Title: Love is a Growing Up

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine

Rating: PG

Length: ~2300

Summary: In Latin there is not one word for love, but four. This is how Kurt and Blaine experience each.

A/N: Earlier this year my world religions teacher (who’s really homophobic heh- using your lectures to write gay fanfic) gave a lecture on the four Latin words for love and it inspired this. I actually wrote it a few months ago but I was unsatisfied with it so I held off posting until now. Hope you guys like (⊙‿⊙✿)

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oh my god guys, you are so amazing, I never thought I’d get feedback, I love you wonderful followers ♥

ohwrackspurts replied to your post: are people really this bullied for being gay in…

I mean I’m still closeted to my family and people I know that are openly gay are still bullied, idk I guess in general people are more accepting here in the UK but there’s still loads of bullying :/

in the UK too ? I’ve heard of bullying in England (that was the program of my English classes this year actually, that and pedophilia. Great, teachers. Thanks) but I don’t know, I’ve never particularly thought it applied to homosexuality too.

eenie-meenie-mynie-mo replied to your post: are people really this bullied for being gay in…

There’s a girl in my school who gets bullied for being gay by the people she calls friends. They don’t talk to her anymiore because of her girlfriend and she gets “DYKE” written on her desk and locker, so Europe’s not all good….

wow, I see. I don’t know why I’m so surprised, probably because most of the English people I know, I know from the internet and let’s face it, on tumblr everyone’s open-minded. Tumblr should really take over the world, it would be such a better place. I have a lot of gay friends. Really, in Belgium I think it’s really not an issue. Fortunately, because we’re such a small and insignificant country that we HAVE to have some advantages, and well, if you’re gay, you’re gay, it’s not really anything different from being tall or having curly hair. I don’t mean it’s completely accepted by everyone and that people don’t even notice it. I guess it becomes one of your identifiers, you know ? Like “have you seen Lisa ? you know, Lisa, the one with black hair, who’s a lesbian ?” but that’s it, it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing.

blurtanderson replied to your post: are people really this bullied for being gay in…

yeah it’s a pretty big deal around where I live. I only know of one person whose brave enough to be out at my school.

One person ? and studies say that one out of ten person is homosexual. That’s weird for me, I know loads of homosexual people in my school. But I guess it has a lot to do with the religion… Most of Western Europe isn't  really religious, but America is, and a great deal at that.

we-who-swear-in-the-angels-name replied to your post: we-who-swear-in-the-angels-name replied to your…

Any time. I’m not sure, but I think it’s more of a US problem. I could be completely wrong, and I know it’s a problem here too, but I think less so.

From what we gather from movies, books, tv shows, here in Europe we see the US as a strange paradox of party-life, fun and craziness, one one side as if anything was okay (whereas I think we’re a little more uptight here) and on the other side, an incredibly conservative country. This whole concept is quite hard to understand for us I think.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH - I really should ask more stuff on here, gosh, I had no idea I could actually get answers that easily. You’re all perfect.

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I was tagged by mo-in-wonderland :) 

1. What’s the animal you’re most scared of?

Mold. Alright, I know it's technically not an animal, but it freaks me out like nothing else. 

2. You’re all alone at home. Suddenly, the lights flicker. What would you do?

Grab  the salt. Lol but no, I’d probably just sit there frozen in fear for a few minutes and then go hug my dog. 

3. If you could acquire one super power, what would it be?

Flying. Even after reading the Goosebumps book How I learned to Fly (which is the creepiest ass book ever because it was so realistic in the sense that if someone could fly that's probably what would happen to them) I still want to.

4. White chocolate or black chocolate?


5. What’s the most listened to song on your iTunes?

This is horribly inaccurate, but White Christmas by the Glee Cast. See my computer died a few weeks ago and my itunes got reset so I only actually have like 50 songs on my computer right now. 

6. What’s the first ship you’ve ever shipped (even if you didn’t know what shipping means)?

Luke/Leia. I was really young when I first watched Star Wars and I just remember the confusion and pain I felt when I found out they were brother and sister because then they couldn’t be together. 

7. Do you have or would you ever get a tattoo? If so, what would it be?

Definitely, I plan to get one in the relatively near future. What I’d want to get is the longevity symbol, which represents one of the five blessings in Chinese: longevity. Longevity is basically having a long, happy, prosperous life and I think the tattoo would be a good reminder for focusing on what’s important in life. Plus it looks pretty cool. 

8. What’s the last movie you watched and went “Ugh, I wish I didn’t”?

To be honest I enjoy most movies I watch, and I can’t remember any recently that I didn’t like, but I’ll tell you that the worst movie I’ve ever watched is Love Guru. I watched that when it came out in theatres and I’m still not over how bad it was. 

9. What’s the last book you read that made you sigh and *dying whale noise* when you finished it?

Probably Divergent because it was so fucking good and of course I wanted to get the sequel right away but I didn’t have the money (I eventually did get it and read it and wow so good)

10. If you could invite some celebrity from the past over for dinner, who would it be and why? 

Why do you hurt me so with this question. I’m going to have to say… Darren Criss. I just feel like he’s one of those people who’s comfortable with everyone and could carry a conversation (something I’m not very good at) and he’d hot

11. Find an original and unexpected way to finish the sentence: “No mom, I can’t go grocery shopping now, I’m busy ____.”

