“I’m a married man!”

A VERY SHORT BLURB ON THIS BECAUSE LMFAO HE LOOKS SO DONE (gif credits to the owner, got it from weheartit)

“You good?” Harry mouthed away from his mic, giving you thumbs up as he looked down at where you stood.

You gave him an assuring nod and thumbs up, smiling up at him. He blew you a quick kiss before walking on stage, adjusting his ear piece. Your breath hitched as you saw something flying him, Harry reflexively catching it. You almost chocked at the beige bra in your husband’s hand which he instantly threw behind him with a roll of his green eyes and a light huff.

“I’m a married man!” He screamed into the mic with mock anger, motioning with his arm towards you, “My lovely wife is right there. Please hold tight to your clothes and undergarments!” He rolled his eyes, a small smirk on his face as he shook his head, looking down before cupping the mic with his hand and lowering his head, “Just want hers.” He whispered, letting you gasp and cover your flushed cheeks as people around you teased you and for everyone to erupt in screams.

“Good luck with that, Styles.” You said to yourself, knowing well that you’d let him pay for it.


so soft. Alsooo, I’m considering writing a Drop The Mic piece of Harry & the missus because A) I’ve been watching a lot of videos of it for some reason and B) I read a Shawn Mendes one and I reaaally liked it and couldn’t help but wish Harry was in one. Any lines you want any of them to say in your mind? Let me know!

Kiss Me (Soft Calum Hood)

A stranger.

That’s really all he was. You only just met him a week ago. Sure he’s handsome, and intelligent, and a complete gentleman… But, you shouldn’t be so crazy about a guy you barely know. Right?

“Calum Hood,” he introduced himself as. “I just flew in from the states. What about you?” You recall the conversation at the airport Starbucks at 6am, the conversation that started it all.

It took a moment for you to remember your own name because of how lost you got in those enchanting dark eyes. After you introduced yourself and shook his hand, you added,

“I also just flew in, but I won’t be here long. I have a layover here for a little while before I take off again.”

He smiled at that. It was a friendly smile, and a sleepy smile. It was gorgeous. The way his lips created dimples all over his cheeks, the way the corners of his eyes crinkled up, the way his teeth shined so bright against his dark skin…all of it. It was all so gorgeous.

You couldn’t believe how such a beautiful man was actually sitting in front of you and even asking you questions to further conversation. He was actually, genuinely interested in what you had to say and wanted to know more. Talk about being lucky, and being in the right place at the right time… Or maybe it was more? Fate?

Numbers and social medias were exchanged after the end of the conversation. However, it wasn’t a good bye. Of course, he had things to do here because he was visiting, but you were only passing through. You were only staying for a little over a week then taking off again.

“Come with me.” He invited with that same heart stopping smile and warm voice.

Sure agreeing was risky and… Potentially dangerous- but something in you trusted him. Another part was thrilled to spend more time with him.

Every day was a new adventure with him. Even doing nothing was exciting, as long as he was there. Tagging along with him has been the happiest time of your life. And the more you were with him, the heavier your heart got at the thought of saying goodbye.

Now, it’s the night before you fly out to continue your journey. In less than 10 hours you will be boarding another plane to another country, and Calum will stay here. Time flew so fast, yet every second with him also felt like a lifetime.

You’ve told him things you’ve never told others before and even admitted things to him that you could never admit to yourself before. You’ve learned so much about Calum as well. The two of you shared aspirations, achievements, fears, loves, dreams, philosophy, the universe, and so much more. Calum feels like someone you’ve known your whole life- and yet, by tomorrow night, you’ll be gone.

“Calum?” You smile surprised by his visit to your hotel room. He’s staying a floor below you, but has been coming up just to see you and take you with him on his daily adventures. The surprise was seeing him at this hour, it’s very late and you should be getting some sleep before your flight in the morning. Though, the sleep wasn’t really happening due to your rampant thoughts.

“Can I show you something?” Calum reaches out his hand for yours and you take it without hesitation.

You both said your goodbyes over dinner, but, it didn’t feel right to you. You figure Calum felt the same, because why else would he be taking you out to walk around the city?

“Please don’t leave…” Calum says softly as he stops in his tracks, causing you to stop as well. You turn around to face him and your heart starts to throb at the sight of him.

The Eiffel Tower shines bright behind him and it makes the rest of him glow also. He holds a rose in his hand that you don’t remember him having at the hotel, so he must’ve snuck it out of a floral cart at some point during the walk out here.

“Why?” You ask him, hoping he’ll confess what you want to hear him say.

“I know you have big things that you want to do, and I would never want to take that away from you… But, over this past week I’ve really gotten to know you, and I’ve become so infatuated with you… I want to know more.” The handsome man talks behind the rose while his eyes remain focused on you.

Your silence encourages him to continue because you can’t find the words to say anything yet.

“I feel like we met for a reason and I feel like I have to get to know you better. You can’t just leave- it won’t feel right to me.” He adds, dropping the rose from his lips and moving his gaze to the flower.

“I feel the same way.” You smile, softly placing a hand on his arm to bring his attention back to you. “I want to continue traveling, but I don’t want to leave you.”

