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Rooftop Fantasy by Irene Suchocki

Of Markings and Timers

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When Marinette turned thirteen, the countdown timer appeared.  

When she was fourteen, words scrawled their way across her arm in a neat print that said, “I didn’t mean to knock you over, are you ok?”  

She was the only one she’d ever seen with two soulmate markings, as far as she knew, she was the only one in Paris.

Cue the start of her ninth grade class.  

Marinette leaned back in her seat and poked Alya in the shoulder.  “Do you think I’ll find him?”

“Find who?  Oh!”  Alya grinned.  “Of course you will, girl.  But hey, maybe there’s two someones for you, since you have the timer and the words, huh?  Most people only get one or the other! Lucky!”

“Oh, Alya,” She started, but didn’t get to finish her sentence as someone banged into her chair from behind and she heard those fateful words.  “Oh didn’t mean to knock you over! Are you ok?” She blinked once, twice, and then stared into the too green eyes of Adrien Agreste.

She opened her mouth to say something.  Closed it.  Opened it again.  She needed to say something unique, something that he would be able to recognize as the writing on his wrist coming from her! “I’ve been waiting for months to see who would knock me over!” She blurted. Then she looked down at the timer.  It still had a few days left on it.

When she looked back up, Adrien was grinning at her. “I’m not the only one with two markings,” he sighed in relief and helped her up.  “I don’t have a timer, but I do have this.”  He pointed to a small ladybug just under his left ear.

Marinette laughed and took his hands as he helped her up off of the floor, “What is that supposed to mean, I wonder.”  

A few days later she found out.  

Akuma, kwami, powers.  Her head whirled with the possibilities and she stood there in her uniform looking out over the streets of Paris.  Tikki told her she was supposed to have a partner and if the ticking noise from her wrist was any indication, that was him, the black blur leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

A loud ringing erupted as she stopped in front of her with a grin, “My lady.”

“You know what that noise is, right?”  She asked him, breathless.  Alya was right.  She had two.

“Your soulmate alarm?  Going off for moi?”  He ran a hand through his hair and pulled it away from a small mark under his ear.  “Good thing I have this then.”

She froze.  “You know, I thought we weren’t supposed to know each other’s identity.  But that mark of yours just gave it away, Adrien.”

He blinked at her a moment and then rubbed his neck sheepishly.  “I guess that means you know me in real life too.  Do I know you?”

“You could say that.  Here I thought having two marks meant I was destined for two soulmates.” She smiled, “Even if the first did knock me over.

He blinked at her in silence for a moment before he started to laugh.


With the home invasion weeks away, Peter had managed to get the apartment put back together. Everything had its own place and he felt comfortable telling his aunt about their engagement. Not only that but he’d managed to finally move in entirely. It was pure excitement on his part. He got to go to sleep and wake up next to Wade any time he wanted to! 

Grabbing the last box, Peter made sure to stuff one of their playthings into it. He had a few items inside that he hadn’t shown Wade yet. Plots were in the place for future play nights. Taking it into the bedroom, he put it down on the bottom of the closet and frowned when it wouldn’t go in all the way. 

Reaching around it, Peter found there was a cardboard box he didn’t recognize and pulled it out, pushing the other one in its place. It fit perfectly. Yet the box in his hands looked like it’d been opened multiple times. He took a peek into it and his heart dropped into his stomach, his face losing color. 

Plans. Locations. Photographs. All of her.

Angel Dust. 

He found the most recent piece and almost snarled as he shot up, grabbing the Spider-Man suit to pull it on. Pants, shoes, top, and gloves. All were yanked on Peter swung to the address, practically bowling into the red and black blur on the rooftop, barely missing him. “Wade Winston Wilson, what in the world do you think you’re doing and why did you not bring me with you?”

ML drabble: Perfect part 3

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Ladybug went back to her room just as the sun had set and de-transformed just before collapsing face first onto her bed. She was exhausted, in every which way possible.

She was physically exhausted from searching for Chat noir, emotionally exhausted from helping her blond partner cope with his emotional strife, but above all else, she was mentally exhausted from wrapping her head around the whole situation.

Her red Kwami companion flew out of her earrings to talk to her.

“So you finally know that Chat noir is Adrien. You have been working with your crush the entire time and you didn’t even know it. Isn’t this great?” Tikki exclaimed ecstatically.

Marinette flipped over and looked at the ceiling, Her face not showing happiness or sorrow. Tikki looked to her chosen in slight confusion.

“Marinette? Isn’t this a good thing? Chat noir is in love with Ladybug, Chat noir is Adrien, you are ladybug, so that means Adrien returns your feelings.” Tikki stated, thinking Marinette is missing the picture.

