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BEST VIEWED IN THE FORMAT IT’S IN. Full screen looks blurry.

Here it is. What I promised.

This took about seven days to complete, and there are still many things I don’t like about it. However, here is the general story;

Mark continues to be ridden and haunted by strange dreams, but something about them feels vividly real. They feel almost like memories, and they continue to return to him even when he awakes. Some figure, Darkiplier, is within his body, forcing nasty deeds to random strangers in nightmares he cannot control.

The feelings that he gets during those dreams return to him in the real world, and as time continues, he fails to recall when he’s within a dream, and out of it. And sometimes, he can’t decide if he’s himself, or that strange figure, Darkiplier. He tries to explain to others, but it only frightens and aggravates them.

Having a hard time deciphering between his dreams and real life? Good.

On a side note, I will not be updating another post until Thursday. I have a huge meeting that I must study and memorize my speech, and fumbling over my words would look foolish in front of the council. I hope this ties you over until then.

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“There are a million reasons why this shouldn’t work…but there is only one reason why is should…” 

20 weeks

The buzz of my phone woke me up out of a dead sleep, the first decent sleep I had gotten in a full week and with an overly frustrated grumble, I reached over to my nightstand to blindly grab at my phone.

My stare was still blurry, infused with irritation as I blinked out the sleep but it didn’t take me more than a split second before my body was shooting up in my bed. All the air forced its way out of my slackened mouth in a gasp as I froze; my wide eyes glazing over as they read his texts again and again. No, I thought to myself, oh God please no.

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I’m a dead ass loser when it comes to drawing backgrounds so forgive me for the blurry mess going on behind my boy Xande. 

Xande is an OC of mine (full name being Alexandre Sousa) I plan on using on a much future project of mine, I still like drawing him occasionally though. This is my first time uploading a drawing of him onto the internet. 

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Thank you for all the love on the previous one I had posted!! <3


what if even gets an instagram account though? 

  • every single one of his posts are literally just really bad and blurry pictures of isak sleeping or isak eating or isak in the middle of doing something 
  • and all are extremely unflattering but his captions are always something like “isn’t he beautiful” or “the prettiest boy i’ve ever seen”
  • there are also a couple videos of isak doing something really stupid and even laughing in the background 
    • like attempting to jump a bush and just. falling flat on his face
    • or spending 38492 years debating between which snap back to buy
    • or tripping on absolutely nothing
    • or eating something and spitting it out all over his shirt
    • even still captions them with the sappiest things. except one that is just a super blurry close up of isak’s face with: “rarest cryptid spotted at your local kebab place”
  • isak & e-box’s first mixtape debuts as a thirty second video on even’s instagram account
    • isak’s rapping? so terrible it’s almost good, just like the cardamom toast. even’s beat boxing? actually decent 
    • they call it “so terrible it’s almost good” after the cardamom toast. isak argues about it though because he is still in denial about his rapping skills
    • denial is the first step in the grieving process, isak. and i am sorry to say you’re rapping skills were never alive in the first place 
  • occasionally though, even will show the true side of his photo taking skills 
  • i mean, this boy is in artist. he probably knows angles and colors without even really trying 
  • so sometimes he will post a beautiful picture of isak, with perfect lighting and a perfect angle. isak isn’t looking at the camera, doesn’t even know it was being taken, and it just looks so real 
  • all he captions it with is ❤️
  • sometimes he’ll post a couple doodles, too, or short guitar covers, or just. a video of him zooming in on isak’s face for no reason at all 
  • when will even get an instagram account 
Long Way Down // Spencer Reid x Reader

Warnings: A little bit of everything really

The end had finally come and despite the amount of time you spent preparing for it, it still felt like a punch in your stomach. The knot in your throat was painful and your lungs still struggled for air to breathe. Tears clouded your eyes and turned your vision blurry until his face was unrecognizable.

“You’re a coward,” you cried. “A fucking coward!”

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Finally finished some older doodles I had made of these guys! So here ya go, more doodles of the Hyperion dorks! (Many of these were inspired by this song)

the nostalgic yet lighthearted manner in which Taylor voices the line “I do remember the swing of your step, the life of the party, you’re showing off again” so beautifully reminisces on the more candid, magical moments in time, whilst still holding such poignance; much like capturing a blurry photograph of someone on film as they’re laughing too hard and smiling too much to notice, then being able to physically hold onto that memory forever.