Juggling while balancing on a circus ball (on wii fit of course because that activity is like my new favorite) 

Questions for you all:

1) Why do religions that support love cause so many wars?

2) If the average human life span was 40 year, how would you live your life differently?

3) Would you kill evil baby Hitler?

4) What were you doing an hour ago?

5) What is the scariest dream you’ve ever had?

6) Do you fold or bunch your toilet paper?

7) Have you ever fallen in love? If so, how did it turn out?

8) What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

9) If you could transport yourself into any fictional world but you had to stay there without your family and friends, would you do it? If so, which one?

10) Do you think committing suicide is a selfish act?

11) Think of the last time you were really, truly angry. Why? 

Blowjobs on the Beach

Title: Blowjobs on the Beach

Word Count: ~5,300

Rating: nc-17

Summary: Blowjobs happen and they are on the beach. There’s a little bit of plot in the beginning, in case you’re into that. This includes lifeguard!blaine and regular beach goer!kurt.

Special thanks to my beta, blurtanderson, for just being a generally wonderful person.

Blaine Anderson loves the beach, especially Ocean City. He goes there every summer for two weeks and it’s the best two weeks of the year. The ocean-side home his family owns is the most expensive on the block, and the beach is literally in their backyard. He loves swimming, surfing, tanning, playing volley ball, basically anything that can be done on the beach. Blaine’s always been outgoing and that’s another thing he enjoys about his time in OC, all the people (specifically guys, as he gets older) that he meets. He’s never been very close with Cooper so it was nice to meet other kids to hang around with.

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Future!Klaine fic: Through It All

Summary: Kurt and Blaine get in a fight and 4x04 stuff is brought up but don’t worry it’s not really angsty and it actually gets quite fluffy towards the end.

Word Count: ~1500

Rating: nc-17

Warnings: Spoilers from 4x04 and sexy times 

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So last night Robin and I were talking about how people misrepresent Blaine in the car scene in TFF and she sent me this

“Blaine didn’t like pull him back into the car and start ripping off his clothes while evilly laughing ‘masturbation isn’t enough’" 

And first I cried because MSAURTBTIAON INS;T NEOUGH but then this drabble was born

Kurt knew it was futile because curfew was in three minutes and this would only make it worse but that didn’t stop him from continuing to move his lips agaisnt Blaine’s. The kiss was all teeth and tongue and Blaine’s hand was slowly crawling up his thigh, getting closer and closer to the hardening bulge in his jeans. 

Kurt broke the kiss, licking his swollen lips, and said between pants, "Blaine we really can’t do this.”

Blaine let out a frustrated growl and flopped backwards, hitting his head on the driver’s side window. 

“What? Masturbation isn’t enough?” Kurt teased, a smirk lighting his face. He remembered back to that afternoon where Blaine’s casual admittance had been a complete shock, and an arousing one at that, to him. Yes he’d gotten off to Blaine before but it had never crossed his mind that he would be doing the same thing. In fact, after that day, Kurt often jacked off to thoughts of Blaine jacking off. It was a fantasy Kurt planned to keep to himself but one night, in a post orgasm haze, he let it slip. He had been too embarrassed to look at Blaine and gauge his reaction so when he merely hummed in response Kurt hoped he was too spent to process what he had said. A few days later, however, Kurt went over to his boyfriend’s house expecting a quiet evening but was instead treated to a show he won’t soon forget.

“I guess it will have to suffice for tonight,” Blaine said before letting out a comically loud sigh.

“Or you know,” Kurt said, leaning forward to whisper in Blaine’s ear, “you could always call me when you got home. It could be good practice for the fall.”

Blaine stared for a few seconds, eyes wide, before practically shoving Kurt out of the car and reversing back down the driveway so fast the tires squealed. Kurt chuckled to himself and walked up to the house, wondering how long he should wait before sending a picture because the last thing he wants is to be the cause of a serious automobile accident.

auplaz asked:

1-100 lolol

oh you want me to do 1 and 100? thanks girl!

Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it? I’m sure it was my mom so yeah she meant it 

Has anyone ever given you butterflies? Literally yes, when I was little my mom gave me this kit where you got some caterpillars and you kept them in a cage and fed them and watched them grow and when they became butterflies you set them free. Metaphorically also yes, I get super nervous around pretty much all cute guys and my stomach goes all silly.

Title: The Not-So-Secret Admirers

Pairing: Klaine

Rating: PG

Summary: Based on this X gifset and (some of) the comments that came with it. 

Seriously, they were here again? Either those two lived here or Kurt had some serious stalkers on his hand. Okay, that was a little harsh, this was the only coffee shop in the area, but still. They had made it clear how they felt about Kurt on multiple occasions and Blaine was a little fed up.

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blurtanderson replied to your post

*pats ur back and kisses ur cheek* i feel u but that’s what college is for if you can figure out the whole dorm security thing


but thanks for the support man.

also my friend told me I need to kiss one guy in every country I go to when I go on the Europe trip and idk should I do this y/n?????