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Reversed French Mistake(?) - Sam Winchester Imagine

Title: Reversed French Mistake

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Waking up next to Sam Winchester, the character of your favorite TV show, Supernatural.

Original Imagine: (Taken from a text post) “what if u woke up and ur fav fictional character was snuggled next to u and they were like "good morning” #it’d be like" #shit am i dead too?“


You stirred, your body still heavy with sleep. You could feel your senses slowly coming back to you as your eyes blinked the sleep away. As your eyes finally opened, you could see the early sunlight dimly lighting up the room through the curtains. You could almost hear the birds chirping.

You let the muscles in your limbs expand as you stretched, hearing a few cracks in your back after not moving it in a couple of hours. As your arms moved, you could feel a weight on it that you hadn’t noticed before. Your eyes widened as you came to the realization that those were indeed not your curtains, this wasn’t your room, and there wasn’t supposed to be a person sleeping next to you. 

Before you could turn your alert eyes to the body that laid next to you, the anonymous person snuggled their face into your arms. You realized that it was a man as his hair tickled your bare skin. He let out a content sounding sigh escape his lips.

"Good morning.” he rasped, the sleep lowering his voice. Your eyes grew even wider, if it was possible. You knew that voice. Your head snapped to the man that was trying to entangle his limbs with yours lazily. You were right, there was Sam Winchester, well Jared Padalecki, laying next to you, his sleepy face making him seem ten times younger.

“Jared?” you choked out, shock taking over your body as your throat tightened. Your eyes scanned the room to see that it looked very much like a motel room and you were in a red plaid shirt that was carelessly buttoned. Jared/Sam looked taken aback by the name you mentioned. Something told you this wasn’t Jared. “I-I mean, Sam?”

“Someone’s having a rough morning,” Sam mused, his face now snuggling into your neck, leaving light kisses on the skin. “Who’s Jared?” he paused his kissing, his tone serious and insecure.

“N-no one.” you couldn’t think straight with the way his lips caressed your soft spot.

“That fall you took last night must’ve messed up your pretty little head pretty badly, huh?” his tone was still playful as he strained his neck to kiss your temple.

“W-what?” your thoughts were still pretty hazy. What the hell was happening?

“You fell last night when we killed that demon, remember?” Sam’s calloused fore finger curled around your chin to turn your gaze onto him. “What’s gotten into you this morning?” he chuckled

“Am I dead?” that must’ve been the only reasonable explanation, right? Maybe this was heaven; you waking up next to your favorite character from your favorite TV show. If it was, you certainly didn’t mind.

“Of course not, silly.” Sam let out a low giggle. The sound of it alone made you blush. “I wouldn’t ever let that happen to you,” he kissed your nose. “I promise.” he pulled away to stare into your eyes to make sure you knew that he meant every word.

You got lost in his specked green eyes, forgetting to reply. Now that there wasn’t a TV screen between you and his face, you took the opportunity to figure out how many brown specks he had in his green orbs. He had six in each.

“I love you.” he sighed happily as he took in your face as you did with his.

“I-I love you too.” your eyebrows creased, still not fully understanding what was happening. This is probably a dream. 

He smiled despite the furrow between your eyebrows, his head dipping down so his lips could capture yours in a sweet kiss. You let out a soft confused moan as he nibbled on your slightly chapped lips.

If this was a dream, you definitely did not want to wake up. 

A/N: thought i’d try out writing for supernatural…tell me if you guys would like more supernatural imagines :)


