*Noise of students talking*

Scarlett: … and that was the best summer, there’s was a really beautiful beach, I didn’t want to go out to water.

Orion: I’m happy for you, Scarlett.

Ebony: I wish I could go to the beach someday, maybe the next year we can go together with the others and enjoy the summer.

S: That will be really fun. Oh! By the way you hear the news? I hear the teachers talking about a new boy in the school. I haven’t see him but it is strange that the school accepts students who didn’t studied here since first grade.

E: Oh, I hope he’s handsome!

S: Maybe, from what I hear he came from Italy.

O: Isn’t your brother’s husband from there?

S: Yes, he is.

E: Then there is a 90% chance for him to be handsome.

S: You also have to hope that he is not an omega.

E: *sigh* You’re right.

O: Stop talking about guys, I don’t know why you are always talking about us like I’m not here, if you forget already, I’m a boy too.

E: We know, but since you’re a beautiful omega we know you share our thoughts about other guys, don’t you? *wink*

O: Maybe… just a little.

S & E: *laughs*

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Page 9: Primrose Path

You ask Hanna how well she was able to swim.

She shrugs.

“It wasn’t that bad. Now that I know how deep it is, I know what to expect.”

“Is there anything down there worth saving?” Chrys asks.

Hanna thinks for a sec. “We might be able to save some of our basic supplies. Some of the food is in airtight bags and containers, and there’s a waterproof first aid kit with my supplies. Those could be useful.”

“We could also dry off any blankets or sleepwear we have.”

Dang. You had hoped you wouldn’t need to use those. Jazz was going to kill you when you got out of here. You had told her that under no circumstances was she to follow you in, right? Right. “Right. Okay.”

Hanna stretched, taking a few deep breaths. “I’ll need to take the flashlight. If I don’t come back in… ten, fifteen minutes, tops… uh, just tell someone about me when you get out of here.”

You sit up. “We’re gonna make it out of here, Hanna. You can do this.”

She smiles. “Thanks. But, you know. Just in case I can’t.” She turned to the water and dove in. She’s never been much for sappy stuff like that. She must be scared.

“Who’s the Negative Nancy now?”

“Chrys, please.” He was so annoying sometimes. You had a feeling he was irritated because all his cigarettes were ruined by the water. 

And he was just as scared as you were.

You swear, when he isn’t high as a kite or picking on Hanna, he’s really quite endearing and nice. Once, when you were out looking for UFOs, he shared a thermos of hot chocolate with you (and Jazz). You remember having a nice chat that night too. No UFOs, much to everyone’s annoyance, but it had been a fun time.

“I’m not Chrys,” Chrys says abruptly.

“Chrys, saying stuff like that doesn’t really help with our situation.”

“No. Listen. This is Chrys, but someone else– not Chrys –is speaking through him.”

“I don’t… what?” You don’t understand. What was he trying to say? You just didn’t get his metaphors sometimes. “Look man, if you want to tell me something, just tell it to me straight.”

“I’m speaking through Chrys.”

What is going on.

“Chrys, are you okay?”

“I’m not Chrys!”

Yeesh. “Alright, alright. Calm down, ‘not Chrys’. What’s up?”

“I can help you and your friends get out of the room you’re stuck in.”

Uh huh. You don’t really see how he can do something like that from in here but he seems on edge so you don’t push it.

“Alright… how exactly are you going to do that, ‘Not Chrys’?”

“That doesn’t matter. Look. I sense that you still don’t believe me when I say that I’m not Chrys. This is probably going to scare you, but I’m going to start speaking to Chrys through you, so you understand.”

“What?” You were beginning to feel uncomfortable. What was he saying?

“Just trust me on this, okay?”

“Wait, hold up, I still don’t know whahaaaa…” Wait what, what’s going on why does it feel like your head is numb? Your mouth begins moving and you have no idea what you’re going to say next…“Hey Chrys… I’m not Jay.”

“What the hell man,” Chrys says. He seems disoriented. 

“What the hell just– Jay?

“I’m not Jay,” you say. Or, rather, it says through you. “Look, I’m too far away to talk to you through the walls, so I’m speaking through one of you. Sorry for the intrusion, but there’s no other way.”

“Wha– Why’re you talking through Jay now?”

You’re beginning to lose focus on what’s going on around you. It’s clear that Chrys is talking to whoever or whatever is talking through you, but it’s like you don’t have any control of your body. 

You don’t like it, but you don’t really have a choice.

~Force this thing out of your head

~Try to focus


Thanks @grumpyoldsnake​ for the suggestion to ask Hanna.

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