bluntly obvious

Astro Reaction: to you falling asleep in the car in their company

MJ (Myungjun) :

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He would notice you falling asleep immediately and would smile as you gently rested your head on his shoulder. Throughout the entire car ride you two had been chatting endlessly, making jokes, smiling and laughing. Hence he would immediately notice you quietening down as your inputs to the conversation gradually decreased. He would not wake you up at all, once you arrived at your destination, opting to carry you and settle you down wherever it may be.

Jinjin (Jinwoo) :

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He wouldn’t notice immediately as you two never had short or random conversations in cars together. If any statements were made they were meaningful and the conversations long. So when he made such a statement asking for advice and you didn’t reply he’d be worried. He’d turn to find your head resting on the window, your mouth wide open. Chuckling a little he’d carefully and slowly move your head so that instead it rested on his shoulder, hoping it was more comfortable.


Eunwoo (Dongmin) :

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He’d notice before you noticed. As he would take note of the all the small habits you always did whenever you were tired. You would rub your hand together to distract yourself or you would blink at an abnormal rate. As soon as he saw the actions piling up, he’d have a pillow and blanket ready; as well as heat packs if the weather was cold. If anyone was around you they’d find it amusing or weird, but you neither of the two of you cared. This caring nature of his always made you smile.



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He wouldn’t notice until you had made it bluntly obvious you were trying to stay awake. He was used to the loudness of the car with all the people inside so he was used to zoning out of all the voices. However he would always take quick glances at you to make sure you were okay. That’s when he would notice your cute actions. When you thought nobody was looking you would shut your eyes for a few seconds before springing them open. Your few seconds of rest technique amused him. He would immediately tell you to rest, a smile on his lips at your adorable actions.

Rocky (Minhyuk) :

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He would have noticed just before you fell asleep. He was used to late night dance practices and as a result was familiar with feelings of exhaustion. What he’d most take note of though was your eyes closing slowly before you quickly opened them. The contrast of the movements amusing him a little. Eventually he would tell you to just rest, placing you head on his shoulder or asking someone for a pillow so that you could relax and sleep.



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Immersed in conversation he would feel you resting his head on his shoulder but not take full notice allowing you to do what you pleased. He’d hold your hand squeezing it now and then as a small reminder that he had not forgotten about you. It wasn’t until he felt your breaths on his neck, tickling him that he noticed that you were asleep. He’d smile thinking you were adorable immediately taking pictures before joining you; resting his head on top of yours.  Thankful because in reality he was a little tired too.

i love how alex used to get all shy when talking about his lyrics especially about my propeller “it’s about a descent” and “i would never be so salacious” and now he’s like this song is about shagging in the woods next question

Andre Burakovsky #2.2

Anonymous said: Hayyyyaaa! May I request a part 2 of the Andre Burakovsky friends with benefits where they end up together or something fluffy pleeeeease?

Anonymous said:Is there going to a part 2 to the André imagine????

Anonymous said:hi omg i loved your andre imagineeeeee so much are you going to do a part two?

A/N: shit this one got long and i didn’t know how to shorten it so im sorry :\ also it ended kinda abruptly so sorry about that too.. but i needed to get some an imagine wether it was crap or not, just hope you reader liked it :)

Word Count: 4,181

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You’re drunk

You giggled at the text and leaned back against the back of your seat. It was just past eleven here in California, meaning it was almost 2 in the morning back in Washington. Yet Andre was up texting you back. And stating the bluntly obvious fact, you were totally drunk.

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i'm in need of some 2D angst pleeease

(I hope this was okay!)

~ It had been almost a year since the accident. Your house can caught on fire in the middle of the night while you were asleep. You were woken up by the smell of smoke and you remember the panic slowly swimming through your bloodstream. You started coughing and looked around for a way out. You ran to your bedroom door and tried to grab your doorknob but it was blistering hot. “Damn it!” You held your hand and looked around. Your worst nightmare was coming true. You started to cry as you desperately tried to find another way out. You looked around and saw your window. It was the only way out.

