blurry morning

Good morning.

Masterlist // 1

This is a masterlist for BTS!

Here are the other masterlist:

EXO, Seventeen


VIXX, WINNER, NCT, Jay Park, SuJu, BigBang



-When you’re best friends with them and they have a crush on you

-When you ask them to buy you pads

-When you’re fangirling over someone else

-When you had a bad day and they cheer you up

-When they’re on tour and they miss you

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Yoongi

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Taehyung

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Hobi

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Jungkook

-Random late night conversations

-They accidentally text you something dirty

-You surprise them after their concert

-Others telling you that Yoongi likes you

-You’re sending him photos of the wedding dresses you tried (Jimin)

-Lost stars (Jungkook) -part 2 -part 3 -part 4 -part 5

-Others teasing Yoongi about Woozi and him looking the same

-1000 days with BTS

-When you’re wearing their shirt

-Alien!Jungkook text series

-They find your old tumblr

-They have a crush on a trainee who refuses to call them oppa

-When you’re fangirling over Yoongi’s mixtape and he gets a little bit jealous that you didn’t act that way when his was released (Rap Monster)

-Time traveler!Tae and an emergency

-Texting each other while he’s at practice and annoying Yoongi with your constant love confessions (J-Hope)

-“You can’t drive if you’re tired! I’ll come and get you! // Yoongi

-They found your song covers on YouTube

-They think you’re ignoring them but you just fell asleep (Maknae line)

-When you want to shower together

-When you’re sleeping over at the dorms

-They find your shirt in their room (hyung line)

-They find your shirt in their room (maknae line)

-They accidentally confess to you

-Everyday couple text

-When he’s dropping hints that he likes you (Jin)

-Everyday boyfriend texts (Hoseok)


-Christmas Miracle ( Yoongi fluff)

-Truth or Dare (Jimin)

-Midnight kiss (Namjoon)

-Blurry Morning (Namjoon)

-Not rebellious, just in love (Taehyung)


-What dating Taehyung would be like

-What dating Jimin would be like

-What dating Namjoon would be like

-What dating Yoongi would be like

-What dating Jin would be like

-What dating Jungkook would be like

-What dating Hobi would be like

-Married life with Yoongi

-Married life with Jungkook

-Jungkook as a Hogwarts student

-Little things Hoseok does to make you happy

-Little things Yoongi does that make you happy

-Shopping for baby things with Jungkook

-How would Jungkook confess

-Hogwarts AU


-Jimin being excited for the first date with a girl he’s been crushing on


-Reaction to you wearing a small top with a big cleavage and all the other guys staring at you

-Reaction to you sending them a hot pic of you while he’s with the other members

-Reaction to their adopted sister not feeling well because she’s stressed

-Reaction to finding you cooking for them while singing/rapping on your native language

-Reaction to you saying sleep talking and saying “I love you” for the first time

-Reaction to their crush touching their neck/back/legs with their cold hands/feet

-Reaction to seeing you cry because of iKON’s ‘Apology’ after a fight

-Reaction to you having an extremely handsome best friend and them becoming jealous and insecure

-Reaction to your guy friend who is in love with you asking if he can still be friends with you

-Reaction to you staring at their hands for a while and then suddenly starting to play with them 

-Reaction to you not being afraid to kiss them in public

-Reaction to being needy when you’re busy

-Reaction to finding out they’re dating a sister of a SHINee member

-Reaction to you asking them to give you one of their shirts to wear

-Reaction to being dared to kiss you during a game

-Reaction to you getting into the bed with them

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to you kissing him for the first time without a warning (Yoongi)

-Members’ reaction to finding out that maknae told you that one of the hyungs (Namjoon) likes you

-Reaction to you talking on the phone with a guy friend and ignoring him (Taehyung)

-Reaction to you not coming home after you two had a fight (Rap Monster)

-Reaction to going shopping with him and ending up at a lingerie store (Rap Monster)

-Reaction to finding out you like having debated and philosophical discussions (Rap Monster)

-Reaction to you accidentally hitting his private parts (Rap Monster)

-Reaction to you accidentally touching him with your boobs (Yoongi)

-Reaction to you randomly coming to cuddle him (Hoseok)


-Who’s the most jealous/overprotective?

-Who would say “I love you” to their girlfirends first?