You bring your hand back to your side and look at him with heartbreak. You don’t want to stop adventuring the world, and Calum has big plans as well, but it doesn’t feel right leaving him behind.

A long silence sits between you two. Every second that goes by makes your heart beat a little faster than before. You know how you feel about Calum. It’s stupid and irrational and impossible… But you like him. A lot. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t say something now.

“Kiss me.”

The moment it crossed your mind, it slid past your lips. A whole fireworks show went off in your chest as you wait for him to respond.

“Kiss you?” He asks with his soft, unchanged face, still fiddling with the rose in his hand.

Your heart is beating so fast you feel your eyes about to well up with tears.

“Yes,” you whisper with a nod, “please.”

Within a second after, Calum has a hand cupping your face and the other behind your neck, and he presses his lips against yours. His lips are warm and soft, just as you imagined they’d be. The sounds of your lips moving against his filled your ears and sounded so heavenly.

You part from each other and his hands move to your waist. You look into each other’s eyes and it’s only him. Everything around you fades away, and all you can see is Calum.

“What should I do?” You ask him, hoping he begs you not to board the plane tomorrow, hoping he also stays, hoping you both can stay together. Instead, he says-

“Kiss me again.”

“What?” You smile, taken back. That’s not what you meant but-

Please, kiss me again?” He asks already leaning in slowly.

You meet him halfway and reunite your lips with his. This time the kiss was deeper and more passionate. And since you’re in Paris, when Calum nibbles on your lip- you allow him entrance for a French kiss. Everywhere his tongue touches feels like fire, but you like it. You bring your hands to his shirt and grip the fabric around his collar to pull him into you more.

Who knows what’ll happen tomorrow morning? You can’t even think about it because of how into the kiss you are. Whatever happens will happen, no need to worry about it now.

If it was fate that brought you to Calum, then let fate decide whether or not you make that flight.

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can you a fluff of niall and y/n going on their first date and niall is hesitant on wanting to give her a kiss?

i wrote this in 3rd person and idk why because i like never do that. yep! okay so, fuck me and my fluffy clichés lol! 1.1k. youll probably suffocate with clichés and fluff, so be warned.

The night had gone pretty well. Niall had managed to make her laugh genuinely a few times and although she had been a bit nervous at the start, she was now feeling totally at ease around him. He was a simple guy and she enjoyed his company, which he seemed to reciprocate.

The funfair had seemed like a good place for a first date and it turned out to be perfect. They walked together as the sounds of roundabouts and carousels were filling the air. She held tighter the unoriginal but still cute teddy bear he had won earlier for her and licked her lips out of nervousness.

“You know, when you said you’d take me on a date when you’d be back from tour, I didn’t really believe it.” she expressed, glancing at him before looking back down at her shoes.

“Why not?”

She turned to him again and shrugged, noticing a frown now gracing his face.

“I don’t know. Perhaps I thought you’d meet someone else…” she admitted, tilting her head without looking directly in his eyes. “Or that you weren’t really serious.”

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Going to a bookstore and selecting some books for holiday reads with Jack.

No More Than Four

AN: This is a soft ole gif.

Originally posted by domhnllgleeson

- A regular at the local bookshop, you dragged Jack to this one instead of the WHSmiths. Support small businesses and all that. Also, there was a selection you wanted him to peruse. 

- He kicked about the true crime section whilst you went to fiction. Ther was a list you’d made on your phone from previous of titles to check out. 

- Jack called you over to ask for your opinion in choosing one. Taking them to scan the blurbs and covers, you figured you’d go for the one in your left hand. Just in case, you held one against his chest as if it were a shirt fitting, evalutating its size before swapping it for the other. Jack frowned but silently allowed you to continue with this before asking.

- “What are you doing?”

- “Seeing which one has the smallest and the bendiest so when you doze off there won’t be as big a sun burn mark left.”

- Sighing, Jack shook his head at your jab at his tendency to fall asleep in the sunlight like a housecat. On several occasions, you’d have to remove his phone or newspaper from his chest and slap on sunscreen while he snoozed, cap unnecessarily over his sunglasses over his closed eyes.

- “I’d go for this one.”

- He accepted your judgement with a relieved thanks. That was before you finished your thoughts: 

- “You’re just gonna end up buying newspapers anyway.”

- But you were wrong. Jack ended up collecting three books together. Limiting his final selection to two, he followed you back to your section and assisted in deciding your books. Then it was back home to pack. 

- While you wrapped your t-shirts around your books, ready for when you arrived at your destination, Jack finished his packing early to get ahead in his reading. He was already halfway through his books by the time you were getting ready for bed. 

- “No worries, if I run out of content, I can always read yours.”

- “Yeah and get the outline sunburnt into your torso to go with the others.”

- Something small whistled past your nose. It was probably one of the Smarties Jack was eating. At least it wasn’t his book.  

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“This shit fuckin’ hurts Shawn!” you told him off as you tried to calm yourself. You were already due two weeks ago but your baby decided that it wasn’t the best timing so he stayed in.