~ You grabbing your cell phone and dialed 911 as you crawled onto the roof. “Please send the fire department! My house is on fire! I live at 3303 Saluda Road! Please, please hurry! I’m stuck on the roof because there was no other way out!” You were sobbing into the phone. “Okay, calm down. We’ve got some firetrucks on the way.” Said the operator. “Thank you!” You held onto the edge of the roof for your life. When the fire trucks showed up, they immediately got to work on getting the ladder so they could get you off the roof. Just as they started to climb, the roof collapsed. You fell into the fire and you knew that the end had come.

~ They were able to put out the fire and recover your body. They took you back to the coroner’s to determine cause of death, even though it was bluntly obvious. After, the report had been written and your body had been prepped for the burial, 2D was finally able to see you. He had cried for days. His life was crumbling around him and most nights were full of drinking. He tried to kill himself several times but luckily the band was able to stop him before he did anything too bad. 2D didn’t want to go on living anymore.

~ He sat on his bed with his head in his hands. He had just visited your grave again. He visits every single day, he always lays new flowers down when the old ones die. Sometimes he brings his keyboard out there to sing new songs to you or to play some of your favorite songs. He lets you know how much he misses you and how he’s struggling to move on. He started seeing you in crowds, hearing your voice at night, and feeling you hold him in his sleep. 2D often tried to sleep next to your grave but he was often shooed away by the owners of the graveyard.

~ He spent all his time in his room. He’s either drinking, high, or writing about you. 2D looks at old pictures of you two together and sobs until he falls asleep on his floor. He’s started “talking” to you. 2D imagines you there, sitting with him, and he’ll tell you his new ideas for a song about you and sometimes he thinks he hears you talk back. He laughs at the jokes he hears you say. He kisses you goodnight and he makes you breakfast in the morning.

~ The band members started to worry about him. His health was going down the drain and fast. He stopped eating, he would only drink alcohol. He took so many more painkillers than usual. But when he started talking to himself, they knew they had to take some action. Noodle walked into his room and told him that they needed him to come to the store with them. He refused so Noodle dragged him out. “You need to get out of the house, 2D. We all miss her but this isn’t how she’d want you to live on.” 2D collapsed and Noodle picked him up and threw his arm around her shoulders to carry him to the car. The rest of the band was waiting in the Geep.

~ Noodle buckled in 2D and kissed his cheek. “This is for your own good…” Then Murdoc drove off. They had a silent car ride, Noodle shed some tears on the way. Murdoc was gripping the wheel tighter than he ever had before. Russel was just staring at the floor. Once they had reached their destination, Noodle spoke, “He’ll be okay. He’ll get help here.” She said with tears rolling down her face. Murdoc just nodded before unbuckling 2D and placing him in a wheelchair one of the nurses rolled out. As they all said their goodbyes, they got in the car again and drove off. They passed a sign that read, “Essex Mental Hospital”.

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Hi!!! Can you maybe do a lil ficlet about an AU where Jango survives Geonosis, JangObi is a thing, and the 212th's general reaction to their general bangin their dad/template? I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

If there is ever a time he’s grateful for the damn bucket he wears, its the time when his General neck is covered in hickies because you can’t tell Cody is staring if you can’t see his eyes. But holy karking stars, his General’s neck is covered in hickies and he is walking with a god damn little limp in his step!

And he knows he’s not the only one staring.

And Fett is smug!

“Now we move the troops here an-” Right, work, has to focus on work, his General is saying things.

His well fucked looking General.


Cody needed a drink!

At least he’s not the only one having trouble since General Skywalker and General Koon are both staring at General Kenobi, the Kel Dor with his brows raised high and General Skywalker with his jaw dropped open.

And then the blond sputtered and opened his mouth. “Obi-Wan your NECK! Where the Force is Fett I’m going to ram a lightsaber up his a-”

“Anakin, focus!”

Oh Cody needed a drink.


“So…Fett and General Kenobi… General Kenobi and Fett…” Wolffle blinked a bit, glancing about the mess tent. “Does anyone else think its WEIRD?”

“Yes.” Boba offered, swinging his feet back and forth while sitting on a table. “But dad says Obi-Wan makes him happy.” He shrugged and drank his juice box slowly.

“Yeah I bet, most likely playing a game of hide the salami.” Wolffle muttered before yelping when Rex outright punched him in the arm. “Oi!”

