I’ve tried to do inktober for the past two years and I just don’t enjoy working with ink. ; - ; So I’m going to try digitally - with a single colour accent!
I’m going to tryyy to make a complete set of zodiac characters~ which will also be a huge challenge for me since I usually only work on 1 - 2 pieces per month. ..This miiight bleed into November, ehehe. But I’m still going to try! (งಠ_ಠ)ง
First in my zodiac series is Aries! ♡



Keith: I guess being part Galra is a big deal. That would explain why I’m so bad at connecting with people.

My self projecting ass, drinking a mug of hot chocolate: A lot of undiagnosed autistic people try to find any explanation to why they are like that without using the word autistic. It’s a very commong struggle to all of us who struggle with internalized ableism, usually a result of bullying where we had the word “autistic” throwed at us like sticks and stones.

When Keith associates his social struggles with being part Galra, what he’s realy doing is telling himself “see, you’re not autistic! That’s because you’re half alien”, the same way many of us say “see, you’re not autistic! That’s because [some random trait that overlaps with autistic behavior]!” at some point.

Keith probably still has bad feelings towards the word “autistic” and will hang on to any explanation that doesn’t involve the word itself. Something that he will overcome eventually and embrace the fact that he is autistic, and isn’t any less of a person because of it. For now, he still struggles, and that’s okay too.

In other words….

Autistic Keith is fucking Canon