“I know baby, just a few more minutes” your husband said running through the house searching for your bag which you already had a month ago lying under your bed. “Where the hell is this fucking bag?” he ran a hand trough his brown locks looking around as he tried to put things together in his mind stopping short in the hallway.

“I already told you two times, it’s under the fucking bed!” you nearly screamed at him as he already pulled your nerves to the end.

He ran back and had a victory face, bag in his hand.

“Got it!”


He grabbed his keys and run out to the car to throw the bag inside nearly forgetting the most important thing why he actually has to drive to the hospital.


“Come on babe, another step, yes we’re nearly there. Good girl” he held your arm carefully not to let you slip on the stairs.

It was a rainy September day, your son couldn’t have chosen a better date to be born. One day before the birthday of your husband’s sister, or even maybe on the same day.

“I swear to god, if you don’t shut up, you will regret it Mendes” you finally sat in the car as it hurt more and more every minute.

Shawn drove as fast as he could. He parked the car and jumped out of it helping you out and running into the hospital.


After a few hours you got your baby in your arms, a beautiful boy already with dark hair which you held for the most adorable thing. He got your nose, Shawns smile, but you couldn’t have known which eye color the baby would have, it takes time but you two were really proud of him, the love you two had created.

Your little Nathaniel Tristan Mendes, born on September 15th 2026 at 00:03 am.

The same birthday as Aaliyah. You had hoped that you’ll be lucky enough to not take Aaliyah’s birthday but your son was more stubborn. If only he had been born four minutes earlier, just four minutes earlier. But he didn’t.

“You know I’m still upset about it, I don’t think Aaliyah would’ve liked to share her birthday with this little rascal” you thought out loud looking down at your newborn.

“She was happy that she’ll get to share her birthday with little Nathan, she wishes she could come and see him today but she’s on her hockey tournament” Shawn kissed your hand which he held tight. “You should sleep, you had a rough day. I’ll take care of him” he kissed your forehead as you handed him your little boy.

“Hey lil’ Nat, I’m your daddy” Nathan yawned and Shawn opened his mouth with raised brows just like his newborn son. “Yes I am, I swear I’m not that boring as you think I am right now” he chuckled.

Nathan slowly started to open his eyes and Shawn watched him like something magical has happened “Y/n, hey, baby” he called out but you already slept in. “Looks like momma needed the sleep you took away from her you little night owl” he kissed his little head and stood up pacing slowly in the hospital room.


“So this is gonna be your new home” Shawn stepped in the house his left hand holding the baby carrier, your son lying in there. “Gonna take you out, please don’t cry like at the hospital. I only want to take you out” he tried to tell Nathan but he still couldn’t understand it.

Shawn actually managed to take him out without anything happening “See? It isn’t as bad as you think it is” he kissed his chubby cheek while he reached for his big finger. He smiled down at his little man. He knew that they will have a lot of fun together when he gets older and get in trouble doing things you would forbid them, Shawn actually defending himself with sentences like “But you know we would have done it either way” or “You would have done it too if you would’ve seen his face, you know I can’t resist those big, puppy eyes”.

“You two have found quite each other” you smiled at them leaning against the doorframe, watching them as your husband guided him through the living room, kitchen and the bathroom.

“Surprised?” he turned around walking towards you with a big smile appearing on his face. “Do you want to lay down a bit?” he asked rocking your four day old son.

“I don’t really want to leave you two alone” you touched his little cheek at which he smiled with closed eyes.

“We’re gonna be just fine, go. I wanna watch a movie with you in a few hours and I know that you’re gonna sleep in just in the beginning of it so go!” He ushered you up the stairs and sat down on the couch with his most adorable little treasure.

Who would’ve thought that your husband wouldn’t want to give your son back in your arms. He never let him alone, not even a feet away, even when he was working like writing a song or playing his guitar, he would play it just as silently as he could and eventually if Nathan was crying he always would play something for him and even sing so smoothly just to get him to look at his dad and whatever he was doing.

“Yay!” Shawn quietly said smiling down at his son “Do you like it? I think I have to change it a bit but it’ll sound great” he put his guitar on the couch beside the little baby carrier. He got closer to him and leaned his head down while his hands found his little stomach which he tickled ever so slightly. Nathan broke into a huge smile and tiny giggles left his mouth. “Look at this smile! Look at it! We have the same smile, yes we do!” he baby talked to him as you tiredly came down the stairs from the nap which you needed more than you knew.

You peeked your head into the living room, the lovable sight melting your heart.

“You two are so sweet together” you walked over to Shawn and sat down beside your new love.

“Hey babe” he looked over to you, his hands on both side on the couch leaning over the carrier, kissing you “How was your nap?” he went back to his hobby, earning cute giggles from his son.

“It was fantastic! I never knew I would be so happy after one, but now it’s my turn” you took out Nathan and held him in your arms “What have you two been doing while I slept?” you kissed his head as Shawn smiled at the two of you.

“Not much but got an idea of a song, had a little help, right Nat?”

Nathan giggled for the two people in his life who will love him more than anyone else in the world.

“I need to show these two for the world” Shawn mumbled as he stood up from his position on the floor and grabbed his phone taking a picture which you haven’t realised. The picture shows you and Nat, you kissing his forehead while he closed his eyes a smile appearing on both of your faces.

