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Sebastian Stan Drabble- Please don’t hate me


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Request: Anon- 28 with Sebastian

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A/N: I got catcalled twice. The first time someone said “ pretty girl, very good “ as he looked me up and down and the other time someone yelled “ baby come here! “ as he whistled at me. Oops, guess that’s just the life of a woman? Anyways here is some fluff to help my day!

Warnings: just fluff

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Word count: 450 ( and I thought ‘Shut up and kiss me’ was short ) 

Sebastian slowly wiggles your way. Every time you glance at him, he stops moving and pretends to be busy watching the show on tv that he doesn’t even know the name of. Within five minutes, his head is laying on your lap while he stares up at you. Your hand subconsciously finds his way into his hair, playing with the soft locks.

“ What is it now, Sebastian? “ you ask as you press pause on the tv-remote. He prompts himself on his arm as he keeps on looking at you. “ So….Last night Anthony and I went out and-”

You sigh as you cut him off. “ What did you do this time? “. He smiles at you again, probably to keep your mood good. He pulls his hair out of your embrace, afraid that you might pull on it in a second. 

“ I may or may not have adopted an animal. Please don’t hate me! “ he says as he closes his eyes, not wanting to see your angry face. You keep your calm. You weren’t angry at him, just a little pissed. Animals aren’t allowed into your apartment complex. “ What animal did you adopt? “. 

“ Two dogs? “ he says as he actually sits down on the couch now. “ An a cat. But I couldn’t help myself! “. You look away from the tv and towards him. “ Why…..”. You take a deep breath before finishing your sentence. “ Why didn’t you bring me? You know how much I love animals! You really kept all their cute face away from me? You prick! “ you say as you let out a soft giggle.

Sebastian’s face relaxes as he leans towards you, closing the space between your bodies. “ I’m sorry that I didn’t take you, but we can pick them up together. “. You giggle again as you pull Sebastian in to lay on you as you press play on the tv-remote. “ We have one problem, Sebbie, “ you say, your eyes still fixated on the tv-screen. “ Animals aren’t allowed in my apartment. “.

Sebastian grabs your hand and places a small kiss on every knuckle. “ That’s. Why. You. Can. Move. In. With. Me. “ he says in between kisses. You quickly look away from the tv and at his face. A smirk is plastered on his face. “ Really? You want me to move in with you? “. He nods softly.

“ Okay, when? “ you ask. Sebastian lets out a relieved chuckle. “ Anytime you want, baby. “. He swings your arm around his shoulder as he lets his rest against your shoulder, hands ghosting over your collarbones. 

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In A Perfect World

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Request: Oh dean and reader. He thinks her and Sam are a thing because they always hang out and have inside jokes. He thinks her and him are friends and there’s no feelings what’s so ever. The djinn sends him in world where they’re married and she just finds out she’s pregnant. It ends smutty because he wants a life with her

Request: Hi! Saw that your request are open and I absolutely adore your writing!! I was wondering if you could possibly do a DeanxReader where she is Bobby’s adoptive daughter, grew up around the boys and hunting. And as she grew up she fell in love with Dean, and he fell in love with her but kept it secret, but they don’t realize it until like after one of them dies or after Sam and Dean have to save her from a Djinn? Smut maybe?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: implied smut, language

A/N: Combined these requests since they went together so well…

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Because I’m obsessed with ‘what’s under the eyepatch’ and I also like pain.


Julian reluctantly pulled himself from his makeshift bed on the library floor. The various pillows still smelling like Asra, making it all the more difficult to tear himself away.

His head was thrumming, no doubt the beginnings of a particularly nasty migraine. He’d been getting them a lot lately, the late nights hunched over his desk obsessing over a cure certainly not helping.

He rubbed his eyes, struggling to blink away that early morning blur, his vision annoyingly hazy, unclear. He sighed, pulling on his crumpled shirt and not bothering to do up the buttons as he sorted through the notes he’d made last night, each theory as ridiculous as the next.

