blur rooftop


Rooftop Fantasy by Irene Suchocki

In Dire Need of Comfort

Requested by anonymous:

a Changkyun scenario where he’s one of my best friends and one day I’m crying because I miss my family and while he comforts me he ends up kissing me? The ending is up to you.

Vibes: pool of tears, warm embrace
Word Count: 1064
A/N: Not so fun fact– I wrote this on my phone, forgetting that you already included a reason as to why you were crying, and ended up writing up something else. Lmao. Everything was good, though. I was able to alter the parts to fit your request. I hope you like the ending ^^

Originally posted by wonkyuns

A tear streamed down your face as you held a sob back. Your blurred vision made the rooftop view of the city one big pool of blue. The constant chokes to keep your cries quiet made everything else around you indecipherable. You clenched on tightly to the metal bar that scaled the perimeter of the rooftop while you restrained yourself from bawling at work.

While you were focusing on keeping whatever strength you had left to withhold a composed image, a concerned co-worker was quietly approaching your side. He had witnessed your phone call with your family members and saw how quickly you clasped your hand over your mouth before darting out of the room. The elevators were deemed useless with how anxious he was to catch up to you, so he took it to the stairs and ran up several floors in his professional corporate attire. Needless to say, his chest was heaving and face was beading with sweat, but his fatigue wore off when he saw you struggle to stop from crumbling over with tears.

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