Drop The Mic.

Inspired by @ongly’s Shawn Mendes version!

Summary: Harry & the missus do the Drop The Mic challenge.

You and Harry were known among your friends and family for being quite the teasing couple who always loved a good banter.

The fact that you two have been married for a year didn’t dent the fact that you still liked to tease each other from time to time, both being totally sassy ever since your teenage years.

As a vlogger, everyone knew how good you were with comebacks and completely slaying anyone who dared to put their two cents in regarding your life. It was something Harry appreciated, often made him hot and bothered when you effortlessly made it known that he was yours if any woman made a move on him.

This was why James thought having you both on his Drop The Mic show would be a total hit. Not only was he your friend and watched you both tease each other and banter all the time, he also knew that the chemistry between the both of you would look what he would like to say, aesthetic.

You sat in your chair, skimming over your lines one more time as you sat getting your hair touched. Just then, you felt your phone ding, seeing “H ❤️” and a new text alert as a banner, opening it.

‘Hope you’re ready to get smashed, baby. x’

Knowing too well the effect you had on your husband, you replied back just as the stylist finished.

‘Trust me, the only one who’s going to get smashed is your mini you down there. xoxo’

You could almost swear that you were sure Harry’s breath hitched as soon as he received the text. You stood up, taking a look at your outfit. Like most celebrities who have been on the show, you were dressed comfortably. You were in a black oversized jumper that hung low from one of your shoulders, revealing your white lace bralette, black wide legged pants that had the jumper tucked inside of, the Gucci belt’s buckle shinning against the light, its golden color complimenting your black outfit. You wore white Nikes on your feet, hair in a low ponytail with your hair parted in the middle, golden hoops earrings complimenting your look. Your fingers had your favorite rings, your wedding band standing out.

The door opened, a member of the staff poking his head inside and looking at you. “Ready? 3 minutes left.”

You nodded and walked behind him, walking down the hallway. “Where’s Harry?”


“Right here.” Harry replied, coming to greet you. You took in his appearance. He was in a black shirt, 3 buttons left undone, black wide legged pants that almost matched yours and grey metallic boots that matched the nail polish on his nails. His hair was begging you to run your fingers through but you knew that it wasn’t a convenient time. “Matching now, are we?” He smirked, dipping his head down to plant a greeting kiss on your lips that were painted with a nude color as a bit of the natural looking minimum makeup you had on.

“Knew you were a fanboy of me, love.” You joked, tapping his chest as someone came, helping you put on your red boxing robe that had ‘MRS. STYLES’ engraved in white on the back of.

Harry put on his matching one, ‘MR. STYLES’ on the back of his. “Oh fuck off.” He laughed, playfully nudging your shoulder with his.

You chuckled as you kissed his cheek before the both of you were escorted to your designated places, hearing Hailey and Method Man announce you. “Things are about to get saucy with one of our all time favorite couple. Please welcome, Harry Styles!”

Harry walked out, a smirk on his face as he reached for everyone’s hands with his as he walked down the steps through the screams. He stood on the “ring”, greeting Hailey with a hug and Method, softly letting a “How are you?”

“Loved by many, hated by none, Y/N Styles!”

Your grin was on your face as you greeted everyone with high fives as you walked down, before getting on the stage, kissing Hailey’s cheek and hugging Method. You gave Harry a playful glare, brushing your teeth with your tongue.

He jokingly bumped his fists together, squinting his eyes at you. You shrugged off your robe, watching as Harry threw his to the audience. You rolled your eyes, holding the mic close to your mouth, “Classic.” You teased him.

“Are we ready?!” Method screamed as he stood between the both of you. “Let’s go!”

“Alright, Joshua, we’re taking it easy on big boy Harry,” You said through your golden mic, looking up at Joshua who began beatboxing.

“Now love, don’t get me wrong,

when they told me it was you I’m challenging the first thing that came to mind was how this is going to be as easy as writing a 1D song,” The crowd cheered as you moved closer to Harry. “Speaking of which, I thought I was meeting the cute one years ago and now look at us, turns out, you’re not Ni-all.”

Harry’s jaw dropped, opening his arms as he gave you a “hey!”

“Besides, how’s that 1D band?

Heard 2 of 4 are dads, you not included. Styles, want me to give you a fucking hand?” You held your hand up, tilting your head innocently before letting your finger run down his exposed chest.

The crowd roared, Harry putting his tongue at the back of his molars and nodded, looking up as he chuckled before looking down at you as you walked backwards, cocking a challenging eyebrow at him.

“Joshua, mate, can you give me the same beat, please?” He looked up, giving him a thumbs up.

“You see I’m not good with rap because I have better things to do,

A long list of things and it doesn’t include you,” Harry shrugged, watching you blush as your eyes widened.

“Wrote some songs about you, thanks for being a muse,

Now the baby talk? Fuck, gotta be excused.” Harry pretended to turn around to leave as the crowd cheered, you standing with your mouth open. Joshua stopped the beat, making Harry approach you and lean close to your ear. “All jokes. I want this with you.” Even though you knew all of this was staged and that all of this was just for a good watch, Harry still felt to need to assure you.

