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“So getting fifty chocolate strawberries is a no then?”

Anthony knows it’s a stupid question the minute it leaves his lips.

His wife is seven months pregnant, the baby has gone through a major growing period and currently resting against her back, and she’s absolutely miserable. Of course she wants chocolate, and he knows he shouldn’t have even had to ask.

“What do you want? I’ll go to Godiva,” He smiles, watching his wife perk up from her spot on the sofa, where she had been trying to balance her water bottle on top of her growing bump.

“Um, like fifty chocolate strawberries and a milkshake.” Anthony’s mouth falls open at her unusual request, Jasmine leaving it unnoticed for a few minutes until she finally looked over, a smile appearing on her face.


“The milkshake I get. A few chocolate strawberries I get. But fifty?!”

“The baby needs them,” Jasmine argued, using her favorite excuse. Anthony only shook his head, walking over to the door to grab his jacket and wallet.

“The baby doesn’t need all that chocolate,” His eyes narrowed as he smiled, Jasmine shrugging as she turned her attention away from her bottle once more, going back to looking at Anthony while he pulled his shoes on.

“So getting fifty chocolate strawberries is a no then?” She questions, Anthony pulling on his bot as he laughed, walking over to her to lean down and leave a kiss against her forehead.

“I’ll bring home a few. But fifty is a definite no. Sorry, baby girl,” He smiled, kissing her lips this time before trailing down to press a quick kiss to her protruding belly like he had done so many times before, standing back up.

“Text me if you need anything else.” He smiled, Jasmine turning to look up at him.

“I”m going to need the strawberries.” Anthony could only roll his eyes at her remarks, turning back to look at her.

“You’ll get the strawberries, you’re not just not getting that many,” He promised, Jasmine calling a “love you” after her groan of annoyance, Anthony opening the front of the apartment door.

“Love you more!” She heard him call back, and as she leaned back against the pillows and went back to her game, she knew that she had made the right decision for her future.

Thursday: July 28 Blurb - Hug

4. maybe you could do one about how it feels to hug harry

Whenever you were having a bad day, the one thing that never failed to make you feel better was a hug from Harry. Truthfully, a hug from Harry was something you enjoyed regardless of what kind of mood you were in.

A hug from Harry wasn’t just a hug that you would get from anyone else. It wasn’t just the idea of him wrapping his arms around you, Harry poured so much love and emotion into every hug he gave you. He always seemed to know exactly what type of hug you needed.

When you were sad, they would be comforting, silent hugs. Two arms around your shoulders and his head buried in your neck so he could give you soft kisses and run one arm up and down your back. Whether you were full-on in tears or just a little sad, he wanted to make sure you felt protected. He wanted you to feel how much he loved you and that nothing else could hurt you for as long as he was around.

When you were meeting up with him again after a long time of being away, he would squeeze you within an inch of your life, lifting you off the ground in his arms and twirling you around. His arms seemed to circle all the way around your torso, even though you knew that wasn’t possible. He would hold on so long and so tight that you sometimes wondered if he had fallen asleep mid-hug. But, above all, you felt loved.

When you were laying in bed together, it was a lazier hug. Usually just an arm around you shoulder while you laid on his chest, or throwing one arm over your waist as he spooned you. But what he lacked in arm strength, he would make up for with kisses and gentle caresses. His fingers would trace circles on your skin and his lips would find their way to your shoulder or your forehead. It was a comfortable, easy, safe feeling that never failed to put you right to sleep.

When you had been fighting, they were more desperate hugs. When the two of you would finally get tired of arguing and come together after a few hours apart being mad at each other, Harry would hold you close and tight, making sure you felt how sorry he was. His head would hide in your shoulder and he would murmur little apologies until he felt you finally hug back, knowing that was the signal you weren’t upset any longer.

Sometimes, he just felt like hugging you for no reason at all. Those were the surprise hugs; the times when he would sneak up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist just because he wanted to. Sometimes he would plop himself down on your stomach while you were reading or laying in bed and snuggle into your chest while you scratched his head. Those were your favorite type of hugs; ones where there was no real purpose or direction, but just a hug because he loved you and wanted to be near you.

royal!calum’s lips moved against yours feverishly, as if it was going to be the last time he was ever going to hold you. his tongue slipped into your mouth, reveling in the taste of your mouth, a moan slipping past your lips. he held you like his mother used to hold him, delicately and gently, afraid that if he did anything else he’d hurt you. laying you down on the red satin sheets of his bed, he caressed your body softly, leaving goosebumps in its wake. he gave your lips one more kiss before sitting on his ankles at the end of the bed. he pulled his shirt off his body and you could feel the blood in your body flushing your cheeks red. you looked at his toned torso, the sudden desire of leaving hickeys along his collarbones coming to your mind. but calum had other plans when he came down and leaned his forehead against yours, his big bright brown eyes peering into yours. 