“Ears!” Rex hissed, gesturing to Boba who raised his brows at them.

“I already know what they’re doing.” Boba huffed.

“Ugh, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know, I already get first view of the marks Jango likes to leave behind.” Cody groaned.

“Yeah about that did you guys SEE the General’s neck?” Waxer looked around, wide eyed. “I mean I know we can be possessive but he’s one step away from putting a collar on the General with his name on the tag. Like bluntly obvious staking a claim.”

They all went a bit quiet.

“…Did you HAVE to say that?” Cody groaned, trying to shake the images from his mind. “Kark! I don’t need to imagine the General with a collar on.”

“Makes me wonder what else they get up to.” Rex grumbled before going wide eyed. “Or NOT. Kriff…” He grumbled.

“…So we all agree its weird then?” Wolffle repeated.

There was a chorus of ayes and nods.

“He makes the General smile though?” Trapper glanced about. “I mean…the General smiles more when Fett is around and seems generally more happy with him there.”

“Its the only reason I’m not putting a blast in the mans foot.” Cody grumbled. “I don’t care he’s our original, Kenobi is our General and takes first priority. But he does smile. So there’s that.”

The sound of eating and low talk filled the air.

“I could do without the mewling though.” Boba offered brightly.

Several choked on their food and drinks.


“Oh Koth I did not need that in my head.”

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OMG!!!a fic where Nico and Will grew up bestfriend's and when they're I don't know.....15/16 one of them admits they've had a crush on the other since they were 10!?!!!


Nico wished his heart would stop making him feel like he had just run a marathon. Honestly, he had only been sitting with Will for a few minutes. Why did his cheeks feel hot and his hands sweat like it was a hundred degrees outside? It was a nice day and Will and Nico were just sitting next to each other, watching the young kids play outside in the street. Will’s presence was nice and comforting and Nico felt relaxed with Will next him. He felt calm with himself, and more importantly, with his surroundings.

So why was his heart pounding a million miles an hour?

Nico di Angelo had known Will Solace since they were young. Too young for him to really remember ever meeting Will, he had always just…been there. He could have been in the house right next door to Nico, or he could have moved their when they were both still too young to remember such trivial things. For Nico, none of it mattered. Will was a steadfast presence in Nico’s life and nothing was going to change that. At least, as long as Nico didn’t let his emotions get the best of him. And he got accepted into the same college as Will. Not that he would be applying exclusively for Will.

Whatever all those gibberish feelings were, all they were accomplishing was muddling Nico’s brain and making it hard to sit still next to Will. No, it would be best if Nico just pushed them all aside and focused on the summer he and Will had sitting in front of them. Will had baseball and Nico had track, but they both already promised to attend each other’s games. There wasn’t much that could split up Nico di Angelo and Will Solace.

Except, maybe, whatever Nico’s developing feelings meant.

“I guess, what I’m trying to say is, I’m in love with you, Nico.” Will twisted his hands in front of him, wringing them out before letting them fall slack at his sides. Nico took a moment to try and process what, exactly, it was that Will was saying. (Even though it was rather bluntly obvious.) “I understand if you don’t feel the same way.” Has Nico’s heart always been beating this fast? Was this even safe?

It took Nico a while to comprehend Will’s rather bold statement. It was the declaration of love that Nico had been pushing back against for so long, he forgot when it had even settled in him. Perhaps it had always been there, and it had simply grown as Nico did, and he was too young and innocent to understand it until now.

At any rate, Will was standing in front of him, shifting his weight from foot to foot nervously. Nico had nearly forgotten that he was waiting to gauge Nico’s reaction. No doubt he was waiting to see if he had just ruined their friendship. No doubt he held the same fears that Nico had for so long.

“I,” Nico had always been the master of eloquence. “I’m sorry,” he saw Will’s face fall, and he was quick to finish his sentence. “I’m sorry, I just didn’t ever expect this. You’ve always been so, well, you, and I’ve always been, well, me. I didn’t think that there would ever be a chance for there to be a, well, us.” Will looked like he was trying to solve a complicated math problem, tilting his head to the side, and Nico huffed.

Always a man of doing, Nico pulled Will towards him, crashing their lips together. Nico had always been so much better with actions then with words. Still, his heart beat a million miles an hour.

