blurry pictures but captures the moment so a

MORE Seungchuchu stuffs bc I can't get enough of this ship!

-What if Seung’s laugh is like,,, really cute and dorky, like he’s snorting and hiccuping and he’s wiping tears from his eyes because Phichit whispered some meme to him
-On dates, (as opposed to when they’re just texting) Seung-gil doesn’t speak much, but he notices Phichit staring at him and pouting into his drink
“Something on my face?”
“Hmm~ I’m just wondering if you answer to my texts with that deadpan expression”
And Seung-gil goes silent, “oh, was I doing it again? People tell me I glare”
And Phichit goes into OhNoHe'sCute mode “it’s okay! Just take a selfie with me and we’ll be fine!”
“No!” Seung-gil covers his face
-But after a while of struggling he takes the phone from Phichit and snaps a picture of him kissing his boyfriend’s cheek, it’s a lil blurry and the position is awkward because it was a spur of the moment thing, but he managed to capture Phichit’s surprised expression at just the right moment so Seung-gil does something like a smile and gives Phichit back his phone, “here, you can post that all over your social media”
Phichit squeals
-although not exactly into pda, because they rarely get to see each other, you’ll always see one of Seung-Gil’s hands on Phichit when they’re together. Finger on the hook of his belt, hand clutching Phichit’s jacket, you name it. It’s just reassuring to both of them
-however!! When they are alone, there’s no way to keep Seung-gil’s *anything* away from Phichit. They find a place away from everyone else and they could make out for hours
-Celestino had the rest of the skaters looking everywhere for them
-Double dates with Yuuri and Victor!!!
-People are often like “why is this ray of sunshine dating a guy who never smiles” but Phichit pities them because people that have never seen the side of Seung-gil that he has don’t get to speak over their relationship
-anyway I’m in Seungchuchu hell

Boyfriend Series; Hoshi/Soonyoung

- what time is it now??
- time to cry because hoshi is the most fun and most playful boyfriend ever
- for your first date, hoshi takes you skating outdoors but you know what
- this guy pretends he doesn’t know how to skate so he has an excuse to hold your hand the entire time
- after renting some skates, hoshi dramatically falls on the ice after taking ONE step and cutely scratches his head while grinning sheepishly as he says “i uh…. don’t really know how to skate…..”
- you laugh and take both of his hands and start skating backwards slowly while he clumsily skates forward and everyone in the skating rink are looking at you two like that’s so cute omg
- after going around like this a few times, you decide to let go of one of his hands to skate side by side
- but somewhere along the way, hoshi falls for real this time, dragging you down with him
- you both fall on the ice but when you look up at each other, the two of you start laughing and right there is where you both share your first kiss
- spontaneous dates
- calls you all those embarrassing nicknames like cutie pie and honey bunny out loud in public and you always just cover his mouth like SHHH HOSHI STOP PLEASE
- you guys have matching baseball caps and you both like to steal each other’s and wear them
- the other members are like ??? but there’s no difference ???
- the type to swing your arms while holding hands with you
- hoshi loves it when you cup his cheeks, his eyes actually sparkle and he smiles a little wider
- when it’s cold, he likes pressing hot packs against your cheeks to warm you up
- takes pictures of everything and he keeps them all no matter how embarrassing or blurry they are, he really does want to capture every moment he spends with you
- his lock screen is always a picture of both of you, and he changes it like every hour because he loves all your pictures together and feels like they each deserve to be his wallpaper at least once
- the members are so confused
- “how many pictures do you have???” “isn’t that the same as the other one but from a different angle???”
- hoshi teases you A LOT
- he teases you when you get emotional over something like a movie or a drama
- he teases you when you blush over something cute he did
- he even teases you while kissing, he’s the type to be leaning in for a kiss on the lips but then he’d stop just inches away from your face and grin
- he also smiles in the middle of kisses
- hoshi loves kisses on the cheek because they’re innocent
- always asks for one when you see him and when you’re about to leave
- he loves building pillow forts with you and cuddling inside while watching a movie or just talking about anything really
- when he’s tired, he likes to nuzzle you and bury his face in the crook of your neck
- he’s always pulling pranks on you and you’re always pulling pranks on him
- the members get so annoyed because some of them have fallen for your pranks before, jihoon even scolded you and hoshi for like an hour
- piggyback rides all day every day, and sometimes he sprints while you’re on his back and you’re like HOSHI SLOW DOWN YOU’RE GOING TO TRIP AND WE’LL BOTH DIE
- in the winter, he’s a little kid who likes rolling around in the snow and having snowball fights with you
- in the spring, he likes jumping in puddles of rain with you
- in the summer, he likes going to the beach and building sand castles with you
- and in the fall, he likes jumping in piles of leaves with you
- serenades you with shinee songs
- “song request? none? ok i’m singing shinee sunbaenim then” “hoshi i didn’t even get to say anything”
- he loves teaching you seventeen dances and finds it really cute when you get flustered because you messed up
- he always brings up some of your embarrassing moments to tease you about it
- like when you guys first started dating, you REALLY wanted to make sure you’re dressed nicely so you went out and bought this cute cardigan last minute
- when you met up with hoshi, he looked at your cardigan and asked “oh is that new??” and you said “what, this?? nooo i’ve had it for a while”
-  hoshi then lifted up a hand and started moving it closer to your face and you thought he was going to cup your cheek or something but no
- he reached out for the price tag attached to your cardigan and laughed “really?? you keep your price tags on your clothes??”
- he can’t cook to save his life, so you’re always he one cooking for him
- but he loves your cooking and always asks for seconds and compliments your meals
- he likes to tell you a bunch of cute but cliché boyfriend lines he had to film in the past for carats
- and you don’t even know what’s worse, the cringe or the fact that deeeeep down you like it
- sometimes you surprise him after dance practice, and it makes hoshi so happy, he tackles you even though he’s covered in sweat
- your relationship with hoshi is filled with pranks and jokes and fun, and you never have to worry about hiding a part of yourself from him
- because hoshi loves everything about you
- and that will never change
- “my name is soonyoung, but you can call me—”
- “soon?”
- “no. yours.”

