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hangover eds
  • eddie turned eighteen and got really drunk on a party last night, for the first time. his boyfriend, richie, had to take care of him and now, they need to talk, because eddie has never done anything like that. what is he going to say?
  • as i promised, here’s a part two! the first one is called drunk eds. click and read, if you want. 

ps. if you have any requests about reddie, i’d love to write, most likely anything! so do tell, if u got any ideas for the next fanfic! also, there might be some grammar mistakes, again, sorry for that.

it was 9 am in the morning, when the smaller boy’s eyes slowly opened as he found himself… 

where was he?

eddie though, immediately sitting down, the blanket falling down the couch as it completely got on the floor, next to a red bucket that has been there, why, though? eddie thought, his eyes still blurry as he rubbed them, trying to focus. 

his eyes were like a camera, the one that you had to wait hours to focus on, and when he finally did, he noticed a dark curls next to his arm — they were richie’s. he was lying, right next to him, most likely sleeping. he had to fall asleep watching after him. what happened? what was richie doing here and…

 is this beverly’s house?

“good morning, eddie.”

 beverly said, approaching him as she smiled, trying to cheer him up a bit. 

(oh, he definitely looked even worse than yesterday, seemed like he didn’t remember, though?)

judging by the look on his face, as his thick eyebrows were shrugged and his eyes were looking at her, literally like crazy.

was he dreaming?

“do you remember? richie dragged you all the way over here, from the party. you were drunk as hell, eddie." 

she said, twisting small curl of hair with her finger as she sat down into her comfy armchair, that was on the left side of the room, you could say in the middle, since it wasn’t next to him, but neither right in front of him.

oh shit, he thought for real, now. 

richie had to drag him in here?

what happened? 

did he say something?

why was he wearing this? 

did he got his clothes dirty?

did richie see him naked?

what the fuck?

oh boy, he really wished he didn’t just wake up… is richie gonna want to talk about it? what if he did something, he doesn’t remember. why doesn’t he remember? this was so mind blowing.

"can i… use the bathroom?" 

he said, slowly, confused. was he confused? beverly explained it to him, kind of.  but she wasn’t the one that was with him, when he was drunk, right? what if he did something, that he shouldn’t?

what if he kissed another guy?

or even worse?

"yeah… sure." 

she said, raising her eyebrows at eddie, no longer smiling. eddie nodded, slowly getting up from the couch, trying so hard not to wake up his boyfriend, that was literally squeezed by eddie, before he got up. then, he rushed right into the bathroom, having a hard time controling his balance when standing up, but he didn’t fall. might seemed he was about to, but he didn’t.

he spent an hour in the bathroom, washing his face and thinking, sitting with his hand rested on his forehead as he was propped against the sink.
once he came out, he was expecting richie to probably wake up, too. and so he saw. richie was sitting in the armchair beverly sit in before, propped and resting his hand too, the same way. 

why did eddie feel like he was about to walk into a law court?  

he wished to just sneak out, but instead, he just went back to the living room, looking at richie. when richie saw him walk in, he stopped resting his head and looked up, standing from the armchair. 

eddie was just standing there, avoiding his boyfriend’s look. he probably wanted to explain, what even got into his mind when he suddendly decided to drink and leave him, making richie act like a mother to him, definitely a better one, but that wasn’t his position and job.

"how are you feeling?" 

richie started off, calmly.

eddie nodded, looking down, at the carpet. he couldn’t face richie. he was so embarrassed.

"what the fuck got into you last night, eds?" 

richie said, trying to keep his voice low, beverly didn’t have to hear this.

"you’re not my mom to ask me that, i’m eighteen, i can do what the fuck i want." 

eddie said, definitely not silently. unlikely to richie, at this point, he didn’t really care if someone heard them, in that moment.

"i’m not, but i’m your boyfriend.”

 richie said, stuttering a bit as he was trying to reason eddie.

“yeah, but that’s not a reason to yell at me." 

"i’m fucking sorry, eds. okay? i’m sorry that i care about you and am trying to look after you. i just fucking care. that’s it.”

eddie froze, his lips were no longer able to move and he could feel it. his mind was everywhere, he couldn’t think of anything to say, so he just stood there, avoiding richie’s eyes once again.

“did i say something i shouldn’t?" 

eddie broke the silence, looking at richie.

richie’s mouth closed, as he shook with his head from side to side.

no, you just whispered something and then fell asleep.“

"thank you." 

eddie’s stubborn head said after a while.

"for what?”

“for always taking care of me.”

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I don’t know if the video is Sam-a-like or a different guy. I do know that someone spent a lot of time finding a guy with a jean shirt in a video to send around in order to call a bunch of people having fun liars. In the original picture there is another person in the background with a jean shirt and a white tee underneath. This could be this guy. I don’t know since most of what I have seen is blurry. Maybe white tee guy and Sam-a-like are friends and could pass for Sam in a line up. A mystery.