“Joshua, give me another beat, please.” You nodded at him.

“Well, you’re excused, not sure I want some guy who sings about it not being his business,

besides, I don’t think I’ll ever be in the mood to give you this,” You said as your back pressed on his front, suggestively pressing closer to him. Harry’s hand subconsciously went to your waist as he laughed, looking at the ceiling before looking back at you.

“Congrats on your solo career, you’re winning nonstop,

Ironic since I’m the one who knows how to control it when it’s me on top.” You furrowed your eyebrows as you look at him, swaying your hips teasingly at him. Harry shifted in his place, his bottom lip finding its way between his teeth.

“Joshua, give me something fast, please.”

“Just like how long you last.” You said through the mic, making everyone let loud “Oh”s, the camera zooming on Hailey Baldwin and Method Man who laughed in shock.

Harry chuckled, rolling his eyes. “Y/N, you and I both know who controls it,

It wasn’t me who the neighbors complained about, “the loud moaning lady Brit”” Harry quoted with his pointer and index fingers, making you gasp as you looked at him, remembering the incident.

“Asking to give me a hand, that will surely get you glazed

Although I don’t blame you, it’s how you were probably raised.

But honestly though, your YouTube channel inspires me,

What was it again? Harry Styles, please sponsor me?” Harry dropped his mic, blowing you a kiss.

“You did not go there.” You chuckled, shaking your head. “Alright, Joshua, give me a beat one last time.”

Joshua started beatboxing, making you bob your head first before you began.

“Very funny, the moaning lady Brit,

Thank God they saved me from having to fake it,” You playfully wiped your forehead, watching Harry laugh with his hands on his hips.

“Now Styles, I don’t want to be a killjoy,

the only reason I’m still with you is because I only needed a boy toy.

It’s all good though, I’m treated like a queen,

because honestly, get the fuck out if you don’t think I’m the best you’ve ever seen.” You dropped the mic, your hands resting beside you as you looked at your husband who nodded at you with a smirk.

Hailey and Method Man walked on stage as the crowd cheered loudly and screamed. You felt Hailey wrap her arm around you, making you grin as you wrapped yours around her waist as she and Method stood between you and Harry. “Alright, alright, we need to settle down with a winner. Even though this,” Method raised the award in his hand, “Is going to be on a shared shelf. Alright now, everyone, is it, Harry Styles?!” He screamed.

Harry screamed with everyone, turning around and putting his hands high up, making his shirt rise a bit to show his skin, the love handles which you loved to trace every night before going to bed showing, the ferns tattoos out for everyone to see. As the cheering quieted down, Method began again, “Or is it…Y/N Styles?!”

The crowd cheered louder, letting you motion with your hands up as a “Give me more” motion. “Harry, you should stick to your music because the winner is, Y/N Styles!” Method said, giving you the award which you raised up, making everyone cheer.

Subconsciously and unlike most guests on the show, Harry clapped for you with a grin, letting his true colors show. Because no matter what and no matter how small, he was always proud of his wife. You moved towards him, letting him wrap his arms around you, instantly kissing your head as you wrapped your arms around his waist. “Guess you smashed it.” Harry whispered in your ear.




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Can you do a blurb of mob!tom (obvi, it’s today duh) of having arguments with him and you ending up sleeping in the other room instead of next to him so when you wake up, he’s right next to door with a blanket and a pillow. And you just mumble underneath your breath something like “the strongest man I’ve ever met waited for me outside the door.” He’d cheekily but not so cheeky answer like “well I might be the strongest man you’ve ever met, yet you make me weak in the knees along with the heart.”

A/N: okay i think i got a little carried away…

Tom was a man of many faces, and you were always convinced if he weren’t in this business, he’d make a hell of a good actor. Of course, he always chose who got to see which part of him, so you being allowed to know all of him was an indirect statement of how much he loved you.

You’ve seen him in every persona he’s shown to clients, victims, workers, anybody. He was ruthless to his victims, people who couldn’t meet their end of a deal or those who somehow got on his bad side. He made a name for himself in that part of the job; nobody wanted to cross Tom Holland. And for whoever did? God help them.

With you, however, was a different story. Tom was clearly made of bricks to anybody and everybody, but to you he was a thin string wrapped around your finger. He could boss anyone around but you were the only one who could say the same about him. You never even tried to. You could simply say how you thought pearls were pretty and the next day Tom would open a door into a room full of pearls all for you. Your back was aching? Full day massage and new feather mattress. You liked the looks of a ball gown? An entire wardrobe of one-of-a-kind dresses, plus an invitation to every royal dance for the rest of your life. You miss the beach? An island is owned by you and Tom the next day.

Whatever even hinted to Tom that you weren’t living a comfortable, happy life, he changed it. He spoiled you with more than you thought you could own and experience, but at some point you didn’t feel so whole no matter what he could give. It even induced your first big argument with the mobster, you saying that he’s given you too much and all you really want for him to prove his love is him. He didn’t really understand that part, having always been objective and believing it was the only sign of affection, and not understanding what you meant made him mad.