An hour passed before Asra arrived, the witch late as always, but quickly redeeming himself as a serving girl followed him in with a steaming pot of coffee. “Morning Ilya.”

Julian gazed up into those bright, violet eyes, his heart skipping a beat when Asra returned his smile. “Did you rest well?”

Asra nodded, vaguely studying a page of Julian’s ineligible scribbles. He frowned, squinting as he tried to decipher the dreadful script. “And you?”

Julian huffed a laugh, stretching his arms high above his head, a thrill sparking through him as Asra’s eyes flickered over his chest, visible between his still unbuttoned shirt. He flushed, of course, and proceeded to rub his eyes, still cloudy and starting to become a bit of an inconvenience. “You know me, I’m not one for rest.”

A loud crash startled him, Asra’s cup breaking into tiny pieces as it hit to floor. Julian rushed to his side immediately, grabbing his wrist, pressing long fingers to his pulse. It was racing, panicking. “Asra! What is it? Are you hurt?”

His eyes were wide, wild and brimming with tears. He shook away Julian’s grip, reaching up with both hands to cup Julian’s face. “Oh, Ilya,” he whispered, voice choked, shaking.

Julian had never seen him cry before, still noticing through the panic how beautiful he was.

Asra carefully brushed his thumb just below Julian’s right eye, the more blurry of the two, and a terrible thought crossed Julian’s mind.

“No…” he mumbled, shaking his head, forcefully grabbing Asra’s wrists and holding them away from his face. He shook his head again, running to his desk to grab the small, cracked mirror he kept in one of his drawers.

He raised the damaged glass, his breath catching in his throat as he stared at himself, his right iris encircled with vivid red, the rest of his sclera a murky, faded pink. It was spreading outwards, an eerily beautiful watercolour, the thinnest tendrils of scarlett snaking, swirling.

He dropped the mirror, gripping the edge of his desk, lest he fall to his knees. He was shaking, unable to move, speak, think.

How? How had this happened? He’d taken every precaution, being overly cautious with every step. His cheeks were wet, streaked with tears as Asra wrapped warm arms around his waist, resting his chin upon Julian’s shoulder.

Asra held him as he crumbled stroking his hair, kissing his cheeks, whispering that everything would be okay, that they’d fix this.

No matter what it takes.

A Painter’s Embrace

Chapter Seven


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Pairing: Alpha!Steve Rogers x OFC  |  Word Count: 5332
Warnings: Medical blood and a little gore

The three days for Lizzy went by in a blur. Her mornings were spent with Natasha who proved to be as lovely on the inside as she was on the outside. Lizzy quite adored her wit and her sharp intelligence, and when Constance foolishly decided to entertain suitors, Natasha was there to run interference. The redhead simply had a way about her the males couldn’t resist, allowing Constance to appear unaffected by Lord Barnes’ rejection while maintaining a distance from the alphas in the room she didn’t want to be around.

Lizzy coaxed her into tea and rounds of needlepoint, an activity Constance loved that Lizzy abhorred, but it made her friend happy if only for a time. Natasha’s presence and calm manner did wonders to soothe both Lizzy’s nerves about Steven’s weyr as well as act a balm for Constance’s bruised feelings. By the afternoon of the second day, Natasha had convinced Constance to come to the Earl’s estate for a change of scenery as well as the upcoming ball.

Though Constance wasn’t thrilled with the idea, knowing he would be there, Steven assured her Lord Barnes would make himself scarce or suffer the wrath of the Warlord Alpha. The Colonel would tolerate no disrespect of her person while the omega was visiting his home.

Of course, convincing Uncle Stark had been even more challenging. Tony wouldn’t have it. His daughter had been through more than enough without having to entertain the idea of seeing Barnes again, but Lizzy had begged for his agreement. She didn’t want to make this journey to the weyr that would one day be her home without her best friend and nestmate at her side.

