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damon albarn angsty imagine ?? with jealousy if possible ???

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Jealous late 90′s Damo incoming ;*

Damon was in a bad mood today. He was walking around the house all grumpy and all your attempts at communicating with him were unsucessful. You tried to maybe avoid him for the day and let him sort it all out by himself but you were getting mad. Okay, he could be angry but you’re his fiance and he should AT LEAST aknowledge you. Finally, you popped and decided to confront him about it.

You waited like this until the evening. Then, you walked over to the living room where Damon sat on the couch. His arm was draped across the headrest and his gaze was fixated to the telly in front of him.  You sat down next to him but kept silent.  Then after a couple of minutes of that silence you decided to speak up.

“Damon…” You adressed him but he didn’t even do as much as moving a muscle.“We need to talk love.” Nothing again. “Damon could you please finally look at me and tell me what’s wrong?” Only then did he give you any sort of reaction. He glanced at you with his usual, tired eyes. “Thank you.” You reached for the remote to turn the TV off and  changed positions to face him. “You’ve been angry all day. You refuse to speak to me and you walk around mad all the time. For the love of god can you please tell me what’s wrong Damon?” You pleaded looking straight into his eyes.

“It’s nothing.” You rolled your eyes.

“Well it sure as hell is if you don’t even want to talk to ME.” He groaned and turned his head away from you. “Oh no, no you don’t.” You cupped his cheek and brought his face back to it’s previous place. Damon looked at you half surprised and half angry. “What’s going on with you? You literally have been treating me like this since we came back from that party yesterday and you refuse to tell me why.”

“Well I don’t know Y/N maybe you tell me why.” He said mockingly. You frowned and moved away from him.

“What are you-” Then you realized… “Oh are you serious? You’re mad about THAT?”

“About what? About the fact that I walked on you and Alex flirting with each other?” Your mouth fell agape in shock.

“Damon! What the hell? We were literally just talking for ten minutes that’s all. Besides, I’m supposed to marry you in a few months, do you seriously think of me so little to accuse me of flirting with other guys?” You crossed your arms. Damon didn’t say a word and neither did he look at you. You nodded and looked down. “You know, fine. You don’t have to believe me. In fact, you don’t have to do anything.  Just don’t treat someone you PROPOSED to like shit Damon. Cause, god damn it, I don’t deserve it.” You stood up, walking away from him, with tears in your eyes and a shattered heart. Only then did he look at you and only then did he realize what he said.

“Y/N… Hey..”

“Just… No. Leave me alone. I don’t want to fucking talk to you anymore.” You said and slammed the door to the bedroom behind you, locking yourself inside. You flopped on the bed and tried to bite down tears that threatened to fall from your eyes. You were way stronger than that, you weren’t going to cry because of him. Were you?

It wasn’t long before you heard faint knocking and Damon sigh on the other side.“Y/N, please open..”

“Fuck off Damon!” You yelled clutching a pillow in your arms.

“I wanna apologize…” You bit down on your lip, wondering whether you should let him in or not but finally decided on the first. You sighed   and walked over to the door. You unlocked it and slowly opened it. You moved to the side to let Damon in. He closed it behind him and  looked up at you.

“Well?” You asked putting your hands on your hips, eyeing him, still angry.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I was a dick.” He said stepping closer to you.

“Yes.” You nodded and moved away. “Yes you were.”

“I treated you wrong.” He sighed. “You deserve better than that.” You nodded again. “I don’t expect you to forgive me either…” He said sadly.

“Yeah, that’s good. Cause I shouldn’t.” You replied. Damon hung his head low. “But I will.” He quickly looked back up, surprised.

“You will?”

“Of course. You’re going to be my husband, obviously I am going to forgive you.” He smiled, making you smile. You moved closer to him and cupped his cheek again. “Fucking idiot. I can’t believe you actually got jealous of Alex.”

“Yeah… I did.” He admitted, snaking his arms around your hips and leaning in to kiss you. You returned the gesture and dug your hand into his blonde locks.
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