Japanese Ghostbusters bluray unboxing. THERE’S A LOT IN HERE, BUDS. 🚫👻

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Super fluffy domestic life online colour Victuri fanbook 01


And here is the box art for the new Bluray/DVD Season 1 box, slated for a march 15 release!

Comes with all 25 episodes, the visual novels, the “Attack on Titan Zero” prototype by Isayama, a booklet containing a colored version of ch 13 and 14 (I think) and a new “All color special booklet”.

Mario Kart: Joestar Version
  • Jonathan: Let's be honest. This man is the gentleman to end all gentlemen. Ridiculously courteous, probably consistently in fifth.
  • Joseph: Absolutely terrible when it comes to exploiting the terrain of the tracks, but will use every goddamn item to their best potential. Third or second, always.
  • Jotaro: Has no idea what's going on (video games are Kakyoin's field of expertise), but sometimes tries to use F-Zero tactics. It works enough to bring him to fourth place, oddly enough.
  • Josuke: Probably the best gamer in the entire family. Spends most of his time jabbing and taunting everyone else. Constant for dead last.
  • Giorno: Sometimes comes in sixth, came in first at one point. Likes to play as Baby Peach.
  • Jolyne: The most aggro Kart player you've ever seen. The more she doesn't place first, the more vengeful she becomes. Will tackle people often, either in the game or real life.
  • Johnny: Constantly gets first place. That one game where Giorno won was after Johnny quit cause he got bored. Really competitive.
  • Gappy: Does not really play, but just kinda throws advice to random people. At some point, he took Johnny's controller, then, without any indication that he had ever played Mario Kart before in his life (or that he even knew what Mario Kart was), managed to get the cleanest victory possible. The TV was destroyed shortly after.