A mystery indeed and yes once again timing and purpose stink. I still can’t honestly say who is whom there anymore and I guess that was the main goal. I still say guy 1 from yesterday resembles Sam’s look and oufit a lot plus his denim jacket seems to have put an appearance there too. If there are more different guys, who are they I don’t know. Guess we’ll never know. 


@litladiesnetwork’s second event  ➝  favorite minor female characters
    ↳  ophelia, hamlet

there’s fennel for you, and columbines. there’s rue for you, and here’s some for me. we may call it herb of grace o’ sundays. o, you must wear your rue with a difference! there’s a daisy. i would give you some violets, but they wither’d all when my father died.


[based on this vine]

i can’t remember for sure but i feel like @swordsoprano is to blame for this

Comic Book Page Technical Specifications

This is a post for comic book artists preparing their pages for their publisher or colourist. I’m aware that many pros still don’t know some of this stuff, often because the bigger publishers have production teams who will take the incorrectly sized or shaped pages and adjust them before passing on to colourists or for print. However, this a) is giving more work to people that you can easily do yourself and b) reduces the amount of control you have over how your work is printed. It makes sense to provide files that will present your work in the best way possible.

So, the basics of a digital page file:

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Finally finished some older doodles I had made of these guys! So here ya go, more doodles of the Hyperion dorks! (Many of these were inspired by this song)


Click on this please, it looks so much better. I can’t get the blurriness to go away except to click on it and I’m getting a migraine trying to figure it out. T_T. I originally had it all on one page like a comic, but it looked terrible when I posted it and I had to crop it so sorry if there’s weirdness going on.

I’d love to hear what you all think, if I should do more stuff like this or if you have any requests of stuff you’d like to see. I’m getting way more comfortable with drawing the characters and coloring. I know I still need a lot of work, but I’m trying and I need the practice.

Per this request - oooh ooh how about stiles finding put about derek eating his dad’s cake - with like a stern expression on his face and hands on his hips, derek holding the cake with a guilty face and slight nervousness over what stiles will do (happy ending if possible).

The after math of this picture here.


AU where Bitty and Jack are singers and their managers set them up to make a song and music video together.


The corner pics are paparazzi shots probably. 


Thank you for all the love on the previous one I had posted!! <3


Blurred Vision

Lance usually loved picture day, as a self proclaimed pretty boy it really was his time to shine.
That would be if he hadn’t of loses his contacts that morning and the only glasses he had were a pair of thick black wide frames that made him look like someone dressing up as a dork for Halloween.
He never used to mind wearing glasses, but after he started high school, other people latched onto somthing to tease him about and well… there’s only so many times you can come back and find bi-eyes written across your locker before enough enough.

Lance had hoped to never have to go to school wearing his glasses again, however since he was legally blind without them he didn’t really have much choice.

“McClain!” Iverson Lance’s hated home room teacher yelled as Lance slipped into the class room “your late!”
“Yeah I had to-”
“No excuses! March to the principles office and hand over those joke glasses this instant!”
Before Lance could protest Iverson had grabbed his glasses and shoved him into the hallway locking the door behind him.
Lance half wanted to just hammer on the door until he was let back in but he was already on thin ice with Iverson… he didn’t need an excuse to be expelled.
Lance sighed as he squinted trying to see to no avail.
“Ok… come on Lancy Lance, you’ve walked down this hallway a million times, you could do it blind folded.” He mumbled to himself as he slowly made his way down the hall.
For a little while everything was going fine, Lance even held his head up high thinking he could do this!
That was until he walked right into someone sending whoever they were flying and Lance stumbling back.
Lance cringed he knew that voice.
It belonged to the scary smart Pidge.
They had joined the school a couple months ago and already had a reputation for ruining the lives of anyone that crossed them.
And Lance had just judging from the blurred pieces on the floor, that their precious computer had been broken.
“Oh… man I’m so sorry.”
“You will be!” Pidge yelled standing up and poking Lance in the chest.
“You think you can purposely bump into me and get away with it!”
Oh no they thought it was on purpose!
“H-hang on a second! It was an accident!”
“Please, you were looking right at me!”
Lance felt his heat beat speed up and he took a couple steps back.
“I didn’t see you I swear!”
“Yeah sure you didn’t! I know your type, pretty rich boy who’s had everything handed to him on a silver platter! Well I won’t let you push me around!” Pidge sounded so angry but also a note of pain to their voice…
Had they been bullied too in the past?
“I really didn’t see you!” Lance tried but he doubted they believed him.
He was finding it hard to breath as the familiar sensation of a panic attack came on.
He had to get out of here.
Lance spin on his heals and started to run, he couldn’t see where he was going but at the time he didn’t care.
Lance turned his head in the direction of Pidge’s voice as his feet slipped out from under him and the last thing he rembered was staring up at the blurry ceiling and cursing himself for forgetting about the stairs, before suddenly their was pain… then nothing.