Marinette sighed as she sat up on her bed, her blue bell eyes looked at her Kwami companion.

“It isn’t that simple Tikki. Adrien is in love with the idea of Ladybug, not the real me.” Marinette muttered audibly. Tikki watched as Marinette laid back on her bed. “Even if that wasn’t the case, he probably wouldn’t believe I was truly in love with him. You remember what he said before.” Marinette grabbed a pillow and hugged it tightly.

Marinette recalled the emotional distress her partner was in, the fragile shell that was his calm shattered after a bad day.

She even remembered what he had said to her the night before.

The perfect lie always seems more appealing

The Perfect lie, thats how Adrien saw his identity outside of being Chat Noir. Being the son of Gabriel Agreste, the most influential designer in all of Paris, must be difficult. That stress, that anxiety, the constant need to ensure he wouldn’t embarrass his dad.

It was only now how apparent how hidden he was, he smiled and did enjoy himself sometimes, but it always felt subdued. You could tell when he was having fun, but it never really was apparent how much fun he was having. He was reserved. Marinette just assumed it was cause he was shy, but now it was revealed that he was suppressed, it hurt her to know.

“What do you think it would be like, to always be forced to hold back how you feel?” Marinette asked, more to herself then to Tikki. “To have to act on your best behavior every minute of every day.”

Tikki didnt answer, she just watched silently as Marinette stewed it over in her head.

In a way, Marinette understood how he felt. When she was Ladybug, she had to be the perfect hero of Paris. She had to be the one that purified the akuma, she couldn’t afford to be anything less. But as soon as the job was done, she could take the spots off and be Marinette, and having powers made this perfect hero image a bit more worth the stress.

But this stress was nothing compared to what Chat noir had to deal with. 

This Situation was the opposite for Chat noir. He had to be perfect every minute that he was a civilian, even when he was at home, he most likely had to deal with the standards. Being Chat noir was his chance to be free of the curse of perfection. She could finally understand why he was so wild, he was free. But that is where Marinette finds herself torn, was she only love with the side that perfect self?

Tikki knew Marinette loved both sides of Adrien, she just didnt realize it right now. But that was something the blunette needed to Realize for herself.

Chat noir transformed back to normal as he arrived in his room, emotionally drained from what happened.

Ladybug now knew his identity, through the absolute worst way possible. She did saw him breakdown, she saw a boy weeping over his life. Adrien wanted to disappear now more then ever.

“Come on Adrien, you could lighten up a bit. At least Ladybug isn’t against you.” Plagg pointed out. “Besides, this whole situation is about a billboard, I guarantee that this whole thing will blow over in a day or two.”

Adrien didn’t respond to Plagg’s words, he just wanted to take a shower and go sleep today off. 

He took off his sweaty clothes and threw them in the hamper, he went to the shower and let the water wash over him.

His blonde hair flattened by the water from the shower head. He closed his eyes as the water began to warm up and help him relax. Today had been a special kind of train wreck. In a way, it made sense on why this was happening. He got mad, used his powers when he shouldn’t have, and now it feels like Paris wanted him to apologize. But at the same time, it made no sense at all. One would think that all the times he helped save the day would matter, all the good that he had done, would make people more likely to defend him. But just like every single thing in his life, once his father says something, the rest of the world just seems to fall exactly as his father wants it to. 

An image of Ladybug flashed though his mind, reminding him that not everyone is against him. She has his back. 

That thought put a smile on his face. She had seen him at his lowest, at his weakest, and even after all the horrible things he said to her, she still stayed by his side. 

The whole world could hate him, but if she had his back, he knew he could handle it.

She knows his identity, this was something that would impact how things are between them. That brought a question to Adrien’s mind.

Was she getting his back because he is Chat noir, or because he is Adrien?

He would need to figure it out later, because thinking about this right now was way too much.

He finished his shower shortly after, drying himself off and getting his pajamas on. He walked out of the bathroom feeling refreshed. 

Adrien walked over and opened the door to see his father standing in the door way. 

“Adrien, I must speak with you for a moment.” His words in his usual serious tone, showing not even a touch of human emotion.

“Of course Father.” Adrien responded, a standard phrase he has said to his father.

Gabriel Agreste walked into the room he looked around for a moment.

“It is good to see that you keep your room clean.” Gabriel spoke stoically, it was the nicest thing his father had said to him this week. The designer turned his attention to his son.

“I assume by now you know the news.” 

“About the billboard?” Adrien asked, his father nodded.

“Then you are aware of the press conference I called for earlier today.” 

“I saw it on the news.” Adrien wanted to ask so many questions.

Why would he make such a fuss over this? Its a billboard? Why do you want Chat noir to resign? What gives you the right to act so cruelly about this? 

