blurry image

Keep in mind that you have never been able to see yourself as you truly are. You have cobbled together a blurry image from reflections and photographs; you have not seen the way your eyes sparkle when you laugh or the way your mouth goes soft when you say I love you. You have spent hours picking out stretchmarks and acne and stray hairs — you have not seen the big picture. You think you are a single, nondescript star, when someone is looking at you and thinking, galaxy.
—  Myopia, by ironedout | ramblings #14

I had been going back and forth with a client over an image that they keep rejecting, so I called them.

Me: So what’s the problem with the image? We composed the shot to your specification.

Client: The image is fine, I just can’t zoom in without it getting blurry.

Me: The image has been sent to you at 300 dpi and has been sharpened to be crisp at full size.

Client: But it gets really blurry.

Me: I’m looking at it at 100% and it looks great!

Client: Yes, but at 400% it’s all just blurry dots!

Me: It will be at 400%.

Client: I thought you were professionals! This is ridiculous, I’m not paying for blurry images! Get it fixed!

They hang up.