bluray change

Thes pose is from the first bluray/DVD cover. I changed their clothes, their faces ( I did both thinner, Yuuri’s specially was really a pig face and a little Victor’s too ). I added the gold medal ( I hope with all my streight he’ll win it ) aaaaaaaaaaaand… Look their hands( pssss the fingers! )
I’ll finish this for the Epic Con, in Frankfurt. An middling  italian was been invited in Germany. I still can’t believe it. 

Good night. Wendsday is coming!!!
PS: I can put all the effort making their eyes but nothing, I’m not able to draw them properly T_T

You guys need your own tag.

I’m starting to really hate going into the Sailor Moon tag. I don’t understand all the negativity going on against Crystal; if you don’t like it, DON’T FUCKIN’ WATCH IT, STOP WATCHING IT. I see the same people complain every time an episode comes out and it’s annoying. Why are you torturing yourself disheartening the fans who like it to come across your bull?

I just read a post about how we shouldn’t bash the haters because they only hate on it because they love it so much.

No. If you love it, you can live with it. If you’re gonna complain with what’s given to us, then go find money to make a better version. BEGGARS CAN’T BE CHOOSERS.

If you love the manga, stick with the manga.
If you love the original anime, stick with the original.
If you love Crystal, then great, we’re getting more!

I do have my own complaints as well. My main concern is the frequent poor animation in the anime but there’s already a reassurance that they will be fixed for the bluray release. Any changes that have been done are all be approved my Takeuchi Naoko herself.

For those who have been composing about the lack of character development between the girls. Their purpose in the story is and was because of her. THAT WAS THEIR FUCKING JOB. They were Serenity’s guardians. She was and is their priority. If it wasn’t for that, they wouldn’t have been reincarnated with her. And don’t you think that there is a reason why they care so much? Because Usagi was the one that reached to them when no one did.

Ami was unapproachable to others because of her “Genius” status.
Rei was unapproachable because she had weird spiritual powers that scared others.
Makoto was unapproachable because of her strength to the point that there were rumours about her beating up people.
Minako was headstrong and independent and relied on no one but herself.

Usagi was the one that saw through all that and brought them together. We saw that in each episode leading up until now. There may have not been enough time to see “true” friendship development, but don’t say it wasn’t there at all. She became friends with people who were alone. Who wouldn’t want to protect a friend like that? Did you also forget how many times Usagi risks her life for them as well?

Don’t even get me started on the “miracle romance” that you’re all talking shit about. Whoever didn’t see the development between Mamoru and Usagi is bat-shit blind. That connection was there from the moment they met. Its shown again and again that all they could think about was each other. They fell in love before they knew who they were in the past. They fell in love as Mamoru and Usagi, not Endymion and Serenity.

What miracle romance?

They’ve obviously changed some scenes and dialogues but if you compare it with the manga, it’s almost identical. Don’t claim to love the manga when you hate Crystal. Despite some things, its still the same. if you really love the series you should be able to endure it.

The manga, the original, and Crystal, they’re all canon. Pick your favorite and just stick to it. Everyone loves Sailor Moon for different reasons. Don’t put bullshit in the fandom you claim to love.