blurres lines
Crossing the Line - Chapter 6
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: All ages
Universe: Prime, AU timeline after Toxicity, sequel to Breaking Barriers
Characters: Knockout, Miko Nakadai, Master Disaster, Blurr (sort of)

Summary: Knockout, playing the part of a good Autobot, isn’t supposed to leave the base and he ESPECIALLY isn’t supposed to go street racing and endanger humans… But Miko insists that she HAS to experience this racing phenomenon for herself. And what kind of Autobot would he be if Knockout didn’t try to accommodate his new human friend?

Author’s Note: I barely even spellchecked this let alone editing and stuff, because it’s been so long I had to get something out there :U
Anyway. Please enjoy the epic conclusion that you’ve all waited so patiently for! Love you guys~

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So you think Sam and Cait just blurr the lines because of their work? That's why the crotch jockeying? You don't think it isn't because they bump handsomes on the reg?

Oh, I totally think they get down to the fuckytimes.

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For me the kiss is a bit indifferent. It is really good to see that in Norway it is natural that 2 guys kiss on kiss cam. (In my country it would create a lot of not so happy buzz and maybe even a scandal.) But they always emphesize that it is a role and they are not the same person as Isak and Even and this kind of thing kinda blurrs the line or maybe that was their point to show how ridiculous when fans want them make out all the time. Don't know if I'm making sense tho.

I thought it was really cool that they did it. It shows that they’re comfortable with each other on and off set and that they don’t care about how anyone including fans would react. They could easily have laughed it off and refused too watch though it being any deal at all. I kinda get your point about blurring the line, but it’s not their responsibility to assure delusional fans that they aren’t a couple in real life. Had they refused those same fans would have used that as proof that they’re a couple as well, just hiding it. They obviously had fun and neither did it out of pressure so I’m just happy they’re such good friends and that they can play the roles they do and do stuff like that here in Norway because I know that wouldn’t be possible in many other countries :)


Colors for part of @ephdraws amazing emoji challenge 4.0!! blushy Wing with petals; Chintinel Prime; Fix It; Vortex beholding the biggest can of soda ever; GRAND THEFT AUTO TRION, Rodimus carving a limerick poetry into [bot of your choice]’s bed; and Blurr has won a race and Starscream has mixed feelings… cuz Eph said those 2 pics go together ^_^b Thanks for letting me color your lines, dear Eph!!! <3 <3

Pihko “Smokepaw” Misit

I’m so pleased I got to do this full body commission for Smokepaw, of his character in human form!  I don’t get to paint humans too often, let alone well researched Native American characters.  Check out the description below provided by Smokepaw himself, incredibly fun lore!   And here’s a piece I did a while back of Smokepaw in his usual wolf form, meeting with a good friend from a far away land.

Why would Smokepaw (or, his name spoken in his native Lenni Lenape language, Pihko Misit) suddenly be so non-wolfy and instead fully human?

The answer is, he never wasn’t human.  Just as he was never fully wolf.
Being a werewolf blurrs lines like those.

A member of the Tipisk, or Wolf Clan, of the Lenni Lenape people, Pihko Misit has been a werewolf since the day he was conceived; the same as his parents and grandparents and great grandparents going back countless generations.  Indeed, every member of his Clan and his village are werewolves.  But instead of snarling half-wild beasts prone to rampage and bloodthirst, these are people of tradition and family.  The Moon holds her sway, but not in painful forced transformation.  While the days of the fullest Moon do indeed bring about the requirement of holding one’s lupine physical form through the duration, outside of the peak cycle transformation (or lack thereof) is completely voluntary and it is not at all uncommon to have both human and wolf intermingling simultaneously.