*sigh* tumblr why do you always have to make my photos so blurry?

tb to some study sessions i’ve had earlier this semester! first one is from last autumn(i wish i still could draw like that) when i skimmed through my history book right before the exam. the other one is from a few weeks ago when i was utterly lost with math! luckily i’m back on track again🍀

  • Allura: Paladins, we have an issue.
  • Allura: We've noticed over the past weeks that something has been sneaking into the kitchens and eating the food at night.
  • Allura: Unfortunately the only footage we've gotten of it is blurry. So we're unable to identify what it is. As you can see it appears to to a biped-
  • Keith: *Wiggling in excitement* °(❛ᴗ❛)°
  • Allura: Yes, Keith, do you have an idea what it could be?
  • Keith: Our very own.. space cryptid. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧
  • Lance: That's stupid.
  • Lance: *Is the one who has been sneaking into the kitchens to eat food at night*
  • Keith: *Gazing at the blurry still* I'm in love. I'm going to find it.... ´・ᴗ・`♡
  • Lance: That sounds like an awful idea and definitely not something you should do.
Why Is There a Dog in the Bathroom?

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: “ Hey, I just discovered your blog and I love your writing so much<33 I was wondering if you could write something based off of numbers 15, 32, 33 from that Prompts list with Peter and the reader, and the reader is like Tony Stark’s daughter?? I don’t know I just thought it would be funny XD”

Warnings: Mentions of blood

You opened your eyes slowly, your mind still foggy with sleep. You reached up a hand to rub your eyes, yawning widely. You tried to blink away the blurriness in your eyes, frowning as you tried to remember what had happened last night. It was all a blur- like a fever dream, but with your boyfriend and… maybe a dog?

You tilted your chin down, realizing there was a hand flung across your chest. You glanced beside you to see Peter, your boyfriend, lying beside you. His face was smooshed into his pillow, his back rising steadily with every breath he took. You moved his arm carefully, sitting up. The blankets pulled back, revealing the Peter’s bare, heavily bandaged back. He must’ve gotten hurt badly and came here last night to crash with you. You sighed, swinging your legs out of bed.


You turned around to see Peter, his blue eyes still half-closed. You smiled softly, running a careful hand through his thick brown hair.

“Hey. How are you feeling?”

“Like shit,” Peter said with a groan, letting his head drop back onto his pillow.

You raised an eyebrow, glancing back over the bandages wrapped around him. “It looks like you got pretty beat up.”

“Yeah, there were some robbers that were heavily armed,” Peter mumbled.

“You need to be more careful, Pete,” you scolded gently.

Peter nodded into the pillow. “I know.”


You jumped when you heard the sound of your father’s- who happened to be the one and only Tony Stark- voice come through your door. You could hear his footsteps up the stairs down the hall from your bedroom.

“Oh God,” Peter breathed, scrambling out of bed. You threw off the blankets, lunging forward to turn the lock on your door. It would buy Peter at least a couple more seconds to leave.

Where are my pants?

You turned around, your eyes widening when you saw the horrific state of your bedroom. Your clothes were thrown everywhere, covering almost the entire floor. A couple white bandages could be seen poking out of the piles of clothes. Peter’s spider suit was in one piece by the window, stained with blood and ripped badly. You looked at Peter, who was standing shirtless and pantless in the middle of your room.

“I don’t know, where did you put them?” you said, starting to dig through some of the clothes on the floor.

“I don’t remember,” Peter said, pushing aside a couple pairs of jeans. He grinned when he pulled out his shirt, throwing it on quickly. It had a couple bloodstains and was heavily wrinkled, but it would do.

Triumphantly, you pulled his jeans out of a pile of your shirts, tossing them at him.

“Put them on, quickly!” you hissed, hearing your father’s footsteps come even closer.

Peter began to put his jeans on, wincing when some of the wounds on his legs were aggravated. He finally got them buttoned, breathing out a slow breath. He took one long, slow look around the room.

“Wow. What happened last night?” he asked incredulously.

“I have no idea,” you said.

“Y/N!” Tony’s voice pierced your ears, raised to a loud scream. You looked at your door, expecting it to burst open at any second.

Why is there a dog in the bathroom?” he yelled.

You looked over at Peter. “Crap. I thought there was something we missed.”

Peter rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “There might’ve been a dog there too… and I might’ve took him.”

“Oh my God,” you sighed, rubbing a hand across your forehead. “You should go before my  dad gets in here and sees you.”

“What about the dog?” Peter protested.

“I’ve got the dog, don’t worry,” you said, shoving Peter toward the window. He balled up his suit, cradling it in his arms.

“Come around a little later,” you said, opening the window for Peter. “Maybe take a shower.”

Peter nodded. He sat on the ledge of the window, giving you a quick kiss and a thank you before dropping down and out of sight. You closed the window, taking a deep breath before heading out of your room. Now to deal with the dog and your crazy father. Oh boy.


