Made me some fine lunch today to ACCOMPANY THE AWESOME LETTER I GOT FROM STOPDANCINGLIKETHAT!!!!!!!! It came to me today!! it was SUCH a nice surprise to find under all the newspaper/posts when I came home today! put a smile on my face :)

anyways I wanna say thank youu the letter was soo cute! and i seriously LOVEd everything I was laughing so much at the match boxes - frekin awesome idea!!!! ur so crafty!! and i love the postcard, I lovelovelove Alphonse Muchas art!!!! THANK YOUUUUU im gona put it and the boxes up on my wall over my desk now ^^

oh and i didnt notice i took the second photo holding it upside down XD.

thank you everythiing was sooo awesome !!

anyways it seems it takes about 5 days for the letters to come to each other i think.