anonymous asked:

Hi, hi!!! You are seriously THE best!!! Can you imagine the Chocobros reaction if their s/o (fem, if that's okay!) proposed to them, instead of the other way around?? Ooooh my goodness, my heart melts just thinking about it!!! Thank you so so so much!!!! Xo I love your blog!!

*squeels excitedly for all eternity*
I swear, anon, this might just be the most precious fluff request I’ve gotten to date. My face was a blushing MESS when I read this.

When I was younger, I spent every Friday night bingewatching wedding shows on TLC. Suffice to say, I aboslutely adore proposals and all that warm and fuzzy marriage buisness.✨

Thank you endlessly for all of the support and love for the blog - I can’t tell you how much it means to Leigh and I!

Without further delay, let the Valentines week fluff fest begin 💜

Note: the s/o is implied to be fem


Song: “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron and Wine

  • One would think that when proposing to the prince of Lucis, only an extravegant affair of fresh flowers, imported chocolates, and a sky written message would do
  • Nobody would have guessed that the seemingly simple proposal Noct’s s/o planned, one leagues behind a royal engagement, would have meant so much to him
  • Love’s a funny thing… isn’t it?
  • Around 3 am on a starry summer night, Noct and his s/o found themselves tangled up in a bubble bath, surrounded by dimly flickering candles, loosely strung christmas lights, and floating rose petals atop soapy water
  • The skylight window above provided a stream of delicious moonlight that cast a hazily euphoric glow on the couples bare forms
  • Swaddled in warmth and comfort, Noctis held his s/o lovingly in his lap, running water softened hands along her body, tracing her curves thoughfully, as she pressed occasional kisses to his collarbone and neck

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its christmas!!!! how do you think the rfa+v would celebrate the holidays?

sure thing! it actually is christmas hahahah I suck! T^T I’m sorry for taking to long! 


