blurry pic because i was excited

i want so many pictures taken of me. i want pictures of me writing in journals. i want pictures of me reading. i want pics of me watching the sky and i want pictures of me being excited. i want pictures of me jumping up and down after hearing the best news ever and i want pictures of me having to fix my glasses. i want pictures of me with my hair being blown everywhere because of the wind and i want pictures of me so blurry that im not even sure what im doing in them. i want photos of me sitting on my bed with my phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other whilst laughing the hardest i’ve ever laughed. i want pictures of me looking out windows and pictures of me sitting on the floor with paint all over my hands in nothing but a long flannel. i want pictures of me running in all types of directions in fields. i want pictures of my facial expression the second someone calls my name. i want pictures of me dancing and jamming to music and i want photos of me when im in deep thought. i want pictures of me when im a mess and sobbing on the floor. i jus want so many pics of me doing things bc i wanna know what kind of person everyone else sees. i want to capture every raw moment.


the pics came out kind of blurry, but this is the best i could do because i’m shaking from excitement so badly 


With Steven mostly wrapped up it’s on to Garnet. Like Steven I’m going to say that I intend to make alternate hands, accessories, and multiple faces for her and never actually get around to doing it because I’m more excited to start the next project. Unlike Steven who uses mostly ball in socket joints that I designed Garnet uses a generic Hobby Base joint which are something akin to a Revoltech “Revolver” joint but without a ratchet.

Pics obviously don’t represent anything close to a finished piece and are terrible and blurry because I need a better camera and a better place to take photos and also to give a crap about taking better photos.
This is a low quality print done for a test fitting and it uses an older version of her face that I printed out over a year ago. For the most part everything is working as intended, I’m going to make a few alterations but overall I’m happy with how this came together.

For anyone wondering I did about 3 or 4 test fit versions of Steven before I landed on something I was happy with. His design was a bit trickier as I was making the joints from the ground up. This will probably be done in 2 though I can’t say when I’ll be able to find the time to run the high res prints, mold, cast, and paint her.

I should add that the rendered shot is of the decimated model so there’s some weird geometry going on in spots, especially the line down the torso, but it will look fine on the prints.

I discovered tinder back in 2014 and met my first actual boyfriend on there. I was really excited that there were guys out there who really were interested in me because I hadn’t seen that a lot in person. I rushed into everything. I ended up in a year long mentally abusive relationship where I was miserable.

I finally got the balls to break up with that guy and move on. After about 4 months of being single and getting hurt by boys I decided to try tinder again bc lets just be honest, I was lonely and horny. Lol

I matched with this guy. His pics were semi blurry but I could tell he had amazing muscles. I messaged him saying he was sexy af and was hoping for a hookup. The moment he started talking to me I changed my mind. I asked him to go out with me without sex. He intrigued me in every way and I wanted so badly to know his mind.

Probably unsafe but I invited him to my house, my brother was there so it was fine. We spent the entire night talking and listening to music while I laid on his chest.

6 months later and I’m sitting in our little apartment waiting on him to get off work and come home so I can lay on his chest. He’s the love of my life.

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Your blog made me fall in love with mike wazowski. Being non binary I have changed my name from something very uncomfortable for me to mike and it makes me feel happy. Thank you for being a wonderful blog that's always there to brighten the day with blurry pictures

i’m so excited to hear you were able to find a name that was you and you were able to make yourself more comfy and happy because of that. this is such a kind message i’m so happy! <3 i’m glad i was able to help by distributing blurry pics of Mike, i never knew it would do this much but i’m over the moon happy that i started this blog!

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My friend let me borrow her 24-105 lens for a night and I was so excited to take pics from Griffith Park in the hills like Bex's pics she posted and they all came out blurry even though I used a tripod and a cable release. What did I do wrong?

Hi Anon! This is Bex!

I know EXACTLY what you did wrong, because I not only have that exact same lens but also I did the SAME thing when I was shooting LA from up there. Luckily I fixed it before I finished shooting and was able to come home with some usable images.

I am willing to bet all of my savings account that the little button next to “Stabilizer” was switched to ON - meaning that your camera was trying to stabilize the image. You might think, “Well, that doesn’t make sense, because they still came out blurry!” Here’s the thing - the stabilizer is working at all times when the button is turned on. So, when you have your camera secured on a tripod, it is still working trying to stabilize the photo by making small, micro movements to try to eliminate any kind of hand shake - meaning it does the exact opposite of what you want it to.

In order to get those images razor sharp and clear, you HAVE to remember to flip that button to OFF. It can be hard to remember, but I guarantee it’s the reason your images came out the way they did. See if you can borrow that lens again and go back up to Griffith. The view of LA from there is the BEST.