I fought Satan to write today

Tower of Dawn and Throne of Glass#7

Okay so this can either be bluntly obvious or bluntly stupid (most likely) but Sarah J Maas said in order to understand TOG#7 you have to read TOD. So here’s what I’m thinking, what if we see some of the characters from EOS? More specifically Aelin? What if TOD is when Aelin gets out (or she gets herself out)? Somehow Choal and company meet Rowan and company, AND THEY GET AELIN OUT!
1. TOG#7 has a lot to clear up (Meave, Vlag, and more) before the series ends so what if Sarah balances it out a bit? Giving more time to wrap up loose ends
2. TOD is going to be as long as EOS and QOS, so something incredibly major has to happen, maybe that is going to be getting Aelin home
Just me hopping and overthinking over here

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A fluffy scenario of Bakugo taking care of his s/o who is feeling sick from a cold or fever? Please and thank you!

I think I went a bit overboard with this but #no regrets!! I hope you like this, anon!

Bakugo Taking Care of His Sick S/O Scenario

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A loud hack escapes from your dry throat, it doesn’t sound attractive at all; but you never cared, you just want to sleep and get better the very next day but unfortunately it just keeps on getting worse and worse. “This is such a pain,” you whine. Your eyes dart towards the medicine you hated oh so much, your stare has now turn into a strong glare.

“[Name], honey. Katsuki’s here, and he wants to see you.” You hear your mother’s voice booming from the kitchen, you try to respond with a proper sentence but instead, it turns out to be a dry cough instead. “Please take care of my daughter while I’m out for buying her more medicine, okay?” Your mother notes, you hear Katsuki reply with an oddly soft “yes”.

You didn’t dare move from the bed. You placed the thermometer down on your armpit once more, seeing your fever has now gotten quite worse. “Oh hey, Katsu.” You greet, meeting eyes with Bakugou’s as he opens the door; revealing himself with his school uniform. “How are you feeling?” He asked.

“What do you think?” You weakly reply, softly chuckling. “I’m feeling awfully great today.”

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14, 50, or 58! Any pairing :)

i went with 50 (the idiot jar one) and tweaked it just a bit


See, the jar thing was an accident. Really, it was.

It starts off because he inadvisably becomes roommates with Clarke. Which was also an accident. It’s not his fault that their leases were up around the same time, and okay, maybe he could have looked into other places, but it’s easier to split rent and utilities with another person, plus she works just a few blocks away from his school so it just made sense, okay?

(At least, that’s what he word vomited to Octavia when she tried to pry.

“Just admit that you want to move in with your crush and save yourself the hassle,” she says with a dramatic roll of her eyes and Bellamy doesn’t pout, but comes startlingly close to it.)

So that’s how he moves in with Clarke Griffin.

And finds out that she’s an absolutely terrible roommate. Not to mention adult.

Which lead to the jar.

“I’m starting an idiot jar,” he tells her when she stumbles into the kitchen one morning, still squinting at everything suspiciously. He has to bite back a grin before he waves the empty milk carton in front of her face.

“What the fuck,” she says, reeling back a little.

“Every time you do something stupid- like leave your shoes in the middle of the hallway or forget to throw out an empty carton from the fridge- you have to put a dollar in the jar,” he continues, cutting the top off the carton, already having washed it out. Bellamy slaps it down on the kitchen table and slides it across to her. “Pay up.”

Clarke just blinks owlishly at him. “Okay, one, that isn’t a jar. And two, don’t you think ‘complete adult failure why does she even try’ would be more apt?”

“Maybe, but you do a lot of other idiotic things besides fail at being adult.”

“Gee thanks Bellamy. Really feeling the love.”

“Good to know. Now eat your eggs. You need to eat something other than poptarts in the morning.”

Shovelling a mouthful of eggs into her mouth, Clarke points her fork at him and says, “If you’re gonna start and idiot jar, I’m gonna start a grump jar.”

Bellamy scoffs, throwing a dish towel over his shoulder. “You can’t just steal my idea, Clarke.”

“Shut up it’s not stealing it’s- it’s a game. Whoever gets more money from the other by Christmas wins.”