In Pihko Misit’s village in particular, it is almost strict tradition to remain in one’s wolf form near-permanently, and as such only when venturing to trade with other villages and nations does a wolf turn into a human.  It is often safer to to this, and aids in trade negotiations when the other party is not dealing with several imposing meters of thick fur, sharp teeth and heavy muscle!  That does not go to say that others are unaware of who, or what, they’re dealing with.  An even stricter tradition, one could even label it a law, is to be tattooed with the sign of the Clan.  The round circle of the full Moon, cut into a stylized crescent at one edge to signify that you’re only able to see the human side during that phase, embracing a wolf’s paw print.  It is emblazoned on at least one shoulder at an early age; both men and women wear this tattoo.  As one grows, gaining additional tattoos is common for both genders, and Pihko Misit has certainly added to his body heavily; the Clan’s blazon remains prominent and displayed no matter how much ink a Clan member gets, however.

And so, we get a rare glimpse of the human residing beneath the familiar presence of the wolf.  The furs on his shoulder suggests the role his transformation has been triggered for, trade with someone outside the Clan.  And he waits patiently for that rendezvous, keen on his surroundings while being at the ready for trouble with a hand upon his knife.

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about poland on eurovision - maybe it was meant to be a parody, but it was offensive to a lot of people (myself included), because it felt like they used sex to sell the song. and of course that happens all the time in music business, but it doesn't mean it's okay. and seeing a lady with her breasts popping out of the bra making a butter with a sexy face - that's just not funny? i'm sorry, i don't want to offend you, i'm not polish, so maybe i am missing something after all.

hello there Nonny! don’t worry, you haven’t offended me, you’re absolutely entitled to have your own opinion on the Polish entry. however, personally I didn’t find our performance offensive at all, and seen as I’m Polish and may know our, hmm, let’s call it “domestic situation”, better, let me explain why.

the first and most important thing is that the song was written as a parody (as confirmed by the writer himself). it was intended to ridicule the prevalent stereotype of Polish women, who are hypersexualised and objectified all the time. people took the song very literally and accused it of being sexist, but… hold on a second. firstly, the girls really didn’t show that much. people on tumblr joked saying “Poland or Pornland?” (I saw at least five separate texts post like this, for the love of!-), but does this really look like porn?

because all I see are gorgeous Polish girls in beautiful folk costumes owning the stage. and even this -

she’s seductively making laundry, yeah. but all she shows off is her cleavege. you can see that much on a beach or even on the street on a hot day. now is the good moment to point out that there aren’t any men on stage. if these girls were dancing around a dude singing the song (like in the infamous Blurred Lines), I’d be the first to wage war on the Polish entry. but it’s not the case! Polish girls aren’t accessories to the show (which often happens in the music industry, as you rightly pointed out), they’re not pretty additions to the performance, they are the performance. to me, it’s like they’re saying: you think it’s OK to oversexualise us and treat us like objects? well fuck you, we’re more than that. we’re beautiful, confident, we’re owning our physicality. this year Poland’s entry belongs to us, Slavic girls, and we got this shit”. we are stereotyped as “easy”, but god forbid we show off our body and be proud of it! outrageous! I think people’s reactions to this song showed this point quite clearly.

finally, it’s also worth pointing out that this performance was, among other things, intended to piss off the right wing conservatives in Poland. those dipshits are anti-choice, anti-women, anti-gay, and anti-progress. so I for one am super happy to think they must have been really annoyed by this. by the way, Polish folk culture has always been characterised - not like the right wing political parties of today - by a very high esteem in which it held women. in Polish culture and history, starting centuries ago, women were always respected, mothers were respected (vide the cult of Mother Mary, very specific to eastern European countires, but especially Poland). the song performed by Cleo has sort of updated this and brought it into the 21st century. and I liked it.

now, I feel the need to confess something… music-wise, I don’t like this song. I don’t! but I love the message it sends. and I think it was a good choice for Eurovision, which is a very peculiar song contest. it was memorable, fun, and colourful. it was sung by self-confident Polish ladies - and in Polish! there was only a handful of countries that had songs in their own languages, which was such a shame. I’d love to hear songs sung in Finnish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Greek… Eurovision is supposed to celebrate our diversity, and languages are a big part of that. songs for Eurovision are supposed to be cheerful (everyone hates ballads, lbr, they kill the party mood) and memorable, they’re supposed to celebrate our various cultures and show what we, as nations, are proud of. and the Polish song this year - well, it checked all the boxes.