“i believe it’s time for the prince to treat his favourite girl like a princess now, don’t you think?”

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#28 "marry me"

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There is nothing you loved more than nights in, especially the ones you spent with your boyfriend Luke. You guys would just cuddle in your bed and watch really shitty movies. Tonight you guys had plans to meet some friends at a club, but after hours of Luke begging if you guys could just stay home for the night you released that a night in with Luke would be tens time better then a night out. So now the two of you were cuddle up on your bed watching some movie on Netflix.

“Hey y/n” Luke asked, taking your hand and starting to play with it. “Yeah” you said lifting up your head to look at him properly. “Do you think we’ll be together forever” he says wiggling your finger. “I hope so” you sigh putting your head back on his shoulder.

Luke starts playing with your ring finger, his crossing it with his and putting it in a hole he is making with his own finger.

“I can put a ring on this finger” he says wiggling it with a huge smile. “You could you” you say leaning over to peck him.

“You know what” he says getting up. “That’s what I’m going to do” he says opening his sock drawer and pulling out a smile box. Your mouth drops and you try to hold back tears.

“I know I’m really annoying and I sometimes do really stupid things and I use all the hot water in the shower but I wouldn’t want anyone else to tell me to shut the fuck up or yell at me for being an idiot” he says sitting on the bed. He cracks open the box and you see the most beautiful ring ever laying in it “marry me” he says.

“Oh my god, of course a thousands time yes” you yell tackling him and kissing ever inch of his face. He takes the ring out of the box and slips it on your finger. “I love you” you say looking at the beautiful diamond on your finger.

“I love you more” he says looking at you, thanking God for putting you on this earth.

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Blur - Sweet Song

“But I won’t tell a word of a lie how I started writing it.  Singing in the studio waiting for everyone to turn up er, Dazed and Confused front cover on the wall because we had them framed and there happened to be one of Graham on the wall, and I wrote it looking at it.  It was definitely inspired by Graham and missing him.”

-Damon Albarn

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28 calum please

You were lying in your bed, facing Calum. Your foreheads were less than an inch apart and your legs were laced together under the sheets. You loved moments like this, you were able to study each other. His golden tanned skin. His beautiful eyes, how you found yourself lost in the enchanting darkness. And how his bright smile could lighten up your day, no matter how awful it was. You began to trace your fingers over his tattoos, just comforted by his presence under your touch.

“You…” Calum caught himself saying a thought out loud and cleared his throat, cutting his sentence short.

“Hmm?” You absentmindedly looked up from following your hand.

“Nothing… I mean… I like you a lot.” He stuttered, his eyes letting on that he wasn’t telling you exactly what was on his mind.

“I would hope so, we’ve been dating for a while.” You giggled quietly.

“4 years,” He specified, “Look, Y/N, I’ve fallen for you, so quickly. You bring out the best in me, you keep me sane.”

“Cal, where is this coming from?” There was something in his eyes, and for the first time in your life you couldn’t read him.

“I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I’ll understand if you don’t want to or you think it’s too soon and-”

“Cal?” You interrupted his rambling, he was getting slightly worked up.

Marry me?

“What?” You choked out.

“Will you marry me?”

“Calum,” You began to well up, nothing felt more right than the next word you whispered, “Yes.”

100 Words: One Minute (Blurb #28) Ichabbie Fanfic

I did a thing. I saw fans talking about Crane’s astral form and not being able to hug Abbie because of it. I decided to write it. I don’t think anyone has yet. I don’t know how the actual scene will go, but here’s my take. This chess game is so inaccurate by the way. Lol I don’t play chess at all. It didn’t feel angsty enough to me, but I hope you like it. :)

           A chess board with red and white pieces sat on a boulder. In her tattered clothes, she crawled over to it. She wanted it, and it appeared. The Underworld was funny like that. Made things appear. She couldn’t get the actual Crane, but chess was close enough. A memory would do. She beat him last time.

           She moved a piece on her side. “Your turn, Crane.”

           She shifted a knight for him.

           “Nice.” She lifted another one of her knights. “I’m better though.”

           He’d say something smug; she relocated his rook. She slide her piece and then his. Back and forth. Back and forth.  Back and forth. Back and forth. Her last move. She formed a small smile, remembering the way his fingers wiggled and his eyebrows sunk down toward his eyes.

           “Checkmate,” she said.

           Her smile left. He wasn’t in front of her. Just the cave wall. She didn’t know really. Nothing looked as it was. She felt like Alice, falling down the rabbit hole and seeing all kinds of strange creatures and people. “Curiouser and curiouser” as she said. Curiouser indeed.

