• dad owns a hair product company, will remain perpetually unnamed or i’ll claim his ownership over an existing one whoops but it probably lies within the overall procter and gamble corporation
  • so like the potters are LOADED but james is trying super hard to manage without their help but really they have more money than they know what to do with so mia’s always donating to host charity fundraisers and sponsor schools and shit. bc of that wealth he grew up on like an estate type shit like he’s so h*cking spoiled that i hate myself 4 making it a thing

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Hello everyone!

In this ocassion i decided to close the sign up time a few days before since we didn’t see more interested and even though many of our friends couldn’t participate this time, we hit 21 participants anyway, yaay! So, this is the official list of all the participants for this Easter Blurred Friend:


@blurryminion, @almostgone, @vaguelyemo, @saturnz-barz, @theo-the-charismatic, @hidehashairprobs, @ziggymccartney, @strawberrychrisses, @ilovedamo, @kirainsassgard, @swampsong13, @flamindamon​, @its-called-gratitude, @pigeon-alan, @mercuryboy, @thinkismellarat, @pureiro, @cheesyvevo, @howaboutgrahamcoxon, @lxdymcchocxlate & @tiinkers-tales

Remember that in this activity we would play with some requests. What does that mean? The only meaning of this, it’s that now you can have an easier idea of what to do as gift, you can make one of these request to give it to your blurred friend. It’s just a suggest, doesn’t mean that you’re forced to do it or that if you pick one of them you’ll have to give it to the person who requested. Therefore, I hope to see one of them in our future presents, here they go!


  1. Graham dressed like a cute rabbit with his carrot guitar. (by @tiinkers-tales)
  2. Milky hanging out with some easter eggs. (by @strawberrychrisses)
  3. An easter themed fanart of Damon or Graham. (by @ziggymccartney)
  4. A spring/easter themed Dave aesthetics. (by @mercuryboy)
  5. Blur members in Humpty Dumpty version. (by @blurryminion)
  6. Edits or gifs of any blur’s musical video related to spring. (by @tiinkers-tales)

Blurred Friends:

All the secret friends will be chosen randomly just as we did before, except that now @gralexx is gonna help me, so we’ll be sending messages to all of you to confirm who’s your blurred friend (the blog to which you should make it a gift). Please, it’s very important that you enable anonymous asks, because as soon as you know who’s your blurred friend, you’ll have to try to meet her/him secretly! Everything will be kept in secret until the gifts exchange’s day.

Let us know how it’s going, so please try to tag them as #blurred friend!

If there’s any problem, like if you haven’t receive who’s your blurred friend or anons, let me know to solve it!

Gifts Exchange:

To finish, all the gifts will have to be posted on Sunday April 16th and tagged as “#blurred friend” again, because i’ll be reblogging them on this account! If you have any problem to post your present that day or if you won’t be there, please let me know beforehand.

Let’s do it!