blurred motions


  • dad owns a hair product company, will remain perpetually unnamed or i’ll claim his ownership over an existing one whoops but it probably lies within the overall procter and gamble corporation
  • so like the potters are LOADED but james is trying super hard to manage without their help but really they have more money than they know what to do with so mia’s always donating to host charity fundraisers and sponsor schools and shit. bc of that wealth he grew up on like an estate type shit like he’s so h*cking spoiled that i hate myself 4 making it a thing

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polizwrites  asked:

Collected Ficlets - bodies in motion (steve/bucky) - questions 3 & 4

3 - your favorite line of narration?

Maybe this bit from the beginning, because I like the sense of space and the sort of overwhelmingly wide-open sky, and the sentence structure kind of reflects that, building upon itself and on Steve’s shoulders…though I also like him thinking about the way Bucky smiles, later. :-)

Steve left, swinging a leg over his motorcycle in the parking lot, roaring away down an empty highway under a big blue autumn sky, so clear it might ring if tapped like a bell, so crisp it seemed to be mocking him, everything cleanly etched and vibrant and alive except himself, a blur of motion because if he stopped he didn’t know what else he would do.

4 - your favorite line of dialogue?

Hmm. This one has lots of fun dialogue, but maybe this bit?

“No one’s shooting arrows at anyone,” Steve snapped, stepping around what might’ve once been a centrifuge, “at least not without my permission, or maybe participation,” and then he added, “Steve Rogers, Fury Security Services,” because both scientists were giving him the exact same you want to come play with us? look.

“Hi,” said the shorter one cheerfully, “Clint Barton, are you a new professor, I work on guidance systems, what do you do besides leather jacket modeling?”

“Steve Rogers.” And that would be James Barnes. Saying his name. “He’s not a professor, Clint. He’s here for me.”

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