There’s No Other Way- Blur

Bad Decisions- Two Door Cinema Club

Growing On Me- The Darkness

My Ever Changing Moods- The Style Council

Sowing The Seeds Of Love- Tears For Fears

Only Love Can Break Your Heart- St Etienne

I Want The One I Can’t Have- The Smiths

Friday I’m in Love- The Cure

(I Just) Died In Your Arms- Cutting Crew

 Just Like Heaven- The Cure

(Graphic credit to me and google images)

Damon is definitively the kind of person who’s always calculating and thinking about what to do, in what moment and how. I bet that during Think Tank era, he was like:

*writes tons of songs for him*

“I’m going to tell him that I’m so sorry, the boys miss him, I miss him, it’s not the same without him, I’m not the same without him, I fucking had to play electric guitar again. I’ll apologize and try to get back our relationship, I don’t want to lose him ever again”

But then when he actually saw him again, he definitively didn’t know what to do lmao, this man could barely talk and was sweating and with a nervous laugh, just said:

“It’s Graham Coxon.”

How endearing, I love Damon.