“I see. I just wanted to let you know that we scheduled a photo shoot for another billboard.” 

“But father, we still have the photos from the last one to use.” Adrien explained.

Gabriel’s eyebrow twitched slightly, but he still maintained a stoic expression.

“The photographer who took those photos is no longer associated with our brand. Therefore, we could get better photos from a more competent photographer.” Gabriel explained. “The shoot will be on Tuesday after you get out of fencing.”

Adrien got a bit of satisfaction knowing that jerk got fired, but that still didn’t make up for his father’s actions.

“Also there was another matter I wanted to inform you about.” His father’s eyes softened slightly.

Adrien noticed the change, but still kept a calm expression.

“I am worried about this action that Chat noir has performed. I believe he might have a bit of a vendetta against the me.”

Adrien was caught a bit off guard by his father’s statement.

“What makes you think that? Why would anyone have a vendetta against you?”

“Aside from being a crazy strict parent who constantly pushes his son to be absolutely perfect”  Adrien thought as he noticed his father take a step closer.

“Adrien, as you know, my fashion brand is number one in all of France. One doesn’t get to the top without stepping on a few heads. I have made many enemies Adrien, and the last few days have shown even heroes might not be in favor of me.” Gabriel answered. “Which is why I want you to understand that what I am doing is for your own good.”

“Father? What are you saying?” Adrien questioned, his face now showing confusion and worry.

“Until further notice, I am pulling you out of school.”

Marinette couldn’t bring herself to sleep. She laid in her bed as she watched the dark ceiling. Her thoughts still swirling and trying to grasp every little detail.

After a while she decided that some fresh air would do her some good. She made her way to her balcony. As she looked out into the city at night, Marinette felt the gentle breeze of the night sky.

She let the air hit her face as she looked out to admire the city. So lovely at night, if Tikki wasn’t asleep right now, she would probably ask her kwami to transform so she could go about for a night stroll on the rooftops. 

A sudden black blur ran across a rooftop out the corner of the blunette’s eye. She turned quickly, but the figure seemed to have vanished. Marinette decided that she was simply tired and seeing things before going back off to bed. 

But just before she headed down, she heard the sound of something landing on her balcony. She turned around to see a familiar black cat hero.

“Chat?” Marinette spoke in surprise. 

The black cat hero glanced at Marinette for a moment before running off to another rooftop and quickly running out of her sight. But she was able to pick up on two things. He was quiet, and there were tears in his eyes.

In Dire Need of Comfort

Requested by anonymous:

a Changkyun scenario where he’s one of my best friends and one day I’m crying because I miss my family and while he comforts me he ends up kissing me? The ending is up to you.

Vibes: pool of tears, warm embrace
Word Count: 1064
A/N: Not so fun fact– I wrote this on my phone, forgetting that you already included a reason as to why you were crying, and ended up writing up something else. Lmao. Everything was good, though. I was able to alter the parts to fit your request. I hope you like the ending ^^

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A tear streamed down your face as you held a sob back. Your blurred vision made the rooftop view of the city one big pool of blue. The constant chokes to keep your cries quiet made everything else around you indecipherable. You clenched on tightly to the metal bar that scaled the perimeter of the rooftop while you restrained yourself from bawling at work.

While you were focusing on keeping whatever strength you had left to withhold a composed image, a concerned co-worker was quietly approaching your side. He had witnessed your phone call with your family members and saw how quickly you clasped your hand over your mouth before darting out of the room. The elevators were deemed useless with how anxious he was to catch up to you, so he took it to the stairs and ran up several floors in his professional corporate attire. Needless to say, his chest was heaving and face was beading with sweat, but his fatigue wore off when he saw you struggle to stop from crumbling over with tears.

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@the-fae-icarus​, Fallen London AU

The fog blurs the edges of rooftops and turns street-lamps into beacons on the day Thomas is to meet with Alexander Plume. Caligula’s coffee-house has thrown open its shutters, allowing golden light to call wanderers in to partake of their comfortable benches and overpriced coffee, and it seems to be working a treat.

The gallery closed early, on account of the fog, and so Thomas is early for his meeting. He squeezes through the crowd, dodging the tobacco breath of a Working-Man Lyricist and exchanging nods with the Amorous Fairy Illustrator. He orders a coffee, half-milk, and goes in search of a free table, but oh, there is the Bohemian Sculptress and her new find, and she is already waving him over…

He tries his best to keep an eye on the door for the Night-Stalking Tomb-Colonist, but the Sculptress is a fascinating woman, if only for her layers of pretense and subterfuge, and her young companion is still fresh full of stories of the Surface, and Thomas soon finds himself absorbed.