  • I feel like he’d spend Christmas with his family.
  • In the DLC it was implied that this X-mas was the second one away from his family, so let’s just imagine it’s ext year’s.
  • He’d been really excited since he’d missed so much.
  • Like yeah, he did visit his family every now and then, but Christmas was special.
  • If you were together, he’d bring you over and be beyond happy when he noticed how well you got along with his family.
  • He’d help his mom with the whole cooking business.
  • Oh… MC looks so cute… Oh she’s with my sister. Wait… What are they holding? Is that… I-Is that… A PHOTO ALBUM!?
  • He bolted and snatched the photo album away.
  • “____, why would you show MC that!!?”
  • He was a blushing mess.
  • “But you look so cute, Yoosung! Specially in that dress when you were three!” You grinned while showing him the picture you took on your phone.
  • “I wonder what Seven will think…”
  • NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
  • His manly man side came out and he pulled you towards him and whispered, “Hmm… And here I thought I’d reward you tonight…”
  • He laughed and pressed a kiss against your nose.
  • Little did he know that the picture was safely stored in your recently deleted.
  • Anyways, once dinner and the gift giving was over you two stepped to the backyard and sat on one of those bench swings.
  • “Thank you for making my Christmas so special, MC. I love you.”
  • He placed you on his lap and wrapped his arms around you, burying his face in your neck.
  • “I love you too, Yoosung. Merry Christmas.”
  • “Merry Christmas, MC.”


  • When you agreed to spend Christmas with him, he was overjoyed.
  • He’d wanted to spend his Christmas Eve/Christmas Day with his significant other and it was finally happening.
  • It makes him extremely happy because he was usually alone during Christmas.
  • First, you decided to go on a walk to admire the beautiful scenery of the city.
  • You didn’t know he was so good? You looked like a newborn deer and he was the embodiment of a greek god.
  • Afterwards he takes you for a ride on his dicc on his motorcycle since you’ve been beGGING him to do so.
  • He refused because it was too dangerous for a beautiful princess like you.
  • He takes you to a cabin and you were ??? confused ???
  • Turns out he saved up a lot and rented it.
  • Everything was already there with a delicious looking full-course Christmas meal.
  • He spent too much on you… He didn’t have to.
  • As if on cue he planted a kiss on your shoulder and mumbled, “Don’t say anything. I did it for both of us. This has been one of my dreams and it’s my first Christmas in a long long time spending it with someone I truly love.”
  • You two sang BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE ACTING IT OUT AND EVERYTHING, watched movies, made out for a long long time, and cuddled while drinking hot cocoa.
  • Cliche as heck.
  • Best Christmas ever. 10/10.


  • You decided to stay at her place for Christmas Eve/Christmas.
  • She insisted you stayed with your family, though.
  • You prepared everything food related and set up the Christmas tree since she barely even had the time to do so herself.
  • You two started having a marathon of Zen’s DVDs while having dinner.
  • You were honestly just relishing on your girlfriend’s adorable reactions towards Zen’s acting.
  • You couldn’t stop yourself.
  • You grabbed her by the shoulders and placed a tender kiss against her lips.
  • If it wasn’t Christmas Eve she would’ve scolded you for interrupting art like this, but this time she didn’t have the heart to do so.
  • She checked her phone briefly and smiled.
  • It was rare of her to be so bold towards you but she hesitantly wrapped her arms around your waist and brought you to her lap, making you straddle her.
  • “Merry Christmas, MC.” She murmured as she placed her slightly parted lips over your own.
  • You two made out for quite a while until you pulled back, out of breath and panting slightly.
  • “Hold on.”
  • She was confused when she saw you stand up and come back with a huge box.
  • “Open it.”
  • She was gentle doing so and her heart stopped.
  • She was ecstatic. “MC! How did you—”
  • “Zen’s my best friend. He wouldn’t say no to me.”
  • Oh… She fell in love with you all over again.