-Who would prefer “the best friend” girlfriend type

-Who would be most excited if you surprise him on Valentine’s Day

Outfit imagines:

-Movie night with Jin

-Coffee date with Namjoon


Whenever you saw Emma and Hook around each other either alone or with a larger group, your mood declined heavily. You could go from an idle conversation with Snow and Hook, to complete silence when Emma showed up. In your mind you couldn’t compare to her ocean blue eyes, lovely blonde locks, and her bright smile that lit up an entire room. No, in your mind you weren’t even on the scale from one to ten compared to Emma Swan.

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Blurry Morning

Watching the sun rise over the bridge through these smudged windows would drive any sane person to the point of jumping. For me it’s thought provoking. What bird broke its neck trying to get inside, and put this godforsaken grease spot on the window. What was it running from? Or to, that was so important it propelled itself at a mere illusion? To be fair, the bird could ask what was so compelling I chose to sit at a desk and stare at a wall. Why wouldn’t I join it to soar above the world? Two species, two drastically different desires; brought together by the early morning fog settling over the bridge that creates life for one and ends it for the other.

(Dreamswap) Unconventional (Dream x Nightmare)

Something that I’d been working on here and there for a while…

Whoops? •u•

Setting: Dreamswap, prior to the Great Shenanigan. (we should totally start calling the apple incident that)

16+, I guess? 15+? Implied stuff. (how do ratings work)

Frankly, I love the idea of Nightmare being the cheekiest yandere dork imaginable and Dream just being so done with him.

Dream woke up in their small house one night, his concern immediately building up when he gained his bearings and noticed that Nightmare was not in the bed next to his.

If he was not there, something happened to him, or rather… or he happened to something, in all honesty.

Dream groggily grabbed the clock on the table next to him and held it up to his face so he could see it in his blurry morning vision.

It was… three AM.

He just heck no’d, putting the clock back down and falling back asleep on his stomach in about a minute and a half. He was not going to figure out where Nightmare was, not at this hour.

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anonymous asked:

So idk how much longer your ask is gonna be open, but if you get around to it, I wanna see how the chocobros would react to their S/O calling them daddy accidentally. Thank you! I love your writing!

OMG! I was just thinking of writing a free form drabble on this! Can you read my mind! This is going to be so adorable it’s going to be horrible! Horra-adorble!  (I originally had another for Gladdy, but you’ll get that later. ;) )



“I’ll be back about 7, you sure you don’t wanna come?” You called to the couch of your lump of a boyfriend, already knowing the answer since it was raining.

“No thanks.” Noctis called, as you checked your belongings one more time. “Do you have your keys?”





You laughed as you walked over to the man, leaning forward as you pressed a kiss against his lips, hearing your phone jingling, seeing your Father calling you. Meaning he was downstairs to pick you up for your family dinner with your great aunt who was in town, when all you wanted to do was cuddle with your Prince.

“I do now.” You giggled, sliding your phone to silent, only to gasp as Noctis pulled a hand to the back of your neck.

“Just a few more to hold you over.” He replied, more kisses littering your red painted lips, as you phone buzzed again. “Better get going.”

You rolled your eyes playfully to your boyfriend, “Sure, Daddy.”

Both of you froze, it was a slip, you didn’t mean it, Hell! You couldn’t recover!

Noctis blinked those bright blue eyes in confusion, “I’m not a, Father.”

You petted his head, “Of course you aren’t sweetie, I’ll be back soon. Love you!” You yelled all but sprinting out the apartment door.



You bounced, all those days practicing with Prompto and you got your first bullseye! Plus the recoil damage no longer hurt, well not as bad.

“You did it!” “Prompto cheered, as you lowered your earmuffs.

“All thanks to you,” You smiled, as Prompto took his gun, magicking it away as he scooped you up in his arms for a spin.

“I think this calls for a celebration, take-out, King’s Knight and cuddles?” He smiled, twirling you.

You beamed, head still rushing with excitement, “Sure thing, Daddy.” Only as the words left your mouth, did you realized the stupid mistake you made, inwardly groaning.

Prompto smiled brightly, before tilting your head up to him, “I’d knew you’d agree, Mama.”



You gasped, at the large hand than barely missed your head, ducking out the way, as you rolled into a crouch.

A friendly sparring match between you and your boyfriend was always a good way for the two of you to release the week’s tension, and often how many of your arguments got solved. Both of you never went for a kill shot, but there were many close calls.

“Gotta be faster than that, babe!” Gladiolus called, throwing a left haymaker at you.

You squeaked, dodging out the way, wrapping both your arms around the man’s forearms, at the same time shifting all your weight, as you spun. Bending over, as you lifted the man over your head with a loud roar, before slamming him into the ground.