           Abbie stared at the space in front of her. Stared and stared and breathed and breathed until it was heavy. Her hands bunched her curly hair; she shut her eyes. Then she scrambled the pieces and chess board itself everywhere. It hit the ground.

           Damn him.

           She missed him too much. Even a little more than Jenny and Joe. She’s needed to get out of here; she needed her sister and Joe. Him. Crane. Standing up, she paced, paced, and paced with her hands on her hips or her hands in her hair. All she could do was breath and speak to the floor and vines. She said his words.

           “Have faith, Leftenant. All we really get is one another.” She bit her lip. The tears came. “I choose to forge my fate with you.”

           What did Henry tell them? To cling to each other? Hold on to their connection because it was the key to surviving? She’d hold on to something. Had to. For her sake and his.

           “Leftenant? Abbie?”

           His voice sounded real, too real from behind her. She chuckled. Losing it, she was. Of course, she’d talk back though.

           “You’re in my head, Crane.”

           “Abbie, I assure you I am not. Turn around.”

           She did, and there he was. She ran.

           His hands quickly outstretched as he said, “Leftenant. Don’t. I’m not in my real form. I am a projection,  a hologram as you call it.”

           She almost didn’t stop herself. When she did, she stood as close to him as possible. Right there. He was literally right there. Centimeters. Whatever was smaller than centimeters. That’s how close she was. His breath swept down her face toward her collar bone. He smelled like leaves and books. Like Crane. Her Crane. Why couldn’t she touch him? The one thing she wanted most and she couldn’t have it. Skin on skin, his hands rubbing up and down her back, her name in her ear, her head in the corner of his neck, her hands scrambling down his chest. His lips that she’d hope to taste because it was the only thing that could soothe the crazy in her. But it couldn’t happen. She couldn’t have him like she wanted.

           Her fingers splayed out beside her; she shut her eyes. “Ichabod.”

           She never knew herself to be so weak. The amount of control she had to have. He was so close. It drove her mad. She itched where she couldn’t scratch.  Just kept itching and itching for him that it began to hurt.  All she could do was stare into him.

           “You don’t know how desperately I wish to touch you, too, Abbie.” His fingers twitched.

           She almost chocked on his breath that hit her forehead and lips. “I need you.”

           She thought she saw his eyes brighten with tears. He opened his mouth to speak, but he couldn’t.

           “We can’t, Abbie.”

           “What will happen?”

           “Then I will be no more. I will disappear within a minute. This spell doesn’t allow me the luxury of physical contact for long.”

           A small whimper came from her. “Crane.”

           “Abbie. Please.”

           She bit her lip. His smell and voice was more than she could take. The way he said her name. Would she really risk it? Could she risk it? Not just yet.

           “Help me, Crane. I don’t know how to get out. You used something before that let us make contact. It kind of worked. Try that again. I’ll try to find a way from here. Retrace my steps or something.”

           She wondered in all kinds of places. She walked and walked and ran into things she didn’t want to see again. The Underworld did her no favors. Now, here she was. A mess and suffering from more PTSD and whatever else.

           “You will not remain in here any longer, Grace Abigail Mills. If could pull you through, I would in a heartbeat.”

           She nodded. “Can I feel it? Your heartbeat?”

           She almost thought she could hear it. Almost.

           He closed his eyes. “Abigail, I desire to entwine our souls, but—”

           That was it. She jumped onto him with her legs squeezing his waist, so he wouldn’t leave. He was solid for this short minute she kissed him. Her fingers dug into his hair while his found her backside. He moaned, their tongues wild and strong. Crane leaned her against the cave wall; she said his name while his lips scattered her neck.

           “Time,” he said.

           She whimpered again when he nipped her neck, embracing as much of him before she couldn’t anymore. He hurriedly kissed her once more before she finally unclenched her legs. Then she felt both her feet on the ground.

           “I love you,” she said.

           She was left hugging herself.

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Blur - On The Way To The Club

Damon: “I think I started mucking about with it in the studio after being out too late one night.  When I go out I have a good night you know, and the rest of the time I’m as good as gold.  But inevitably, it’s not as simple as that and that song is an apology to my wonderful partner, you know and it’s sort of, what’s the most pathetic excuse you could ever think of?  On the way to the club I fell down a hole (laughter)  It took me hours and hours to get out of that hole.”

Dave: “How did that go by the way I’ve never known?”

Damon: “Oh no she likes it.”

Dave: “Good, remember that one, kids.”

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Blur - Good Song

“It used to be called ‘De La Soul’.  Right up to the end it was called 'De La Soul’ and then my girlfriend one day when she walked into the studio, we had 'De La Soul’ written down and she put "You wish” (laughter).  It was just that feeling it had that feeling that reminded us of the first De La Soul album - the loll of it.  It was very natural it just, it was taken off a demo, the guitar riff of mine.“

-Damon Albarn