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Idk it's ok if you don't answer this but omegaverse n blur is an alpha and ty and j are both omegas and daddy blur takes turns fuckin his lil babies j and ty on his huge knot and fills them both up and they're drippin slick everywhere and whimpering and mewling and he makes his lil omegas lick up each other's slick while blur watches and degrades them both like the pretty babies they are all pretty for daddy blur asking for permission to touch their daddy's knot

THIS SUM GOOD SHIT also @youreouttathebandjosh have sum smut

Blurry would be a well-known alpha for the fact that he had two omegas, Tyler and Josh. Most people think it would be a burden when the two go into heat, but Blur would see it as a blessing.
“Daddy, please fuck us, promise we’ll be good!” They’d beg and plead on their knees, slick running from their holes rapidly. Blurry would fuck Tyler first, knowing the boy was a lot more needier than Josh. He’d take the boy from behind, allowing him to suck Josh off while he was getting fucked. Tyler would sloppily fuck himself back on B’s cock, the alphas knot catching against his stretched and leaking rim as he hummed and sobbed around Josh’s dick. He’d cum, trails of it landing against the sheet as Blurryface filled him up with his knot. A flood of cum would release inside Tyler, and while they wait for the Alphas knot to swell down Tyler would use his mouth to make Josh cum.
“Put your plug in sweetheart,” Blurry would smirk at Tyler.

By the time Blur gets to the redhead he’s already leaked copious amounts of slick onto the sheets, dick still hard.
“Daddy please I just- just need you so bad,” he’d sob.
Blurry would allow Josh to take some control, riding his alpha desperately while Tyler jerks himself off to the sight of it. His thighs would work harshly, ass bouncing as his hole clenched around B’s cock. Josh would be quick to cum, squeals leaving his mouth as his cock twitched and released his load. Yet he’d still work, pushing down on Blurry’s knot and practically screaming when he’s filled with his alphas cum. N Tyler finishes in his hand, moaning loudly. By now there would be slick and cum everywhere, Blurry finally pulling out of Josh once is knot swells down.

“C’mere babies, want you to eat each other out for daddy. Clean up all the slick ‘n cum, hm?” And they just giggle and nod. Tyler would get on top of Josh, pulling the plug out and lowering himself on the redhead face. He’d lower his own face in line with Josh’s hole, kitting licking the slick and cum. Josh practically buries his tongue in Tyler’s ass, licking and slurping the sensitive area. Blurry would watch happily, degradin’ em with a smirk on his face.
“Y’just little slutty omega’s aren’t’cha? Filthy fuck toys to dump my load in, pretty little cum dumps. And then you go and lick daddies cum outta each other’s holes, such good whores for daddy.”
And Josh and Tyler just whine against each other’s asses, making the other boy cum with their face buried in the others ass. And then like good boys they ask to touch Blurry’s knot, of course getting permission to worship the alphas thick cock with their tongues.


Voltron Time lords AU

I just couldn’t get this damn AU off my mind, so here we are