blur reduction

ask-rifu-and-friends  asked:

If I have drawn line art, and want it all to be thinner, how do I change the thickness without drawing it all again?

Nothing guaranteed to work on all artwork, but here is one technique that might work with some line art (you might need to adjust the amount the selection is expanded).

If you have used a white background instead of transparent, you might need to use select from layer brightness instead of opacity.

  1. Choose the layer with your line art.
  2. Select, Create Selection from Layer Opacity.
  3. Select, Inverse.
  4. Select, Expand.
  5. Maybe 2 pixels (depending on your art), round corners on (depending on your art), OK.
  6. Delete key on keyboard (or Edit menu, Cut).
  7. Ctrl+D (Cmmd+D on Mac) to deselect (or Select menu, Deselect).


Edit: illustration replaced with a more compact version that fits Tumblr limits and is therefore not blurred by automatic size reduction.