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6066. When Kori was just starting her modeling career, she was casted for the Blurred Lines video. The original video didn't make it past the test screening because people where furious that Kori was 13 and she was shown dancing around topless like the other girls. Her agent thought the shock factor would be a good publicity strategy to exploit her potential. She cut ties with that management team and signed up with a new agency. The video was edited and all her shots were cut out in the final version.

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EXCLUSIVE: Emily Ratajkowski Talks About The Body That Made Her Famous

Emily Ratajkowski was, at least at one point, the most talked about woman on the planet, following her appearance in Robin Thicke’s controversial ‘Blurred Lines’ music video.

Well, she’s back in the spotlight again and this time she’s on the big screen, having landed herself a starring role alongside Zac Efron in the party movie We Are Your Friends.

This isn’t Ratajkowski’s first movie part. She had a supporting role as Ben Afleck’s girlfriend in Gone Girl, of course, but this is her debut as lead actress.

We sat down with Emily, ahead of the London premiere, to talk about the film and MUCH more.

She gave us the lo-down on what exactly she does to keep THAT body in tip top shape, plus she reveals which celebrity she’d most like to throw down with at a party.

Check it out!

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“Come over here if you want to get raped, by a creepy wannabe Timberlake”

“This song and video, will make you wanna take a, knife that is really dull, and shove it in your trachea!”

“And now it’s time for stupid hashtags that say my last name, it’s extremely lame! What they should say is I’m a douchebag, who thinks he’s so smooth, now everyone’ dancing, except for me I’m way too cool.”

“‘Cause I’m a scumbag! Who wrote this concept? Nothing happening makes any damn sense! [There’s a car on ya butt!]”

“Now let’s watch T.I. dance, like a dirty old man, who just shit in his pants!”

“Now here’s a crappy attempt at funny: What rhymes with funny?! [ALOT OF STUFF, IDIOT!]”

“Robin you asshole! I’m preggo with your baby. Even though I said no, you knocked me up anyway! [But the lines were blurred!] They totally WEREN’T! You’re just a BASTARD! *kicks him in the nuts*”

^ Just SOME of the amazingly perfect lines from Bart Baker’s Blurred Lines parody.
Please go watch it,you will thank me.