“Wins what?” he finds himself asking, grudgingly intrigued.

“All the money from both jars,” she says, “Every time you complain, or act like an eighty year old grandpa, you put a dollar in my jar.”

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Finally Understood (Part 2) - Lydia Martin Imagine

Originally posted by beautiful-brides-weddings

“part 2 + If possible, could you put an adorable proposal and at the wedding, could you put in pictures of them throughout there years, and maybe have the whole pack there” - @lydias-girl  

Part 1 - Part 2

a/n: Sorry it  took me so long to make this imagine I’ve been really busy lately and I needed some time for myself but I’m better now and I’m going to start working on imagines again. I hope you enjoy this imagine!

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Car Keys Pt 2

Author’s Note: Ah, I’m sorry, this took a lot longer than expected! However, I have some news~ I’m coming out with another MX fic soon! Try to guess what member it is :) -Admin L

Genre: Fluff/Angst, Bad Boy!AU

Member/Group: Kihyun/Monsta X

Originally posted by wonhobe

“This guy had the nerve,” you hissed to yourself, heading towards the dumb blonde you called your best friend. You could’ve sworn that steam was coming out of your nose, but you wouldn’t know, as you hid yourself from everyone but your childhood best friend.

That friend was tagged Wonho. His real name was Shin Hoseok, but seeing as there was a few of those around, he went by Wonho. You called him whatever you preferred, though; in this case? Dumb blonde.

Your hand curled on his shoulder as you forcefully turned him around. He seemed to have been talking with someone, but you didn’t care. His eyes were wide as he made eye contact, observing how angry you were. From your point of view, you could tell he was gauging how angry you were.

You were not in the mood to wait, though, and quickly dragged him to the side. Your hand unconsciously curled into the fabric of his sleeve and tugged harshly as you walked, nails digging into his arm. You were pissed and there was no stopping you.

“What happened?” He immediately asked once you came to a spot where no one went. Just then you noticed how tightly you were gripping him, and quickly let go, muttering an apology quickly before speaking up.

“Kihyun happened. He’s pissed over his grades, and I almost punched him,” You said, sighing as you folded your arms. Wonho didn’t look surprised nor did he look impressed, but you were less worried about his emotions.

“I’m not surprised.” Wonho responded bluntly, stating the obvious regardless of whether you wanted to know or not. You huffed slightly, not noticing who just walked by. 

The bell rung loudly throughout the school,  and it was time for your now least favorite class: English, aka the class you shared with Kihyun and his group of friends. You turned to Wonho, fiddling with your binder as he got ready to go.

“We’ll continue talking later, have fun in Math,” you hummed, knowing he was going to dread the class from the huff he gave. However, as soon as you turned around, a certain pink haired boy turned the corner and rammed right into you.

“What the fuck?” He cursed after colliding with you, and you felt your anger level rise just a notch. He didn’t even have the decency to say sorry.

“Watch where you’re standing,” he hissed. Kihyun was in a bad mood everyday now, it seemed. You stepped to the side to let him pass, only because you didn’t feel like making a fight.


More time passed as you sat in class, the heel of your hand resting on your chin, holding it up. Usually Kihyun was never late to class, but it had been ten minutes since that bell rang, and you were wondering where the hell that guy went.

You were about to tell yourself to stop worrying about him and focus on work when the teacher spoke up, suprising you with your name. You took your eyes off the door oddly reluctantly and looked up at the toppling teacher.

“Y/N, can you go find Mr. Yoo, please?” The teacher spoke, as if asking a question, although you knew it wasn’t an option.You let out a sigh, reluctant to get up, but the hard look your teacher was giving you motivated you.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll go.” You muttered, putting your binder under your desk. You didn’t bother to take one of those dumb hall passes, they were useless. Flipping your hoodie up, you began traveling the school.

The first place you went was to the locker rooms. There was no pink haired punk there, so you moved to the cafeteria. Yet, still no sign of that dumbass.

Finally, you were left with one place- outside. You hated that word. ‘Outside’ just described one of your least favorite places.

You jogged slowly to get outside. If he was anywhere out here, he’d most likely be out in the bleachers, you guessed. But why would he be alone?