my brotps - jack gilinsky + sam wilkinson

Sam/Lucifer AU

Living on the road is something that Sam has grown accustomed to. His dad made sure of that. But now that Sam’s on his own, he finds himself looking for honest work when he stops in a town, rather than hustling pool like his brother. It’s mostly odd jobs, nothing glamorous, but at least he walks away with a clear conscience. He’s riding through rural Georgia on his way to New Orleans when he stumbles upon an opportunity to make some cash to last him at least through to southern Mississippi. 
There’s an old plantation house in town that’s in need of someone to tend the grounds while the owner prepares to sell it. The owner turns out to be a young girl named Anna who tells him that the house has been in the Milton family for generations, but no one’s lived in it since the brutal death of her great uncle many years ago. She’s now the last person left in the family, and can’t afford to keep the property much longer.
When he starts work at the house, he’s surprised to find someone roaming about behind the house. Sam assumes he’s just a neighbor or something and continues about his work. That is, of course, until the man comes up to him and tries to strike up a conversation. He introduces himself as Lucifer and claims to be a member of the Milton family. Sam tells him he was led to believe that there was only one member of the family left, to which Lucifer replies that the family doesn’t like to talk about him much. At the end of the day, Sam calls Anna to ask about him, and she tells him that the only Lucifer in the family was her great uncle, the one who died in the house. She even shows him a few pictures of the man. Sam is shocked by what he sees: the man in the pictures looks exactly like the man who claimed to be Lucifer.

Some ‘family’ we are….

Taylor is the one person who’s always trying to keep us together and now because of one person trending such a hateful hashtag, Taylor has deactivated his twitter and thinks people hate him for being himself.

I just don’t understand what’s happening between all of us?


Highschool AU: 

In his senior year, Loki, the school’s reigning bad boy and class clown finds himself in the same chemistry class as the one girl he can not stop thinking about: Belle, the resident bookworm and teacher’s pet.

As if to deliberately make things harder for him, the teacher puts them together as lab partners, and all Loki’s usual skills abandon him, causing explosions to go off almost every class.

Belle finds it adorable that the self-proclaimed rebel is so hopeless around her, and starts to develop feelings of her own for him, to the point when sparks aren’t just flying literally at their lab station.


“I want you to know I forgive you,” Belle said softly to Regina. The queen looked at her in surprise. “For all those times you kept me and Rumple apart.”
“What brought this on?”
“Regina… I miss him terribly, but…” Belle smiled a little, gesturing at the sight of Rapunzel hugging her parents. “Seeing this, I remember that there’s always a chance for something new to happen. Maybe there’s something more to live for that I haven’t found yet.”
“Perhaps.” Regina’s face softened a little, then her brow furrowed. “Who is that?”
Belle turned towards the doors to see a tall, slender, dark-haired man standing in the doors of the hall. His green eyes sparked with a familiar mischief. “Hello, Belle.” He strode inside, ignoring the stares everyone else was giving him. “It’s been a very long time, hasn’t it?”
“Loki of Asgard, that is the biggest exaggeration I have ever heard in my life,” she retorted, and he grinned.
“Shall I take that as an indication that you missed me, then?”
“Of course I did…but what are you doing here?”
“I came to see you. I’m sorry about what happened to Rumplestiltskin, but I know about your conversation with his son. I thought you might like to come to the library in Asgard. You might be able to find a way to resurrect him there.”
“You’d do that for me?” Belle asked in shock. Loki gave her an enigmatic little smile.
“I think you’ll find, Belle, in your absence, I realized there is very little I would not do for you. Now, would you like to come, or no?”
“I… I don’t know what to say… this is all so sudden…”
“What were you saying about something new, dear?” Regina interjected. “I think you should go. Or you might regret not taking the chance.”
“Shall we?” Loki offered her his hand. Belle hesitated for a moment, then placed her hand in his. 


Loki appeared seemingly out of nowhere and charged Rumple. “We had a deal!!” he snarled. “You broke it, Dark One!”

“An area in which you have some experience!” Rumple retorted, despite the blade of Loki’s scepter pressing against his throat. "And, yes, dearie, I did. But circumstance have changed. You’re not getting what you want.“

You gave me your word. Besides, how could you have ‘won’ unless you cheated? Unless you forced it?“ Loki hissed.

"How dare you! Belle’s heart was always mine and was never yours!” Rumple yelled. 

STOP IT, BOTH OF YOU!” Belle shouted, then lowered her voice. “Loki… Please… If you really do love me… please, let him go.”