  • He knew it was a family holiday and you knew he liked having civilized encounters with his dad, which is why you were surprised when he invited you over for Christmas.
  • Jumin was so happy when you accepted because this would be the warmest Christmas ever for him.
  • The light and warmth you gave off was enough of a gift for him.
  • “Babe… Did you invite your father over?” You asked timidly, knowing this was a touchy subject for your lover.
  • “No. He’ll be spending the evening with his new girlfriend.” He stared at the Christmas tree in front of him.
  • “Oh… Okay.” You didn’t want to push it so you left it at that.
  • Afterwards he decided to help you make dinner since he wanted to follow the “commoners’ ” traditions with you.
  • You two were now sitting on the carpet, Elizabeth the 3rd curled up in a ball next to the dark haired man.
  • Jumin hands you a poorly wrapped present with the cutest blush adorning his face.
  • You’re overwhelmed when you see a handmade scrapbook full of blurry pictures he took, capturing from meaningful to small moments of your relationship.
  • “It’s not much… I mean, I didn’t want to give you something that takes mo effort and I put everything I feel for you into this—”
  • He was surprised when he felt a soft pair of lifts moving slowly against his own.
  • “You’re pretty cute when you ramble. And I absolutely loved it. It’s the best present I’ve ever received and as of now it’s my treasure.”
  • He turned you over and hovered over you, his hot breath tickling your neck.
  • “Wait… Jumin… I still need to give you my present…”
  • “I’d like to unwrap it now if it’s okay…”
  • He started lifting your shirt when you grabbed his hand and brought it up to your lips, planting a loving kiss over it.
  • “I really want you to see my present, though.”
  • You sat up, leaving a confused and slightly frustrated businessman looking up at you with the cutest expression.
  • You handed him a box with decent wrapping and smiled shyly as he took it.
  • The moment he got the present out you hid your face behind your hair for two reasons.
  • 1. You were beyond shy about giving him a gift when he already had everything. What could you possibly give him?
  • 2. He was so strict when it came to Elizabeth the 3rd, so when he pulled out the plush you made and stared at it with a seemingly stoic expression (you were to nervous to read him correctly) you panicked.
  • “I… I know it’s probably not good enough since it’s such a small present and it doesn’t capture Elizabeth the 3rd’s full beauty but I really thought you would like it. I can stay with it if you don’t thou—”
  • Now it was your turn to be interrupted, more like astounded.
  • You noticed a single tear run down his right cheek and you felt your heart stop.
  • You were about to apologize when he brought you into his arms and started placing kisses all over your face.
  • “Just as yourself, this is the best gift I’ve ever received and… and I can’t believe I am this lucky. I… just…”
  • You shook your head and brought his head onto your chest, running your fingers through his hair, eventually making him fall asleep over you.
  • It was Jumin Han’s best Christmas ever.



(MC’s catholic for purposes of this hc. I’m sorry.)

  • A year had passed after the whole Mint Eye ordeal and slowly but steadily Saeran and Saeyoung’s relationship was starting to mend.
  • It was hard for Saeran to easily hang out with the othet RFA members.
  • He felt guilty, uncomfortable, and overall still didn’t trust them.
  • That was the only reason you still weren’t living there.
  • It was finally Christmas, the first Christmas these two would be spending together ever since they were separated.


  • It was weird for Saeyoug to suddenly go back to being even slightly festive again.
  • But Saeran was here and somehow he convinced him to at least have a Christmas meal with him.
  • He invited you over since Saeran was, thankfully, what seemed slightly more comfortable around you than he other members.
  • He was truly taken aback when you cancelled all your plans for the night and decided to stay over for Christmas.
  • You were such a kind angel.
  • You trusted his twin and had tons of faith in him and he just felt so lucky.
  • The three of you were about to have dinner when you intervened, “I’d like to say a small prayer before we eat…” You trailed off, as if asking for approval of the two redheads.
  • They both nodded, Saeran looking slightly uneasy.
  • “Thank you God for giving us the food we’re about to eat. Thank you for bringing Saeyoung and Saeran into our lives. Please take care of them and all of the members of this organization. Please, God, take care of those who can’t take care of themselves, please give them a helping hand.” At this, Saeran looked up at you, eyes wide.
  • All throughout this, Saeyoung was repeatedly thinking of how lucky he was to have you.
  • “Please bless these two knuckleheads and keep taking care of them. Please only bring good things into their lives because they deserve that much. Also, thank you God, for blessing Saeyoung… and… and…”
  • Seven was speechless and extremely touched by your kindness, but the moment he took notice of your hesitation he placed his hand on your shoulder trying to reassure you. He thought that you thought you’ve crossed a line.
  • You gathered up all the courage and managed to finally say it.
  • “And thank you for blessing Saeyoung and I with the best Christmas present ever. Amen.”
  • Now he was confused.
  • “Wait MC, what are you talking about?”
  • “Saeyoung, I’m pregnant.”
  • He stood up immediately and almost tripped trying to run over to you, pressing his lips firmly against yours once he finally knelt next to your chair.
  • “MC… There’s no better way I could’ve spent this Christmas than with my family.”
  • “You totally beat my present by the way.”
  • “What was it?”
  • “Let’s keep it 15+”