As you came closer to the giant set of metal seats, you saw the all too familiar pink mop of hair that made Kihyun stand out. Strangely enough, you loved his hair- it always looked so soft, and even through your rivalry you wanted to see if it truly was as soft as it looked.

As you came even closer, you noticed his head was down. What was wrong with this guy? Was he trying to take a nap in the wind?

“Hey! Where the fuck have you been-” you yelled, before realizing you heard him sniffling. Stopping yelling, you knew at that moment something was wrong: Yoo Kihyun doesn’t cry, yet here he was.

You don’t know what possessed you at that moment, but you rushed over, sitting down and looking under so you could see his face. But he hid more, and a miserable whimper touched your ears.

“If you’re going to yell at me, go away.” He whispered, voice hoarse and catching in his throat. A feeling of guilt washed over you and you suddenly felt bad for him.

A small wave of confidence overtook the guilt, though. Before you could comprehend it, your hands were on his cheeks, lifting his face up to look at you. You were certain you were going to make this right. Why? You didn’t know, but seeing him cry didn’t feel right.

Bruises. The first thing you saw was bruises. A purple ring around his eye, a cut on his cheek, a fat lip; all things you hated.


The droplet of rain that bounces off your skin
My words which I suppose could have an effect
Yet you’re too far away or disinterested
To concern yourself with ancient histories

I was your shield once, you were my Achilles heel
So bluntly obvious, I could hardly avoid
My insecure admittance to you, this love inside
So volatile that to conceal it longer would be torturous

When the night is dark, the clock’s eye on the blink again
I must confess these emotions return like an old friend
Offering himself, fully to me. I admire his deep devotion
Yes, like that he must sleep alongside me tonight

I wonder where you are and if you have forgotten me
Time does rarely heal the wounds inflicted in youth
After all, these memories you cursed me with
Are the proof. They remind me all that was lost

In the day, I tell myself I did not need you, hah
You were insignificant. I am a young man of flesh and bone
The politics of love and war, I shut my eyes
When everything points to you again

So if I must remember how we went out to battle
How we ventured where the rain was so strong
I will do so, before my eyes shut like doors
Let the last memory of you be the happiest remembrance

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sasori is born in the same gen as sakura au

*whispers* thank you anon

Hmmm gonna say this starts not too long after Sakura begins training with Tsunade (so no Sasuke and Naruto for the time being). Reminder that Komushi was that filler character in that episode where Sasori is like, 12, and they were friends.

1. Sakura and Sasori first encounter each other in Konoha. Chiyo was on a diplomatic mission to Konoha and decided very reluctantly to bring Sasori with her, at Komushi’s request, who said very bluntly how obvious it was that she was avoiding her grandson. Well, Chiyo was seeing that her method to introduce Sasori into puppetry and ninjutsu as a form of distraction from the loss of his parents wasn’t working, and as much as she didn’t want to coddle the boy either (there was too much guilt there to even try to reach out to him), she figured teaching the boy a thing or two about diplomacy couldn’t hurt. His social skills were abysmal.

Chiyo and Sasori arrived in Tsunade’s office at Hokage tower, and they both noticed the young girl in the corner of the office at her own smaller desk right away, mostly because of the pink hair. She was diligently studying a scroll of some sort, and only looked up when they first entered the room for the briefest of moments, offering a small smile before returning to her work. Sasori noted the hair color with bemusement, but thought little else of it, while Sakura was too worried about cramming her head full of common poison ingredients to give the two new comers a second thought.

2. During his stay in Konoha, Tsunade entrusted Sakura in showing Sasori around while she discussed business with Chiyo. Thinking nothing of it, Sakura happily agreed and showed up at the diplomat’s suite bright and early. She must have waited a solid 5 seconds after knocking before the door opened just a crack, revealing a boy who looked as if her sudden appearance was the most offensive thing in the world. His disposition alarmed her for only a moment before the boys expression was schooled into a blank mask, and his chilly ‘What?’ refused to deter her. Sakura shook it off and held out a hand, introducing herself with her most winning smile (it worked on Sasuke of all people, so she wasn’t too worried) and an explanation as to why she was there.

Sasori promptly shut the door in her face. 

