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Lucy, E and R's four year old daughter has been having fits and meltdowns all day and finally stops when Regina holds her. So to make her daughter happy, Regina holds her throughout the entire town meeting

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“No! I want Mommy!” Lucy screams as she bursts through the double doors, Snow hot on her heels. Snow blushes before smiling apologetically at the town meeting her granddaughter has just interrupted, “I’m sorry…I couldn’t catch her in time.” 

Emma shakes her head with a knowing smile. Their daughter is usually well behaved and funny…but on her bad days she wants one person and one person only. “Madam Mayor?” she asks teasingly. 

Regina turns and rolls her eyes at her before rising from her table and walking down the aisle to where their sulking toddler stands, “Lucy…you only have to stay with Grandma for an hour then you, me and Mama can go get lunch okay?” 

Lucy shakes her head, “No…want Mommy! I wanna be Mayor too!” 

Regina sighs seeing the redness of her daughter’s cheeks and the tell-tale marks of dried tears. This meltdown has clearly been going on for a while and so she simply holds her arms out for Lucy to walk into. Lucy sniffs before hugging her Mom tightly. 

Once she’s secure, Regina picks her up and walks back to the main table. She sits down at the table reaching for her notebook and grabbing a spare one for Lucy, “If you’re going to be Mayor you have to take notes okay?” 

Lucy nods, her tears fading away as she grabs a crayon and some paper, “What do we do now?” 

Regina smiles at the townspeople gathered and staring at them before turning back to her wife, “Sheriff Swan-Mills, I believe you were just telling us about public safety?” 

My Hero

“Aw man.” You groan as you stare outside. The rain pelting the ground, rivers forming in the gutters, swelling to the street.
“What?” Steve asks coming to the window behind you and looking over your head. “You afraid of a little rain?”
“Not exactly. It’s just, I took a bit of a gamble and wore my brand new suede shoes.” You show him the blush pink high heels you’re wearing and the continue. “I haven’t treated them with anything but I wanted to start breaking them in so I just wore them. Now I’m scared they’re going to get ruined in the rain.”
“You could take them off.” He suggests and you wrinkle your nose with a sigh.
“I know, it’s just kind of gross.” He laughs softly as you bend down to untie the laces.
“Wait.” He says just before you pull the lace undone, “Why don’t I just carry you? You can hold the umbrella and I’ll carry you to the car.” You look up at him like he’s crazy. “Come on. I can keep your heels dry and with you holding the umbrella we’ll both stay dry.”
“You don’t have to.”
“Come on.” He cuts off your protests and reaches a hand down for you.
“You know the press is going to get a million pictures of this right?”
“I don’t care. Bridal style or piggyback?”
“Either way is going to be dicey, are you sure about this?”
“Positive. Let’s do piggyback.” He turns around and squats down so that you can hop onto his back. You do, then he adjusts you a bit with a little pop up before passing you the umbrella. “Ready?” He asks.
“Ready.” He pushes open the door and you open the umbrella the second that you’re through it. The big black umbrella covers both of you easily this way and Steve starts down the street moving like he’s not carrying a grown woman on his back.
You know the press get some photos of the two of you, you can see them taking pictures out of their cars in the pouring rain. When you reach the car he actually manages to swing you around and into it without your feet ever touching the ground.
“Tada!” He says triumphantly sliding into the driver’s seat.
“My hero!” You tell him with a smile before pressing a kiss to his cheek. He really is your hero.