The two of you stood in shock, trying to process what happened, Gladiolus laying on his back, as you stared down at him. Only for the spell to break as you realized what happened

Panting heavily, you fucking did, you flipped your behemoth of a boyfriend over your shoulder, and now you didn’t have to do the dishes for a week!

“Ha ha I did it! Yes!” You yelled, before collapsing on the man, who knew that lifting the big guy would take every bit of energy you had in you.

“Nice job, babe.” Gladiolus chuckled, sitting up cradling you in his lap, as he pushed a kiss to you cheek.

You turned to the man, a huge smile on your face, “I kicked you ass big guy!”

“I know, I was there.”

“Fuck you, Daddy!”

Gladiolus smirked, “If you insist.”

You barely had time to react,  as you were tossed over a shoulder. “Wait, no Gladdy, I said Gladdy! Come on I’m tired.”

“That’s cool, I only need you to lay there.”

“Uh fuck me.” You groaned letting out a gasp, at the hand slapping your ass.

“That’s the plan.”



You felt like the living dead, shuffling into the kitchen, your hair looked like a Chocobo’s nest, your robe somehow on your body, possibly out of sheer will power at this point, one sock on, the other sock was who knows where. Two all nighters, led you to this pageant beauty of a morning.

When you had woken up, you had realized the bed was empty, as your arm was splayed across Ignis’ side, yourself face down,mouth open, obviously snoring throughout your first night asleep in 48 hours.  Only to smell breakfast floating through the apartment, meaning Ignis was being the perfect little dear, and making you something to help your fried body and mind. When all you really wanted was for the man to come back to bed.

“Good morning.” Ignis called.

You managed at what you hoped was a good morning, your blurry vision leading you hopefully to the table. Collapsing into a chair, as you held your head, it felt like you had a hangover. A work hangover!

“Here you are, my love.” Ignis called, placing a large mug of Ebony tea before you.

“Thanks, Daddy.” Your fried mind managed to get out, as you picked up the cup. You watched Ignis’s eyes widen slightly, before he chuckled, placing a kiss to your forehead.

“After breakfast, why don’t we retire back to bed.”

You sipped your tea, “Perfect.”

We’re Fucked

University AU

Pairing: Warren Worhtington III x Reader

Warnings: Language. Heavily implied sexual activity, but no smut. Light angst?

Word Count: 654

Summary: You wake up next to a boy with blonde curls. There are probably feelings involved.


A/N: I needed some Warren love~ Inspired by the scene in the gif below from the movie Sleeping with Other People.

Originally posted by blaircornelia

You blink through your blurry morning vision as you push yourself up to a half-seated position, leaning back on your elbows. You look around to find yourself in your bed like you do every morning. However, your eyes soon land on the form laying next to you, his soft breaths being the only noise in this calm morning. Well that’s unusual. Observing this angelic figure, all the events from the previous night start to come back; his perfectly toned back and shoulders are littered with your scratch marks, the blonde curls you ran your fingers through are splayed all over the pillow, and his strong arms are still loosely wrapped around your abdomen.

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I just had got the image of Licht wearing Hyde’s glasses in my head and now I really want to see fan art of it XD Imagine Licht trying them on while he thinks Hyde is asleep but Hyde catches him and just goes “I didn’t think you could be more attractive but you are so cute right now! Let’s go out and buy matching glasses!”

for the wildflowers:

i. because they named you untamable
and asked you to bloom pretty
and painted you in wheat fields
looking at home in the wind
but the world doesn’t always see you for who you are
and the world never saw you
like i did on a tuesday morning
rising from the cracks in the sidewalk
blossoming towards the wrong face of the earth
the only thing unhomely in this burnt down city
that has never known roots like a forest does
and i could’ve plucked you
but somehow i knew you won’t like
the inside of my lover’s hands as much as i do
so i left you like i found you
and hummed a prayer to the rising sun
that the birds sing you hymns that might
take you far away from your
fallen dreams of flight.

ii. because i
saw you, i see you, and i know
the world doesn’t always see you
for how you want to be.

iii. you pull at your sweater
tugging it just where your
palms end, and start the cycle of
asking the universe for redemption but that
is for another night, so now the moon
tells you to stop, to pause, to wait
but patience only favors the kind
and gravity has never been kind to you
so you unravel all that you have
woven to protect yourself from
this burning heart, a gift that the stars
forgot to take back
you keep curling and uncurling your fists
as the knots come tangled
in your fingers 
your wrists stained from
where you hid, where you clothed
your grief. grieve. grieved. grieving such that
sometimes your life feels like
a graveyard and you wonder if you
are death.

iv. i found you
lost to the winter chill
like a wildflower on the edges
of a blurry tuesday morning.