i think the appeal of games like “HOME” and “UNKNOWN” are that they really, really took down the fourth wall. like it didn’t even exist.

in “OFF” the concept was introduced, that the characters knew they were characters and that the player is the player – just enough to the point you don’t know where the fourth wall begins and where it ends – BUT. beyond you simply existing and being reminded every now and again by Zacharie that programming is involved in his appearances, it’s really easy to forget.

someone in the comment section of markiplier’s videos said it really well. it seems to break immersion.

what HOME and UNKNOWN have done (from what i can tell by what little i’ve played of the latter) is take that to the next step. The Judge worries for you and your safety. [in HOME] he asks you to press your arrow keys so that he may feel your presence again. Rather than simply making you feel like what you do doesn’t matter because it’s a game, HOME makes you feel like BECAUSE it’s a game, you’re more important to them than anything else. They remind you of how they RELY on you, because you can see the world in a way they’re physically incapable of from their perspective.

in UNKNOWN, the characters have opinions and really strong emotions. rather than forgetting you destroyed an entire universe and giving you an arbitrary quest to fix it because “that’s how video games work”, The Judge approaches you and right off the bat shows this kind of… fear and doubt. he remembers what you did. he can’t forgive you for what you did. he’s hesitant to help you out, and this is the way they convince you to take that guilt and that shame and decide ON YOUR OWN to make things right.

i just…. really, really love these games. i would say they blurr the line between reality and fantasy, but i’m pretty sure the line simply isn’t there at all!!!! the creators did a really wonderful job of taking that original concept and expanding upon it in the most wonderful way.

there are plenty works of fiction that try to do what they’ve done, but i don’t think i’ve ever actually seen something pull it off.

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why are you so anti pharmaceutical companies?

because they are not benevolent to health…like the government and doctors make them out to be; all their medicines say ‘SSRI (for exmple) works on the theory that it reuptakes seratonin which could be a cause of depression”; so they dont really know what they are doing, but they are sedating and throwing around chemicals that seem to have some effect on an amount of people. They do minimal trials and do not consider the long term ramifications. Next time your doctor wants to prescribe you an SSRI for said ‘depression’, ask them to test your serotonin levels then. The same they they would a blood pressure medication 

the pharmaceutical companies give doctors kick backs to prescribe their medication. in your doctors office their notepads, pens, calendars are all from the drug companies and all advertising a drug, so when the dr goes to prescribe that brand comes to his head. They get money, holidays and free samples from them. In 2011 Johnson & Johnson paid doctors to prescribe Risperidone to all their nursing home patients; last I checked it killed over 20 000 elderly people a year  

The medicines need approval from the FDA to be released. The FDA works with the pharmaceutical companies and blurrs the line between ethics; because the FDA and the government make a profit out of the drugs and will approve it. 

These drugs arent made to ‘heal’ people or fix the disease, because then they wouldnt make as much money. The whole idea of their corporation is to keep people sick by tweaking a symptom and keeping them on it their whole lives because it doesnt pay to cure. They need people to keep coming back to make money. Then you also take medicine to counteract the side effects and thus ‘polypharmacy’. The cure of epilepsy has been found but keeping people on epilum for the rest of their lives is more profitable. They cause brain damage and make us sick. When they change one thing in the body they deplete another source; cholesterol tabs reduce Q12 and deplete the heart muscle, not benign, but they say it is.  they do not reveal the side effects, the true toxic responses that happen. many big pharma companies are in billion dollars worth of law suits because they have failed to tell doctors and consumers the truth about their drugs. 

they in the end (and especially with psychoactive drugs) have the opposite response. When someone with anxiety wants to go off their anti anxiety they get rebound anxiety and thus think they must remain on the drug forever because it helps them so much. The last 12 young people who committed a mass murder were taking psychiatric drugs at the time, and they werent killing before they took them. 

Yes, many people benefit from these medicines, we all can, but it can get dangerous. Money is their motivator, not health, and we all know with money involved it will never be pure.