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Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette and Sweetheart Blushes in Peach Beach and Something About Berry!

Swatches swatches swatches! 

Received a gift card from a very lovely lady and picked out a few gorgeous things at Sephora the other day. 

Too Faced has just brought out its new makeup products, and these 3 are what I consider the Must Check Outs. 

Chocolate Bar palette (SGD$69)

This neutral palette is formulated with real cocoa powder, so it does actually live up to its name in more than just appearance. The colors are pretty intense but a beautiful blend of soft pink/lavender tones, and warmer browns.

I have to say the mattes are slightly chalky, so they work better as definer shades along the lashes or in the socket, rather than as a main color over the majority of the lid. The metallics, in true Too Faced fashion, are absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful. 

If you find the NARSissist palette too smoky and dark, and the Naked 3 a little too metallic and pink/pale, this is somewhere right between those 2, with an extra pop of lavender for some fun.

Sweetheart Blushes in Peach Beach and Something About Berry (SGD$39)

I loved the first Sweetheart Blush trio Too Faced brought out last year and still regret I didn’t get one. It was a gorgeous blend of sweet blossomy pinks. 

This year though, there are 2 new shades fill the gap! And besides getting 5.5g of product, you can use each of the 3 strips on their own for a slightly different color, or swirl them all for a 4th shade. 

Peach Beach is a bronzy-pinky-peach which is a GORGEOUS alternative to NARS Orgasm (not as sparkly or red) and Deep Throat (more intense than Deep Throat). It’s lovely as a shimmery peach blush on pale to medium skins, and also works as a warm highlighter on tan to dark skins.

Something About Berry is a hot raspberry pink shimmer. Lovely on tan to darker skins because it’s translucent but has enough rich intensity to give a beautiful flush. On medium to light skins it can be a bit too much, so use a light hand. It’s a look though, if you like dramatic pink cheeks.

Picked this blush up from MAC, it’s part of the Fantasy of Flowers collection. This is Petal Power and it is GORGEOUS! It is similar to Nars Orgasm but it’s not a dupe. I think I actually like it more! It’s got a golden shimmer to it. OBSESSED!! I’ll swatch it later for you guys.


SWATCHES of the Champagne Splits and Slimlights from the Champagne Collection 🍾✨ by Becca Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill.

Available 7/14 (TOMORROW) at 9am EST online at SEPHORA!


Mika for Shu 2014 Tint In Gelato Lip Swatches!

Apologies for not noticing the queue dates and having this go out without captions earlier!

Japanese artist Mika Ninagawa has collaborated with Shu Uemura to create a range of beautiful limited edition makeup inspired by a dark, fantasy garden and luscious seductive fruits and flowers.

But it’s the new permament range of 12 Tint In Gelatos, lip and cheek creams similar to Lancome’s Absolu Velours and YSL’s new Baby Doll Kiss & Blush creams, that make me excited. They are thick, mousse-like creams that you can use on lips OR cheeks.

Unlike NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams, these go on a little creamier, not matte. 

All 12 shades are swatched above for your reference. My personal favorites are a bright milky salmon CR01, and 3 of the dramatic AT shades, 01, 02, 03. But 04 I don’t personally like as much because it just doesn’t sit right on my lips I feel. Also very impressed by the pinks because these are super trendy cool-toned shades that I’d expect from NARS for MAC. 

Which one’s caught your eye?


RMK Kaleidoscope Nuance Color 02 Translucent Coral Pink

A multitasking “smart” beauty powder?

I’m there. 

This powder is quite silky and creamy-feeling; like a pressed powder foundation or high-end blush more than the typical pressed or illuminating powders. Pigmentation is also similar to a pressed foundation and you get pretty good pay-off.

  • Swirl the bottom half together for a coral blush
  • Sweep across the top curve of the pan for a bronzer
  • Sweep along the central triangles for highlighting
  • Swirl all around for a luminous warm face powder

The cons? 

Price: RMK is not cheap in Singapore, and this pretty powder costs $79 a pop for 7g. Definitely higher end.

Skintones: The range of skintones where all 4 usage shades will show up nicely is limited to the medium-ish. For everyone else, usage is more limited.

