. Murder Strut sprawled out on the couch and Cousin Steve curled up on top of him, purring contentedly. 

Mr. Murder Strut calmly regards Jack and then says, “Your fella’s in the kitchen.  Try not to keep him waiting.”

Jack blinks. 

Mr. Murder Strut has a nice smile.  “He’s a keeper, you know.  Shouldn’t let him get away.  I know I’m not going to let go of mine.”

“Buck,” Cousin Steve manages to sound reproving even sleepy. 

“I’m just sayin’!”

The other shoe drops.  If James Buchanan Barnes, former Howling Commando, is dispensing love advice to Jack Zimmerman, he probably needs to pay attention.

Jack manages to get himself into the kitchen where Bitty and apple maple crusted pie awaited.  It took a few false starts but it did end with apple maple-flavored kisses and an armful of happy, giggling Bitty. 

Cousin Steve and Mr. Bucky “Murder Strut” Barnes became constant Haus guests.

—  And Lo, I Have Fallen Into Gay Hockey Hell With Stucky, a Blanket Fort Headcanon In Which There Is No Civil War, Everything is Happy and Nothing Hurts

pc: this gem

Note: Are any of you even alive? Because I Am Not. This is just a short drabble to let you guys know I’m still here. Can I just say that I love these particular frames A Lot! More than any of his other frames. Like these are my favorite. God. I’m-

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Rating: NC17
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 1991




It’s never an accident whenever Yoongi wears those glasses. He isn’t one to preen too often, but seeing your reaction anytime he wears that specific pair is always good for his ego. Yoongi finds it fascinating and gratifying that your reaction to him wearing those glasses doesn’t seem to change after all these years. 

It always starts with mild surprise because you can’t keep a poker face to save your life. He adores the way your eyes widen and lips part the moment you catch sight of him. Sometimes the hitch in your breath and gaping-fish look can last for a full two seconds. Sometimes (regrettably) you recover quicker than that. 

The surprise fades to lust at an exceptionally quick rate, and Yoongi is not at all embarrassed to say that this is his favorite part of the whole cycle. It’s like watching dominoes fall, one on top of the other, on top of the other, and so on and so forth - falling pieces knocking down the next piece towards that inevitable, satisfying end. He sees it in the pattern of your breaths, in your small, dry swallows and soft clearings of your throat. 

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High Lords as Teenagers

Rhys: The one who is super involved, is always doing something. “No, Mom, I can’t come to dinner tonight, I have chess club, volunteering, work, and I’m tutoring some kids. Yes, Mom, I have friends. Yes, Mom, Cassian counts as ‘friends.’ No, Mom, Amren hasn’t gotten less scary.”

Feyre: Art nerd; always doodling, every surface of her room is covered in sketches and paint. Always has her hair in a messy bun, isn’t super talkative. The one who doesn’t really want to talk to her parents at the dinner table. “How was school?” “Fine.” “How were your friends?” “Fine.” “Who did you sit with at lunch today?” “Fine.”

Helion: Sexually curious teenager. Has every dating app ever. But you wouldn’t. think. it. Because he’s also a super nerd, has straight A’s, does very, very well in English. Quotes Shakespeare like it’s his job. “Where were you last night, Helion?” “Uhhh….” *Thinking about what who he was doing last night* “Uh…slam poetry.” “Oh. You banged out some poetry, then?” “I sure banged something!” *Parents don’t get the joke, thank the Cauldron*

Kallias: Emo kid. Very shy, probably lonely, a total sweetheart someone help the guy out. That kid that you see in the hallway and you want to get to know better, but the second you go up to him he’s very cold and distant. Plays Minecraft in his spare time and loves it. He actually has a lot of internet friends, but is pretty awkward IRL.

Thesan: Nicest, most precious teenager who is coming out, who is proud of who he is and knows that his sexuality is part of him, but it doesn’t define who he is. Wears comfy sweatshirts, smiles a lot, he is a blusher. If someone points him out, he will totally blush, but then grin. His aesthetic is small waves from across a crowded room, converse, and ducking his head while he laughs. 

Tarquin: Actual Nice Guy™. Sporty guy, he is captain of the swim team and everyone sort of knows who he is and likes him. Family teen, totally loves kids and helps out with taking care of everyone; cousins, nieces, nephews, siblings, etc. Teenager you want to get to know better, because he’s precious.

Beron: The reason why you’re scared of teenagers even though you are one.

Tamlin: Fuck Boy™. Wears pink because real men wear pink, but also gets super offended if a girl offers to pay for her own meal when they go out. “No, that’s my job.” “Oh, no, it’s fine, I work, I can help pay–” “Hold on, you work?” *Shoves breadsticks into his pocket* “Check please!”