Okay, since this issue has been out for a long, long time, I feel I can post a better, unedited reference that doesn’t involve blurry artichokes. Still gonna tag this as spoilers. Behold, Whirl’s fine manipulators, or, as I like to think of them, his secret deedly-boppers.

The first picture seems to suggest that each one has three fingers, and they are also plainly capable of swiveling, folding, or extending as needed to accomplish tasks requiring manual dexterity. I mean, Whirl successfully eased open a spark case and successfully implanted a spark using them. He might not be the craftsman he was, but I bet he still has a deft touch. 

The bottom picture is the ref I really wanted, to show the way his claw splits and slides back. 

anonymous asked:

You're one artist that i constantly am on the look out for! I love it so much, its so fluffy and soft and beautiful and ❤️ YOURE KIRIBAKU ART ALWAYS ENDS ME AND MAKES MY HEART EXPLODE LIKE MY GOSH its almost made me cry from its softness 😊

Thank you! As long as they’re happy tears I am happy to hear that haha~

So, @kaorusan241 made this amazing klance edit(which i’m honestly still crying about it’s so good) and I loved it so much that I wanted to write a fanfic for it. Thank you for letting me write it and I hope you’ll like it!

(also on AO3)

The suit has the ability to create a virtual mindscape reflecting it’s wearers greatest hopes and fears.

Keith’s vision is blurry when he opens his eyes. He doesn’t know how long it’s been since he lost consciousness, but it mustn’t have been that long since he is still alone in this new room. There are no traces of other opponents.

Groaning, he tries to get up to his feet but it’s hard, every bruise and cut screaming at every breath he takes. Especially the one on his shoulder. He presses a hand over it, like it could stop the pain but it only makes him whimper. God, he can’t wait to get some answers and just be done with this. And maybe sleep for like ten hours straight.


His head shoots up so fast that his vision is blurry again for a few seconds but he ignores it in favor of turning to look at Lance. He is wearing his armor, making Keith think that he must have been out for longer than he initially thought if the others were here too.

Lance frowns at Keith, looking at him from head to toe and for some reason it makes Keith feel uncomfortable in his suit, then he turns to look around the room. “Where am I?” he asks, his frown deepening. “What is this place?”

Keith is still surprised to see Lance here, so it takes him some time to understand what he was asked. Lance turns to look at him, crossing his arms over his chest still frowning and waiting for an answer. Keith swallows ready to answer but he doesn’t get the chance.

Suddenly, Lance’s arms fall at his side and he makes his way to Keith’s side. Keith takes one back when the other boy is near, surprised by the quick change in Lance’s attitude, but it doesn’t change much the distance between them. They are still too close.

Lance doesn’t look at him, instead his wide eyes are searching all of Keith’s face and then they fall on his shoulder. It reminds Keith that he was actually hurt, but he tries to ignore it.

“Are you hurt?” The words are almost whispered, but what surprises Keith the most is the worry laced through them. Lance raises a hand but doesn’t touch him, just lets it hover over Keith’s like he isn’t sure if he can touch him.

Keith takes another step back, pressing harder against the wound like he could shield it. He hides the wince when Lance’s eyes are on him. “What are you doing here?”

He doesn’t mean for his words to sound so mean, but Keith is exhausted and he still has to find the answers to the questions that has been haunting him for weeks now. He doesn’t have time to deal with Lance.

Lance’s worried expression is replaced by a scowl and he scoffs when he looks away from Keith, putting his hands on his waist. “Wow, this is how you acted at the Garrison when everyone was worried about you back then, too? No wonder you were always alone.”

Keith bite his tongue and tries to ignore Lance. He doesn’t have time for this.

“Go back to the others, Lance!” he glowers and turns his back to the blue paladin, making his way to the center of the room. He waits for the soldiers to appear again and wonders how many he’ll have to fight this time.

“I’m no leaving without you,” Lance tells him stubbornly. Keith hears him walking towards him and suddenly there is a hand on his shoulder –his good shoulder- that spins him around, forcing him to face Lance. The worry is back in his eyes. “C’mon, buddy! Let’s go back to the castle. Everyone is worried about you…” He closes his mouth and opens it again, looking unsure about his next words. “I am worried about you.”

Keith feels like somebody punched him again because he is suddenly breathless. The beating of his heart picks up speed until he hears them hammering in his ears. He really hopes that he isn’t blushing.

“Lance,” he begins but the other boy seems like he doesn’t want to let Keith utter a single word.

“No, listen to me, Keith. You don’t have to go alone through this, okay? You have us and we’re here for you.” His hand squeezes slowly Keith’s shoulder but he doesn’t let go. He looks resolute, like he’ll fight Keith if he doesn’t agree with him. “I know you won’t believe me when I say this but we care about you. You wouldn’t stand by and just watch if any one of us would do the same thing as you, so why should we?”