Lance woke up to someone slipping something into his face.
He couldn’t figure out what it was, his whole body felt heavy and like his mind was disconnected from his body.
Lance forced his eyes open only to wince at the intense light above him.
The first thing he noticed was that he wasn’t looking at his bedroom ceiling, also that he could actually see.
Suddenly as Lance tried to move an intense pain throbbing throughout his whole body became known.
He groaned but continued to try and sit up.
“Your awake!”
Lance made a small noise of pain as he moved to look at Pidge a little surprised to see them sitting at the edge of his bed looking worried.
“Y-yeah… what happened?” He asked rubbing his head only to find it bandaged.
“You… you fell down two flights of stairs. Got a pretty bad concussion and maybe a broken rib or two. An ambulance is on its way.” Pidge looked down looking at their hands.
Lance couldn’t understand why he could see then he realised someone must of gotten his glasses…
Was it Pidge.
“I’m sorry.” Lance smiled as he sat up in the bed wincing at the protest from his ribs.
“What! Why?” Pidge asked.
“Broke your computer.” Lance shrugged.
When did he get so tired?
Pidge sighed running a hand through her short messy hair “it wasn’t your fault… I checked out your prescription. Man it’s no wonder you bumped into me. Your like super blind.”
Lance cringed “yeah… still sorry though. Please don’t… don’t hack in and use ‘puter powers to ruin my life.” Lance slurred finding it harder and harder to keep his eyes open.
“Hu?… oh that” Pidge chuckled “they wouldn’t stop misgendering even after I told them I’m gender neutral. I only changed their grades back from what they payed me to do.”
“Guess we both misjudged eachother?”
“Guess so.” Lance smiled wondering why the world was getting blurry if he was still wearing his glasses.
Pidge’s voice sounded distant and muffled like he was underwater.
He saw their eyes widen in horror as Lance slumped backwards.
He could see her yelling and a group of people came running in wearing green uniforms pulling a what Lance thought looked like a bed on wheels.
That was a funny thought.
Lance was sure he had only blinked.
But when he opened his eyes again he was lying in a hospital bed with Hunk standing over him.
“Oh thanks god Lance!” Hunk yelled hugging him causing Lance to cry out in pain.
“Ribs buddy, ribs!”
Hunk let go sheepishly “sorry… but when I got a call from your mom that you were sent to hospital I was so worried! Why the hell weren’t you wearing your contacts or glasses!”
Lance shrugged “Ivserson confiscated my glasses and I couldn’t find my contacts this morning.”
A look of anger crossed Hunks usually kind features.
Suddenly a thought came to Lance’s mind.
How did Pidge get his glasses back?
“Oh yeah you had a visitor a while ago. They left you a card.” Hunks easy smile returned as he handed over a folded piece of lined paper acting as a crude card.
Lance opened it and chuckled quietly to himself.

'Dear Lance,
Sorry for scaring you to the point of you trying to fly away, don’t do that again or I will use my hacking powers to ruin your life.
Ps. Don’t worry about Iverson, I tatted him out to Principle Coran. Us four eyes gotta stick together.’

Lance smiled as he placed the card on his bed side table making a mental note to offer to get their computer fixed later on.


my submission for the @tatinof-illustration project ^-^ i had the broken arm scene, which was quite interesting to draw yet still very fun omg~

 obviously couldn’t do the full story clip since it was longish so i just took some snippets (which explains roger as the king of broken arms and fetus phil being mad that the stairs and totoro failed at breaking his arm)

(please do not repost! reblogs are super appreciated though <3)

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give us some soft domestic reddie man

when richie blinks awake, the bedroom is all soft and honey-colored. squinting against the light, richie frowns at the empty space beside him. the sheets are still warm from eddie’s body, and now that it’s morning, everything is a lot easier to make out.

there’s the paneled wood walls, a big square window across from the bed— curtains turned blush pink by the sun— and then there’s a few pictures hanging up beside the door leading out into the hall. mostly dumb pictures of their friends, one of him and eddie at prom that richie put up there during the summer after graduating. it’s just a wall of little moments, little snap shots that are all washed out in richie’s memories this early in the morning.

richie sighs, shutting his eyes again.

he has no clue at all what time it is, but it seems way too early and everything seems way too bright, the muffled clinking noise of pots and pans floating up from the kitchen. richie grins a bit at that, his eyes still closed. there’s eddie’s voice and his own laughter, a muffled sound, and richie wonders when eddie became such a big part of his life— not just the planet he orbits around, but the moon he comes home to.

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