At this point you were yelling at each other in one of your many large living quarters. All that Tom understood was what he gave wasn’t enough and he kept offering more, which only frustrated you because you didn’t want objects but only him.

“You know what,” you said, your voice calming to a normal volume. “I’m done. I’m going to sleep, Thomas.”

His face fell from irritation to giving you the puppy dog eyes. “B-but Y/N…”

You stalked into a guest bedroom out of spite so not to sleep in the same bed as him, ignoring his protests as you locked the door. Eventually, he stopped trying to get you out of the room.

You were restless that night, though whether it was the unfamiliar surroundings of the guest room or the unsettlement from the fight, you weren’t sure. Eventually birds began chirping once again and the sky gradually became lighter, convincing you not to try to sleep at all but instead get out of the uncomfortable room already.

You opened the door, preparing yourself to make breakfast in the dead silence of the large house. Instead you were greeted with a dazing Tom at your feet, him jumping wide awake at the surprise of you accidentally kicking him. He sat up on the wooden floor, smirking lazily at you with himself wrapped in a blanket and his head hovering over a single pillow. “Morning, darlin’” he said.

“W-What,” you muttered, shocked at the sight. “You waited out here all night?”

He stood up, dropping the blanket with a smirk still flat on his face as if he were impressed with himself as well. “Of course I-“

You chuckled. “Strongest man I know, could easily break a door down, but instead waited for me outside of the door?”

He placed his hands on your hips, bringing you closer to his welcoming warmth. “Well,” he looked cheekily at you, as if he already thought out his words before. “I might be the strongest man you’ve ever met, yet you make me weak in the knees along with the heart.”

You crossed your arms and squinted your eyes, pretending to look unimpressed as if his words didn’t tug at your own heart. “I take you understood what I meant last night, Holland?”

He brought you closer, his mouth now resting comfortably on your forehead. “Yes, and I’m sorry, Y/N. I love you, darling.”

You hugged him, smiling into his chest. “I love you too.”

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: In Howl’s Moving Castle Sophie goes back in time and witnesses Howl making his original deal with Calcifer thus discovering the way to break Howl’s curse and before she leaves she tells Howl to find her in the future and if you recall to the beginning of the movie Howl saves Sophie from some highly questionable and rapey soldiers and tells her “there you are sweetheart, sorry I’m late, I’ve been looking everywhere for you” because he took what she told him as a child to heart and has been looking for her ever since and if that’s not the tightest shit ever I don’t know what is

looks like cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: scott mccall 

looks like he could kill you but is actually cinnamon roll: theo raeken 

looks like cinnamon roll and is actually cinnamon roll: liam dunbar 

looks like he could kill you and could actually kill you: derek hale

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too hot

or the one where it’s unbearably warm in your bedroom, and harry is only making it worse.

1,232 words

• • •

Your eyes open to the sunlight peaking through the curtains draped over your bedroom window. There was no way you could continue to doze with it shining in your face. You groan, pulling the duvet over your face. However, this wasn’t helping the situation, considering it always got too hot after a while.

Having another person sharing the bed doesn’t help with the heat either. His body seems to just radiate with it. While you are at times cold on the warmest of days, Harry’s skin is always comfortingly warm to the touch, which you normally appreciate. However, at this particular moment, it’s getting overwhelmingly hot. You squirm, tossing and turning and groaning and sighing. You want so badly to join Harry in sleep once more, but that doesn’t seem to be a possibility. In your half asleep state, you are almost frustrated with Harry for sleeping so peacefully while you struggle to sleep at all, even though he can’t really help it.

Plopping down with your back facing him, you let out a sigh of finality, closing your eyes. Just as you are finally settling down, you feel Harry’s arm wrap around your waist. His face nuzzles into the back of your neck. He lets out a sleepy groan. “S'everything okay, m'love? Squirmin’ quite a bit aren’t ya? Hmm?”

All you do in response is groan at the added warmth his close proximity brings. He doesn’t know he’s making it harder for you to relax, but you still can’t help but feel a bit more frustrated by his actions.

“What’s wrong, babe?” he asks, his voice gruff and low from sleep. He presses a kiss to the back of your neck. “Feeling a little frustrated, are we?”

You turn, grabbing the pillow from underneath your head to swat him with it, earning a deep chuckle from him and he sits up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. His gaze is playful as he reaches to tickle your sides. You squeal and swat at his hands.

“Hey now, petal,” he grins. “Just messin’ with ya. Why are you so cross with me?”

You sigh, laying down flat on your back and throwing your arms over your eyes. The duvet is hanging halfway off the bed from the bit of wrestling you did to fight off his prodding fingers from your sensitive sides. “’m not cross with you. It’s just unbearably hot in here. Can’t relax.”

“Hmm,” he ponders, adjusting to peck you on the cheek. The gesture is sweet, innocent, not at all corresponding with what he says next. “Might have an idea or two on how to help you relax, baby.” His t-shirt that you borrowed to sleep in is bunched up just above your belly button, and his hands wander down your sides. You’re suddenly reminded with a flush to your cheeks that you aren’t wearing any pants as his hands meet your thighs.