If you’re very fair, the highlight isn’t light enough and it might also be a little too dark swirled all around as a face powder. As a soft bronzer and a blush though, this would be perfect as it’s not too muddy or dark, and the peachy undertones are flattering.

If you’re tanner, obviously the contouring color won’t show up well, but you can use it as a beautiful highlighter and illuminating all-over powder because the texture is not chalky and there are enough warm pigments to brighten the skin.

Kaleidoscope powders are limited edition for Spring 2014, so if you’re keen check outh your local RMK counter to try it on yourself! The other illuminating powder is a lighter one with pastel blue, pink, white and beige triangles. It’s a better match as a face powder for my skintone (mac n2-3 ish) but that one can’t be used as a multitasking powder, so perhaps note worth the price-tag compared to this one.


Too Faced Cosmetics La Belle Carousel Review and Swatches

Every year or two, there is a holiday gift set that is so jaw-droppingly good that you just HAVE to buy it. 

This year, my pick is Too Faced La Belle Carousel, an uber-cute kit shaped like one of those cardboard candy-boxes, filled with 6 detachable panels containing:

3 eyeshadow quads

2 blush and bronzer duos, and

a small tube of Better Than Sex mascara

First off, it’s fantastic value. It’s USD49 at Sephora. You get 12 full-size shadows (I say full size but at 1.6g each, you’re getting MORE in each pan than a full-size MAC shadow), 2 x 8g of blush and 2 x 4g of bronzer. 

That’s incredible value in most cases, but when you consider the fact that Too Faced has some of the best pressed powder cosmetics in the business (ultra smooth, pigmented shadows and silky bronzers and blushes), it’s downright mind-boggling. 

But I’ll just let the swatches speak for themselves. 

There were only a couple of shades which were so-so. Santa’s Boots is a glittery black but the glitters don’t show up or stay well even though the matte black is smooth enough. And Sugar Plum Fairy is quite crumbly and needs a good base to stay on nicely even though it’s beautiful once on.

The best thing? It’s an impressive gift for someone special (or yourself), OR you can split it into 6 little gifts for 6 of your gal pals. Versatile!


Anna Sui 2014 Holiday Sweets Makeup Collection



I hate to say it but sometimes the presentation is enough to suck us in.

Anna Sui launches their Holiday Sweets limited edition makeup collection this November, and it includes 2 bonbon boxes with huge pink bows (SGD72), a purple hand mirror (SGD33) and 5 sequined nail color shades (SGD24) in confectionery hues. 

The 2 key pieces in the collection have got to be the Holiday Sweet boxes of course! These are “look in a box” kits with 4 pots: coordinated lipgloss, jelly lip balm, cream eyeshadow, and cream blush. 

01: Sweet Espresso

“Bittersweet- a grownup flavor not offered to you as a child… Indulge in that once forbidden flavor with this all-grown-up kit.”

02: Sugary Sweet

“Soft and sweet, just like a fairytale. You just might become captive to this charmingly saccharine kit.”

I received 02 Sugary Sweet for review, and I have to say I really couldn’t bear to dig into these. But I’m glad I did because the gloss and blush are really nice.

  • The pink frosty gloss might be a tad too 80s Barbie for some, but it works nicely over other lip colors.
  • The cream blush is the cream-to-powder type.
  • The lip balm I saw no point in swatching here because it’s mostly just clear. The little jelly dots in the pot don’t give a whole lot of color though they’re cute as anything.
  • The cream shadows were what I was most excited to try but I have to say they are not my favorite as they are the creamy kind (like MAC cream bases) that don’t set. This means you can’t really use them on their own or they will crease and fade after awhile. If you like the colors, use with a very light hand, or use them as a base for powder shadows.

The surprise hit for me was the nail polish I received; 327 Cassis Pink with Black Lamé.

SO smooth, SO easy to apply, AND the little irregular sized glitters show beautifully through the nail polish and there’s JUST the right amount so 2 coats gives you a “chocolate-chip ice-cream” effect.

And P.S. they have a delicate rose scent, like everything else in the collection.

Definitely getting more shades once the collection launches!!!

Gorgeous Cosmetics 8 Pan Blush/Highlight Palette Swatches

Gorgeous Cosmetics 8 Pan Blush/Highlight Palette

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