blurb edited by sam

All Work and Love au:  With his elder brother leaving the family business in favor of pursuing a career as an athlete, Loki finally has a chance to prove himself worthy of the family name and company. To do this, he sets out to take down their main competitor: Mr. Gold. 

Things change when he meets Belle, one of Gold’s younger associates, and becomes almost obsessed with her. He starts neglecting work to see her, even begging her to go out with him. To his surprise, after nearly a week of asking her, she says yes, and they start secretly dating.

As time goes on, they find themselves falling more and more for one another, and Loki begins to contemplate proposing to Belle. His father finally confronts him about it, telling Loki that a choice has to be made. And for once in his life, Loki finds himself uncertain of what to do.


Highschool AU: 

In his senior year, Loki, the school’s reigning bad boy and class clown finds himself in the same chemistry class as the one girl he can not stop thinking about: Belle, the resident bookworm and teacher’s pet.

As if to deliberately make things harder for him, the teacher puts them together as lab partners, and all Loki’s usual skills abandon him, causing explosions to go off almost every class.

Belle finds it adorable that the self-proclaimed rebel is so hopeless around her, and starts to develop feelings of her own for him, to the point when sparks aren’t just flying literally at their lab station.


“I want you to know I forgive you,” Belle said softly to Regina. The queen looked at her in surprise. “For all those times you kept me and Rumple apart.”
“What brought this on?”
“Regina… I miss him terribly, but…” Belle smiled a little, gesturing at the sight of Rapunzel hugging her parents. “Seeing this, I remember that there’s always a chance for something new to happen. Maybe there’s something more to live for that I haven’t found yet.”
“Perhaps.” Regina’s face softened a little, then her brow furrowed. “Who is that?”
Belle turned towards the doors to see a tall, slender, dark-haired man standing in the doors of the hall. His green eyes sparked with a familiar mischief. “Hello, Belle.” He strode inside, ignoring the stares everyone else was giving him. “It’s been a very long time, hasn’t it?”
“Loki of Asgard, that is the biggest exaggeration I have ever heard in my life,” she retorted, and he grinned.
“Shall I take that as an indication that you missed me, then?”
“Of course I did…but what are you doing here?”
“I came to see you. I’m sorry about what happened to Rumplestiltskin, but I know about your conversation with his son. I thought you might like to come to the library in Asgard. You might be able to find a way to resurrect him there.”
“You’d do that for me?” Belle asked in shock. Loki gave her an enigmatic little smile.
“I think you’ll find, Belle, in your absence, I realized there is very little I would not do for you. Now, would you like to come, or no?”
“I… I don’t know what to say… this is all so sudden…”
“What were you saying about something new, dear?” Regina interjected. “I think you should go. Or you might regret not taking the chance.”
“Shall we?” Loki offered her his hand. Belle hesitated for a moment, then placed her hand in his. 

Animated dimension au: When one of his spells goes wrong, Loki finds  himself trapped in another dimension, where, though he doesn’t realize it, everything is animated. While trying to find his way home, he meets Belle, a young woman who serves a sorcerer in her own world, and has become likewise imprisoned in the dimension.

Although Belle is initially frightened by him, she accepts his help in looking for a way home. As they search, they become close, and when they find the portal back to their own worlds, they fear they will never see each other again.

For a moment, they hesitate, imagining what their life could be if they stayed in this new world, but they know they can’t stay. They share one brief kiss goodbye before parting. To their surprise, they return to the real world together, and decide it’s a sign that they were meant to stay together. They seal the agreement with a kiss far longer and more passionate than their first one.


Loki appeared seemingly out of nowhere and charged Rumple. “We had a deal!!” he snarled. “You broke it, Dark One!”

“An area in which you have some experience!” Rumple retorted, despite the blade of Loki’s scepter pressing against his throat. "And, yes, dearie, I did. But circumstance have changed. You’re not getting what you want.“

You gave me your word. Besides, how could you have ‘won’ unless you cheated? Unless you forced it?“ Loki hissed.

"How dare you! Belle’s heart was always mine and was never yours!” Rumple yelled. 

STOP IT, BOTH OF YOU!” Belle shouted, then lowered her voice. “Loki… Please… If you really do love me… please, let him go.”