You let out a contented sigh without thinking it through and he laughs into your neck, giving your legs a squeeze. You respond, rather weakly, “Might not help cool me down. Might do the opposite.”

He laughs again. “Hmm, you’re not wrong.” He moves to straddle you, running his hands up your sides. “Can’t help it, though.” His lips meet your ear. “Look so pretty under me, button. Wanna make you feel good.”

Your hands meet his hair as his lips move along your jaw, meeting your mouth once, twice, before he makes his way down your neck. “Someone might hear,” you say in a strained whisper, tugging on his curls as his lips meet the spot behind your ear.

Harry seems unconcerned by his mum and sister occupying the room directly below his, and he playfully nips at your ear before whispering, “Guess ’m just gonna have to keep you quiet then, hmm?”

His lips continue their heated assault, his hands taking your wrists and placing them on either side of your head, his fingers intertwining with yours. His mouth meets your collarbone, kissing, sucking, until you’re suppressing something inside of you that would surely give your position away to the people below. His teeth meet your skin, then his tongue, and his teeth again until you’re sure he’s left a mark. If the sound of your heavy breathing and the groaning mattress doesn’t give you away, the bruise on your skin just might, if you aren’t careful.

Suddenly his tongue licks a hot stripe up your opposite collarbone and you let out a small cry of surprise. His chuckle vibrates against your skin, and he comes up to mumble against your mouth. “Gotta be quiet, remember, m'love?”

You swat at him playfully, and he laughs, sitting up to admire the purple and blue mark left behind by his teasing mouth.

You reach to touch him, hands moving up and down his arms, his shoulders, and then your fingers trace over his collarbones. He gazes at you admirably, grabbing one of your hands to kiss your fingers before taking one in his mouth.

You gasp and pull your hands away. He laughs, and is taken aback by your sudden movement to flip him over so you’re on top. “Just wanna look at you,” you groan. “Leave me to it, will you?”

He gives you a small smile, humming in contentment as your hands meet his chest, caressing his skin and tracing patterns, outlining his tattoos with your fingertips. His hips buck when your hands meet the band of his boxers, his hands meeting yours to stop you. “Hmm, if it’s that you want, it’s you who’ll be laying here,” he teases. “Like taking care of you under me.”

Your cheeks flush pink, heat rushing throughout your whole body at his words. He looks up at you a smirk adorning his lips. He knows what he’s doing, leaving you speechless, flustered, and you intend to give him a taste of his own medicine.

You bring your mouth to his jaw, kissing down his neck, his shoulders, his throat, and then to his collarbones. He’s given you a rather prominent reminder of his mouth on your skin, and you decide to give him one to match.

“What are you doing to me, baby?” he says, seeming to be almost unaffected by your touch. “Gonna give me a good one with that pretty little mouth of yours?” Still, when he is beneath you, and you are in control, he makes your stomach clench.

You continue, using your teeth and your tongue, trailing your hands up and down his torso, over his chest. You refuse to let him go unaffected. You will leave him a mess if it’s the last thing you do.

You pull back to admire the mark on his skin, which may or may not be a darker shade of purple than the one on yours.

“Pretty one, babe. Must admit I admire your handiwork,” he continues to tease and your body heats up with frustration. He opens his mouth to say something else, but not before your lips meet his aggressively. He hums against you, hands meeting your hips, bucking his own up to meet yours before flipping you over to hover above you once more.

He pulls away, admiring his own handiwork before resting himself between your legs. “What are you up to, petal?” he hums. “Trying to make me come undone without you?”

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Curvy (Part 2)

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I got so. many. requests for this. And I’m so happy I did. Please prepare yourselves, because there will be a part 3. And it’s going to be… filthy. I love you all, please let me know what you think! 
xx - L

A night full of passion is replaced by a promise of no sex.. but how long can you last? 

Word Count: 1,480

Warnings: smut

Curvy (Part 1)

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Summary: Shawn returns home after a month of traveling for work to find his wife has replaced him. (fluff) 

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Shawn puts his key into the lock of his front door. He’s done this hundreds of times before, but this time is special. He’s been waiting for this moment for an entire month since he was here last. He can’t deny the butterflies tingling in his stomach because of the knowledge and excitement over who is inside. Shaking his head slightly, he smiles at the fact that his wife still does this to him, even after all this time. 

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It had started innocently, it really fucking had.

Y/N had been laying spooning on the couch with Harry, in the middle of his living room in his vacant, quiet house. Harry’s parents had been out that night and his sister had been sleeping over at a friend’s house so until Anne had gotten home, they were alone.

Y/N and Harry watched a movie, the bright television compared to the pitch black room made her temples ache, swearing she could feel Harry himself dozing off behind her, arm slung chastely around her waist.

An odd position for mere best friends to be laying in but it was nothing but normal for the two, who had been childhood best friends.

Thinking back Y/N doesn’t remember how it started. Maybe it was the way her hand crawled beneath the blanket to pull it up high, causing her to shift her hips into his. The few drousy seconds Harry had been giving into vanished in a hot second, tingles shooting up his legs to where his cock lay, suddenly perk in his sweatpants.