  • Saeran was reluctant to have you over.
  • He still didn’t entirely trust the RFA, but somehow, when he looked at you, all he saw was light.
  • He trusted you since you’ve shown him in the lapse of a year how much a person is willing to give to help others out.
  • Meaning she gave her mental and physical strength in order to help him get better.
  • Of course, both MC and Saeran knew it would take much much longer than a mere year for him to go back to whatever normal was.
  • The point was that you were coming over and he was extremely nervous.
  • He didn’t know how to celebrate Christmas and was extremely afraid something would trigger him.
  • But, the rest of the evening was quite the opposite.
  • Somehow you got him and Saeyoung to take a picture together.
  • It was totally worth it because you gave him the cutest smile ever.
  • He still wasn’t aware of his feelings for you, at least not entirely but you had made it clear that you felt a strong attraction towards him and that you would do anything in your power to help him.
  • You were playing Uno with the twins and Saeran watched as both Seven and yourself started laughing at something the goofier twin had said.
  • He felt a pang of… jealousy?
  • He wanted you to look at him too…
  • That pang was present throughout the entire night until the clock hit 12.
  • You were next to Saeran and decided to go for it.
  • You noticed how he started distancing himself and that was the last thing you wanted for him.
  • So you slowly pressed your fingertip against the palm of his hand, looking straight up as fireworks adorned the sky.
  • He jumped back and stared down at you, trying to fully comprehend the situation.
  • He armed himself with courage, trying hard to put all his past behind him, at least for this one small moment and slowly engulfed your hand in his, intertwining your fingers.
  • “Merry Christmas, MC…”
  • You stayed quiet in that position until the show was over.
  • This was his first true Christmas ever and he was able to spend it with his twin and someone very dear to him.
  • Finally he had a happy Christmas.


  • Let’s imagine he managed to survive the Mint Eye situation.
  • It was his first Christmas without Rika truly around and someone else next to him.
  • But, the difference, the one thing that made a huge difference, was that this other person was you.
  • You who received him with open arms, you who helped him heal.
  • You who never doubted him.
  • And you, who helped him change for the better.
  • You’ve been begging him all year to take the surgery, to make it better and this Christmas, he was going to give you the biggest surprise ever.
  • He decided to spend Christmas with the RFA, since he wanted to be surrounded by those he fought so hard to protect. His second family.
  • He loved seeing you laugh alongside his friends and was genuinely surprised when you managed to make Jumin chuckle.
  • But once everything was over and you two were back at his apartment, with your help he sat next to you at the edge of his bed.
  • He flashed that kind smile of his at you and searched for your face, gently cupping it between his gentle hands.
  • “I forgot to tell you…”
  • “What is it, Jihyun?”
  • He loved it when you said his name.
  • “I’m taking the surgery. I already made the appointment.”
  • Everything was silent until he heard sniffling. That was when he took you in his arms and held you as you cried.
  • “This… This is the best gift you could possible give me… Give yourself… Jihyun…”
  • You started peppering his face with kisses.
  • This was one of the happiest Christmas he’s ever had in his life.


Andrea is so generous and kind and loving❤️When I got to meet her at the red tour she was surrounded by other fans that were pushing and stuff and I didn’t really get a chance to talk to her at first and then I asked for a picture and she said „I can‘t right now but I will be back!“ and then she walked past me a few more times and I was like okay she probably forgot 🙈 And then the next time she was coming my way I stood up again and she saw me and came directly to me and hugged me so tight 🙆😍 And took a picture with me and danced with me after that 💕 I will never forget it!!❤️❤️❤️ The picture is a bit blurry but so happy someone captured this moment✨ I hope one day I’ll get to experience this with Taylor @taylorswift 😘‼️❤️ Hold On to the memories they will hold on to you