- vans.

anonymous asked:

reddie + nose kisses as a soft prompt?

Bare legs under white blankets, tangled together, it was hard to tell whose were whose. The Trashmouth’s chin rested on Eddies head. An arm slung over the shorter boy, holding him close. They were both asleep.

Maybe they’d go to hell for what they did last night, but right now, they were in heaven. All that was heard was soft snoring an a record player still turning as the needle danced to no sound. Maybe one could hear the heartbeats. Or feel the pure love these boys had for the other. One could see the blush that appeared on Eddies cheeks as he woke up to see Richie’s chest in front of him.

A clear shot to his heart. It was just left out vulnerable. He could see the purple veins that all lead to one spot on his chest. He could see the outline of his ribs. The moles that graced his chest. He could tell where his lungs where. He could reach in and tear out his heart. But he pulled himself closer. Pressing itself lightly against Richie’s chest. Protecting him from all harm.

Richie softly adjusted, wrapping his arm tighter around his waist as he slowly woke up. Most everything was blurry. “Morning, Eds,” he whispered, voice groggy and dry. Not used to being used yet.

“Don’t call me that.” Eddie mumbled into his neck. Richie smiled softly with tired eyes.

“You love it.” He laughed. Richie took two fingers and hooked them under Eddies chin, tilting it up to look at him. Hooded eyes were met with slightly more awake ones. “You know you do.” He pressed his forehead to Eddies for a moment, before going up and lightly kissing the tip of Eddies nose. “You love me.” He whispered, bringing his lips down again and kissing Eddies.

Eddie kissed back slowly. Eyes closed. Groggy minds. All that they knew is that everything was alright. It was good. They were good. Nothing else mattered but them, and whose legs were whose didn’t matter at the moment, because an the moment they were one.

Maybe they’d go to hell for what they did last night. But at least they’d be together. Because right now. Here. They were in heaven.

Discovery Bound - Snowbound Part 010

It’s quick, but this one was all but finished save for editing and the like. I need to update the lists, but in the mean time…. x

Dad Masterlist

It’s so early the bedroom still has that hazy, new-morning light look to it. There’s a stillness in the air from being undisturbed all night, and everything is quiet.

Quiet except for the soft kisses that are being pressed against your cheek, into your neck, and grazed along your shoulder through the shirt you’re sleeping in.

They’re soft, and innocent, even when they suck or there’s a nick of teeth. Occasionally he stops and buries his nose into whatever part of you he’s focused on now and he just breathes in the scent of you mixing with his after spending all night in his bed. It’s an endearing sign of the way he’s absorbing every bit of you, but you think you’d laugh if you were nearer to a proper state of consciousness.

Harry moves his body closer and the kisses move to the other side of your neck and face. He sighs contentedly and you smile softly behind closed eyes when he squeezes you with sleep-weakened arms.

“Gonna open your eyes for me, pet?” The question is scratchy and full of sleep and you sink momentarily into the pillows when you stretch.

“Mmm,” you muse. “Maybe.”

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Domestic // Part 2

Part 2: Early Parenthood

A/N: This is mad late but it’s finally here! You and Tom become new parents and things are (mostly) going strong.

(also, I’ve written this family as a mixed family, which is mostly personal to me, but for any of you poc Tom Holland fans, I hope this resonates with you too. You’re wonderful and beautiful, and you deserve to have a family with Tom just as much as anyone else.)

Word count: 4,154

It smells of pancakes when you blink your eyes awake, which is something you’re still not used to. Cooking was an affair you did in your house—as the saying goes if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

It was surprising, then, to hear laughter coming from downstairs and the pungent smell of oranges so early in the morning. You, ever the skeptic, tossed on a robe and attempted to fix your bedhead as you made the treacherous trek down a flight of stairs with blurry morning vision.

The giggles you were hearing were small and high pitched, and it struck you for a moment how joyful they sounded. Rubbing at your eyes, you were finally able to take in the sight that you greeted so often, but could never seem to process.

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  • song: *contains the word 'photograph' or 'picture' in the title or in a lyric verse*
  • me: oh that must certainly be a meronia song of course let's go listen to it and check the full lyrics out
  • song: *is actually about the tragedy of a blurry early monday morning selfie*
  • me: ...ok nevermind
  • me: ...
  • me: but actually, what about a Kira never happened AU where they're just having a real bad hangover and all groggily giggling about a blurry post-lazy-morning-sex selfie they just took and they're...together...and so happy, I'm about to start crying---