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anonymous asked:

Do you ever think that Malfoy should have been given his moment of redemption? Like that scene in the movies they deleted when he was trying to help harry by throwing him his wand?

Yes! I think Draco really deserved a redeeming moment. After reading Cursed Child, I think Draco shows he has clearly redeemed himself in some way by raising a son who doesn’t have any of the bigoted views he once had. But I would have liked to see more redemption for him in the main part of the series. So what if he had his chance during the Battle of Hogwarts:

  • After they escape the Room of Requirement, Draco lurks around the corner and watches the trio
  • He sees the diadem crumble
  • And hears the human-like, shriek of pain it emits
  • Memories begin to flash through his mind of whispered conversations between Death Eaters
  • Conversations about Voldemort himself and how he was weakening
  • And he knows what this thing is that has been destroyed and he suddenly feels sick to his stomach
  • Because this is all too much
  • This fight that his family has pulled him into is too terrible
  • He’s known that for awhile now
  • That their opinions are bringing too much darkness, pain, and death
  • And he realizes that it needs to end
  • He might not be able to stop it alone but he sure as hell can help
  • But he can’t find Harry again
  • So he does the next best thing
  • He races through the halls of Hogwarts
  • Past students he recognizes as Slytherins but who have changed the colors of their robes to blend in and help protect their school- their home
  • They know they could be fighting their own parents
  • The fact that his housemates are that brave makes his legs move faster until suddenly he skids to a stop in front of Neville
  • He hurriedly explains to Neville that he wants to help destroy the Horcruxes
  • And Neville, who doesn’t know everything about the Horcruxes but does know that Nagini has to be killed, decides to trust Draco with the information
  • For some strange reason, he really trusts him
  • Maybe it’s the look in his eyes, or the way they’re standing back to back and firing curses left and right while they try to have their conversation
  • Draco Malfoy is protecting him and that’s enough for Neville
  • They continue fighting and they can’t find the damned snake any where
  • Then there’s the one hour armistice 
  • Draco helps bring aid to the injured while his mind frantically thinks of where Nagini could possibly be
  • And then suddenly, Voldemort and the Death Eaters are there with Harry’s body
  • And Draco feels fire burning in his heart because it wasn’t supposed to end this way
  • Harry had been right to fight them all along and now he had given his life for it
  • Draco decides in that moment that he would be willing to give his life for it too
  • Draco watches as Neville steps forward, as he is singled out and offered a chance to switch sides
  • When Neville jeers and refuses, cheers erupt from those around him
  • But Draco has learned to recognize the look on Voldemort’s face right before he’s about to fire the Killing Curse
  • So he leaps out from the spot where he had been lying low among students and tackles Neville to the ground
  • The curse misses them both and Neville laughs
  • He knew he could trust Draco
  • “Stay down” Draco whispers as he gets to his feet
  • The look on Voldemort’s face is half amusement, half anger
  • Draco finds his mother in the back ground
  • There is a look on her face and when she nods slightly at him, Draco knows that she wants him to end this
  • “Nagini” Voldemort says
  • And finally the snake is slithering towards him
  • And out of the corner of his eye, Draco sees a glimmering object appear at his feet
  • And before he even realizes what he is doing, he pulls the Sword of Gryffindor out of the Sorting Hat and kills the snake
  • Voldemort cries out in rage
  • Neville is suddenly at his side
  • And then, Harry is up
  • And alive, and fighting and winning
  • Later, after it’s over Harry finds Draco
  • He’s sitting with his parents, numb and confused but happy because he knows he did the right thing
  • And Harry simply says
  • “I don’t think the sword appeared before you because you’re a true Gryffindor… but you were brave and you fought with us and that makes you a true friend of Gryffindor”
  • And they smile at each other and shake hands before Harry returns to Ron and Hermione
  • And that is Draco’s redeeming moment