Donny Boy

Your fingertips / So / Touchable

You were asleep in bed and he was just waking up, his body still thrown off by all the traveling. He’d stare at you happily as you dreamed. He was still a bit sleepy, exhausted. But the sight of you so close to him made his heart flutter. He could touch you. He could kiss you. He could hear you loud and clear and see you without the blurry pixels and delay of movement. This was real time and he’d regret every moment spent without you. How could you be real? You were so beautiful. So sweet. Your heart so big. And your eyes were just so gorgeous it pained him that pictures never seemed to capture how truly beautiful you were. He’d enjoy the sound of your tiny little mumbling in your sleep and he’d drop a soft, gentle kiss on your forehead. He never wanted to let you go. You’d shake your head once and your eyes would flutter open. “Hi,” he’d say happily. He knew he was on a different sleep schedule than you. But that didn’t mean he didn’t want to play with you all moments of the day. You would be barely awake as you answered his middle of the night greeting groggily. “Hi,” you’d mumble. “Sleep,” you’d order. “M'not tired,” he’d grumble. “Play with me, yeah?” He’d grin like a toddler. You’d stare at him with sleepy eyes. He loved your sleepy face. Your eyes seemed wider, clearer. Yet they were empty without being awake for very long to form coherent thoughts. And he’d love that about you too. He’d kiss your nose. “Lou, sleep,” you’d grumble. He’d sigh like it was the most world-weary thing you ever asked of him. “Fine,” he’d grumble and yank you to his chest abruptly rousing you from your sleepy state. “Louis, you ass,” you’d hiss at him as he’d nuzzle his face against your neck and hair. He’d lick your jaw. “Seriously? What is wrong with you?” You’d ask. He’d snicker and grab one of your hands. “I love your hands,” he’d whisper. “They’re so little and soft,” he’d mumble. “Louis, please sleep, it’s early,” you’d mumble. “You’re little and soft.” “You’re a giant, you freak,” you’d murmur at him. He’d kiss your fingertips sweetly and it made you sleepier to feel. He was so cute. “I like your fingers.” “Seriously, you sound delirious,” you’d mumble at him. He’d sigh and kiss them again. “Baby?” He’d whisper. “Yes, my love,” you’d roll your eyes sleepily. “I’m sorry I’m annoying. I really, really adore you,” he’d whisper. “I love you so much.” You’d smile and turn to face him and cup his face. You’d run your fingers across his cheeks, the way he liked and kissed his lips very softly. “I love you too,” you’d answer and kiss his lips again. “Now go the fuck to sleep,” you’d say just as evenly. He’d smirk and kiss your forehead and lace your fingers together so that they were twined tightly in his hand. He’d wrap one arm around your stomach questioning how he was so lucky you weren’t taken when he got to you. How anyone was capable of resisting your beautiful self. Because God knew he couldn’t resist you. Not in a million years. Not with fingertip like yours. Not with your kisses. Not your smile. Not your eyes. Not when you were you. He would never resist you.

Luke Song Preference: “English Love Affair” by 5sos

Author: Rhine


It started on a weekend in May
I was looking for attention
Needed intervention

It was just a trip.

That’s all it was supposed to be – some time off with him and the boy, some space for breathing, some air to cool off the chaos in his head with everything going on in his life.

And he touches down in your city and what he thinks he needs is a good break from the hectic activity that now shrouded his life.

But then he sees you – he sees you walking by with those shining eyes and confident steps and faint little smile on the sunny May weekend and Luke knows he’s wrong.

He needed you.


Next thing we were back at her place
A hideaway in Mayfair
All the great and good there

He could care less about anything else.

It didn’t matter if it was the ancient ruins of Greece or the prehistoric remains of the first dinosaur or the jewels of the Amazon laid out before him – there could be any attraction in front of him, but he’ll only be attracted to you.

You’re all he sees, all he drinks in, all he wants to cherish.

And Luke doesn’t know how he got from seeing this beautiful girl across the street to having her unlock the front door to her house with that exquisite smirk that he loved so much, but Luke is thanking the gods like a saint and pressing his lips to yours like a sinner.

It’s all hands and sloppy kisses and the taste of something foreign and unexplored and he wants to make it as familiar as the chords he plays on his guitar; he wants to crash land onto you and get lost forever.

He doesn’t want to be found, he wants to find you.

He’s not usually like this, but there’s something about the taste of your lips or the pull of your fingertips that sends him into an overdrive; he’s not usually possessive but he wants you as his the moment he saw you.

Maybe it’s something in the air of your hometown, something about the sunny May sky and the lingering traces of your perfume as you walked on by.

He’s more agitated and restless as usual, but it’s the best vacation he’s ever had if he’s discovering you like a new city, if he’s breathing you in like an inhale of exotic air.

It’s a vacation, but he doesn’t take a break.