Y/N continued to shift as she grumbled to herself, kicking the blanket to lay flat while the motion of her moving, grinded her bum back so perfectly against Harry’s cock that he almost felt like groaning.

“What’re yeh doing?” He mumbled low, tightening his grip around her waist.

“This stupid blanket won’t cover my feet and it’s angering me.”

Harry breathed steadily through his nose as she suddenly sat up, all fiery sparks of pleasure suddenly disappearing and leaving him empty.

“There we go,” Y/N said happily, laying herself back down and snuggling into the couch pillow.

A few moments of silence ticked by before it was Harry’s turn to shift, bouncing the couch cushions as the subtle tickles in his stomach never ceased to stop. He could feel his weapy tip rubbing against the sweatpants matieral, how it almost seemed to scratch him rawly, every single feeling suddenly heightened.

“Harry!” Y/N suddenly spoke. “Stop poking me with your finger, s’hurts.”

Breathing a shaky breath he sucked his lips in, giving a sudden hard rut into her bum.

“S’not my hand.”

Y/N froze, her whole body rigid as she again felt him rut, his sudden apologies filling her ear.

“M’sorry, m’sorry. Fuck, it hurts. M’sorry.”

Although Y/N had never seen her best friend in such a state, she furrowed her brows at the feeling. How her own tummy tingled everytime Harry gave a thrust, accompanied by a squeeze of his hand on her hip.

“Can… can I help?” She peeped, her voice sounding a lot more confident than what she felt.

Harry immediately shook his head, his body coming to a stop. “No, m’sorry, this is probably really fuckin’ weird, m’sorry. You’re movin’ around got me hard and I, — Christ. M’really fucking hard.”

Y/N suddenly sat up, doing her best at scooting his long, broad body underneath her — a mess of warm limbs and blankets catching them together.

“I wanna help, Harry. Please?”

“Have you ever…?”

“No,” Y/N shrugged, stealing a small glimps at the tent in his pants. “But I wanna, if you let me.”

Harry eyed her, despite his aroused state. His best friend, his lovely best friend had climbed a top of him, her hand lightly trailing over the top of his T-Shirt on his tummy yet never going lower without his okay.

“Please,” he muttered, turning to a loud groan as the simple word caused her to yank the fabric of his pants down. His cock curled to his tummy, the red crown of it looking almost painful — Y/N could see why he was in such distress.

“Do I… do I put it in my mouth?”

“Only if you want to, baby.”

The pet name had slipped but it didn’t go unnoticed as he watched her bashful eyes lower, her eyelashes just touching the vermillion colored apples of her cheeks.

“You don’t have to,” He continued but boy, did he fucking want her to and much to his surprise, she gave no warning as she lowered her hot mouth to his tip.

Y/N knew kinda what to do, she knew to pucker, avoid the teeth and all but she definitely wasn’t the expecting the reaction she got. He had arched his back, hands flying to her hair as she popped off in slight shock.

“Again, please.” Harry begged.

Timidly she did so, giving his slit small kitten licks before pushing it past her lips.

He tasted… well, she didn’t really know. It tasted like skin, a little salty as his cock gave a small gush of pre come down her throat. It was more of an experiment for her really, as this was the first dick she sucked and as Harry lost his senses beneath her, she was more curious than anything.

Popping off again, Y/N blinked. “Will you tell me if it feels good?”

“It feels lovely, angel, please keep goin’. Feel like heaven.”

It was perhaps the most messiest blow job Harry had ever gotten but also perhaps the best. Besides the fact that she was completely clueless on what to do and she maybe nicked her teeth against him a few accidental times, it was his lovely Y/N on him, in the messy confines of his living room.

She gently sucked and licked at him, beaming when Harry praised her and cupped her jaw lovingly, stroking her cheek as she again took him down her throat the furthest she could. The bare feeling of her gagging around him had him seeing stars.

“I’m, I’m so fucking close.” Harry panted, the muscles in his tummy clenching. “Don’ hafta’ swallow, baby.”

“I want to, show me how good I made you feel, Harry.”

He choked, swearing he could never forget this feeling. Everything inside Harry felt electric, his heart ratteling his ribs apart as he reached his high and exploded, throwing his forearm over his eyes.

Y/N was startled by it, though she obviously knew it was coming. The liquid filled her mouth in spurts, the flavor making her furrow her brows in uncertainty as she swallowed it down, popping off with a sticky sound of her lips.

Harry laid still on the couch, his strong chest rising and falling.

Y/N laughed, giving him a small poke to his tummy. “Did I kill you?”

“Just about.” He grumbled, before swiftly sitting up and hooking one hand behind the base of her skull, laying a heavy kiss on her already swollen lips.

“Thank ya’, angel. Think you were lying when yeh’ said that was your first time.”

Her mouth hung in faux defense, his grip on her hair tightening as he leaned in for another kiss.

“Y’taste amazing.”

“I taste like you.” She retaliated with a small laugh, her eyes widening as he diverted his kisses down her neck, using his free hand to cup her jaw.

“You taste like me, smell like me, everythin’. There’s nothing else I’d rather want.”