“This is different,” Keith defends himself but it only makes Lance glare at him.

“How so? Because you are a better fighter or pilot or paladin? Or because Shiro wants his boyfriend to lead Voltron?” the last part is mumbled but they are too close for Keith to not understand what Lance said.

Keith is so shocked by Lance’s words that all he can do is watch him. “What?!” he shrieks, not knowing if he wants to laugh or punch Lance for thinking about that. “I am not Shiro’s boyfriend. Oh my god, Lance!”

Lance narrows his eyes at him and finally lets go of Keith’s shoulder to cross his arms over his chest, shifting his weight on a leg.

“Don’t lie to me! Do you think I’m blind or stupid?”

Keith grits his teeth and glares at Lance because yes, you are both, you big moron.

“I can see the way you look at him and the secret smiles you guys share and-…”

“I can’t believe I have to listen to this,” Keith sighs.

“…-just how in love you are with him?”

“He’s like a brother to me!” Keith snaps finally, glaring at Lance because he can’t take this anymore. This is absolutely ridiculous. “I love you, you idiot!” Keith closes his mouth with so hard that his teeth hurt and this time he is sure he is blushing. He feels his face and ears burning and he wants somebody to knock him unconscious again.

“Wait, what?” Lance squeals wide eyed.

Keith looks at him equally shocked, he didn’t mean to let it slip out like this. Or ever. He has been fine until now with not telling Lance how he feels.

Lance’s cheeks become redder as the seconds pass by and the blush spreads down on his neck. He opens his mouth a few times, but nothing comes out. For the first time Keith succeeds in making Lance speechless, but it doesn’t feel as satisfying as he thought it was going to be.

“Ah! Um.. we-uh…” Lance stammers, trying to get out an answer. Keith wonders where the hell are the Marmora soldiers when you need them? He’d give anything to have something to fight right now and ignore the situation he got himself in.

And then his wish becomes reality. But instead of Marmora soldiers appearing, Galra soldiers are behind Lance.

Where did they even come from? Isn’t this supposed to be a super secret base of the rebellion?

“Get the Blue Paladin!” one of them shouts and it makes Lance turn to look at them. Two soldiers jump on Lance, locking his hands behind him.

The boy struggles and tries to break free, but he is only one and there is only so much fighting he can do with two big soldiers on him. Keith jumps in front of them, his knife held out in front of him, ready to fight all of them himself if he had to.

The panic of seeing Lance being taken away by Galra makes him forget how weak he actually is because of all the fighting he has done until now. It makes him forget every bruise and cut and aching muscle. And maybe that’s why when a Galra appears in front of him out of nowhere and kicks him in the ribs, he is surprised by how much it hurts. It steals his breath as his vision goes white and for a few seconds he can’t hear anything but the blood rushing through him.

“Let me go, you jerk! Keith? Keith, are you okay?”

Lance’s voice brings his mind back. He quickly looks for his knife that he lost when the Galra kicked him. He finds it pretty close, a few steps from where is. He can still hear Lance struggling somewhere behind him so he ignores the aches in his body as he runs to his knife and then turn to help Lance.

One of the Galras put a hand on Lance’s mouth but it doesn’t stop the boy from talking, even if all the words he says come out muffled. Keith meets his eyes and Lance looks relieved for a few moments to see Keith running. But Keith can’t feel the same thing when he sees a light appearing behind Lance, towards which the Galra are running.

“I swear to God, if this is another ‘You are not meant to go through that door’ bullshit-” he mumbles, picking up speed but not enough. Lance is already being swallowed by the light and Keith doesn’t hesitate to jump after him.

When he opens his eyes after the light disappears he finds himself alone back on Earth.

the thing i like about the nohrian characters is that a lot of them share the same theme and that’s “putting on a face”

jpn effie had this sweet and cute voice and when ppl saw just how strong and how hard she trained, it throws ppl off. charlotte wore the mask of a cute and helpless girl but was really a super aggressive and strong girl that could crush u with her thighs probably

awakening trio gave themselves aliases to hide their true origin, zero made sexual innuendos but underneath all that was a vulnerable man who has a traumatic backstory. leon hid his insecurities behind a face of a prodigy who could accomplish anything and possess strong tactical abilities, flora literally hid her depression and misery and we dont see that until birthright.

and ofc there’s marx/xander who puts on a cold and aloof front bc he’s crowned prince and he has to rightfully fulfill his duties as such. but underneath that is a man whose heart is made of glass and wants nothing more than to be with his family and keep them safe.