The storyline was so ridiculous
Every single step had me begging for the next

It’s a little pathetic, he thinks, how intoxicated he is by you.

Because he’s following you like a lost little puppy through a city you knew like the back of your hand and all he can do is try to keep up with you long strides in the local streets.

But every place you take him is a new adventure with your red lips and flashing eyes and Luke has a hard time believing it’s his hands that are touching your skin, that it’s his lips that are tasting yours.

He doesn’t know where he’s going and he doesn’t know what’ll happen to him – to you – after all of this, and to be honest, he doesn’t care so long as there’s just one more kiss with your lips smiling against his lip ring, so long as there’s one more touch of heated skin underneath dancing fingertips.

It’s a whirlwind and he didn’t think his life would be like this – that he would be like this – but there’s something addictive about you, something that makes him want more, something that makes him keep on turning the pages.

And oh, all he wants is more.


When I got out I knew
That nobody I knew would believe in me
I look back now and know
That no one could ever take a memory

It was so unlike him.

It wasn’t Luke at all, and whenever he tells the story of you, it sounds more like he’s talking about another character that shares his own name.

Because how could awkward, controlled Luke be so – shamelessly free, in a place he had no clue about, on top of all that?

He knew all about you – that was all he needed to know on that trip – but that wasn’t something he was going to tell his snickering friends who already didn’t believe him.

It was a tall tale from beginning to end, but the thing is – it wasn’t a tale.

It was a moment, a span of seconds and minutes and hours that Luke lived, that he shared with you.

And so long as he knew it was real, so long as he could remember the lingering pull of his lips and the smell of something sweet – it’s all he needs to keep you alive in his head as a memory, not a character.

You’re still there, living in the purple bruises of his collarbones, in the scent of his clothes, in the back of his mind.


When the lights go out
She’s all I ever think about

And even though Luke has to leave you, you don’t leave him.

He revisits you every night in his head, remembering your hair fanned out on the pillows and your sleepy eyes and pointed smile that was just a little bit softer in the mornings.

Luke remembers you when he’s alone in the dark, but he remembers the vision of you bathed in sunlight.

You captured his attention like no other landmark, not when he wanted to mark you as his for so long – and he did, for a moment, but it was only ever temporary.

You both knew he had to leave.

He just didn’t know you would choose to stay in the recesses of his mind.


The pictured burning in my brain
Kissing in the rain
I can’t forget my English love affair

Luke only has fragments of you now – blurry pictures that you always avoided in the morning with covers and playful nips at his arms, tiny crescent-shaped scars from your fingernails dotted along his back, the note you scribbled to him on a napkin that still has your lipstick stain on it.

He only has bits and pieces of you, but in his mind – in his mind, you’re the biggest thing there.

Flashes of memories of you, your Cheshire grin and your wet hair as you spun in the rain, your jeans with the broken zipper and your too-big sweater, the bumps of your scars and the smoothness of your skin underneath.

You live on in Luke’s head.

And even though he knows that what you had was nothing more than a temporary fling – no, rocket – of lust – an affair – he knows he won’t be forgetting you anytime soon.

He’s been to hundreds of countries and seen thousands of girls, but none of them would ever ignite him like you did.


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and if I’m being honest with myself, there’s one picture of you left on my phone that I can’t bring myself to delete

I screenshotted a blurry capture of you laughing while you were washing dishes and talking to me on Skype

I remember the exact moment, how furiously I punched the buttons on my phone to catch it before it was gone

how badly I wanted to snatch that smile, hold it close to my chest to keep it safe and keep me warm

how I wanted to memorize it so later I could remind you

and then I never did

and I deleted all the other pictures

and I told you to never speak to me again

and I did not text you back even when you broke the silence to wish me a happy birthday, and I could tell you were drowning by how you added “I think of you all the time”

if I’m being honest, my heart still skips when I come across that picture

and every time I see someone who looks like you, I stare and stare because I have to be sure

I think part of me is still expecting you to show up

I think part of me still believes in magic

but that part of me has forgotten how lonely it was to be with you

how much of it was static and fear and rage and crawling deeper into myself

and that is why that part of me is confined to tapping letters on a screen after midnight, always shadows and afterthoughts. never daylight, never conscious. not allowed. not welcome.

—  screenshot /.w.m.w.