3. Sakura eventually won over Sasori… well, he didn’t outright ignore her when she tried to talk to him, so she chalked that up as a win. She just kept trying and trying, talking about the weather and some facts about konoha at first, but those types of useless things didn’t work on Sasori. It wasn’t until she started to talk a bit about herself that he showed a modicum of interest. Once she revealed that she was studying poisons, he finally began to look at her as something more than just a bug. He knew a whole lot about the subject too, much more than she did, but it only made her determined to learn enough to be better than him. He didn’t show it outright (he was more expressionless than Kakashi-sensei, and he wore a mask for gods sake), but there was just this air of arrogance about him that Sakura had the deepest desire to squash. 

Eventually this desire turned into enjoyment, because even though it was something like pulling teeth to get Sasori to even talk, once he talked about something he clearly enjoyed, it was hard to take her eyes off of him. Deep down there was a burning passion for his craft (puppets as well as poison, oddly, but Sakura herself had her own fascination with the human body, so she couldn’t really judge), and even the doll-like features of his face couldn’t hide it from her. 

On the flip side of things, Sasori found the pink haired girl very odd. But not boring and unworthy of his time like most other people. Her voice was soft too, (when she wasn’t being a harpy and yelling at him at least) and it did something to him that always made him feel a littler warmer than he ought to be. She was a bit of a pain that way.

4. Sasori and Chiyo, as well as the rest of the Suna nin that accompanied them, left a month after their arrival. Before that, Sakura saw them off at the gate, hands clasped behind her back as she exchanged some pleasant good-byes with Chiyo. 

Wisely, Chiyo went ahead with the other Suna nin to give Sasori time to say bye to Sakura when others weren’t around. Strangely, he seemed almost fond of the young kunoichi from Konoha. He certainly never dismissed her presence like he would with most people; even his friend Komushi couldn’t get him to talk as much as he did with Sakura. It was only a shame she didn’t live in Suna, because she clearly got to sasori in ways no one else was able to. 

Sasori, instead of saying good bye like a normal person would, mentioned offhandedly that he expected to be able to discuss poisons more in depth with her next time they meant. She was good, he said, but not as good as he was. Sakura fumed, as per usual when their exchanges took this turn, and told him promptly that by the time they met again, she’d be able to find an antidote to every poison he could concoct. It seemed big talk, and just talk was pointless in Sasori’s opinion, but she WAS good, and only studied the subject a short of amount of time so far. He would be interested to see how much she would undoubtedly improve. He told her this outright, not thinking much of it and only mildly curious as to why her cheeks turned red. 

Well, she said, tucking a strand of pink hair behind an ear, you should probably catch up with your grandma.

It was at this point that Chiyo looked back, wondering why it was taking so long for her grandson to catch up. She as a good distance away from the Konoha gates, but not so far away that she couldn’t see Sakura give Sasori a light kiss on the cheek. 

It goes without saying that she was too stunned to even speak to Sasori after he caught up with her for the first few minutes of their travel home together, though she did take sneaky glances at him every now and then. She didn’t think she ever saw her grandson look so much like a 12 year old boy until that moment. 


5. Sasori and Sakura exchanged letters from time to time. They next saw each other when they were 15 and Sakura was sent there to help cure the Kazekage’s brother, who has been inflicted with a poison that no one seemed to be able to cure. And she did it flawlessly, and as annoyed as Sasori was, he wasn’t surprised, and even a little glad he hadn’t wasted his time continuing to talk to this woman who was clearly a powerhouse in the making. He only had time for those who had value in some way or another. 

When the Kazekage’s brother was out of the danger zone, Sasori lead Sakura to where she would be staying the night. Before she went inside, she made it a point to invade his personal space as she always did by hugging him around the waist, not too tight but firm enough to be real

He didn’t hug her back, but he did press his nose into her hair and closed his eyes, enjoying the sense of peace he rarely even got to feel anymore.


this has the potential for so much more though. why just 5 headcanons though??

glowstickia  asked:

*coughs* bullymagnet *coughs* COFFEE SHOP AU


Max stared awkwardly over the counter. RJ gave him a brief, disinterested glance before going back to what they’d been doing before Max had walked in. Max was in here enough that RJ knew this sudden change would take some time to register. They knew, of course, who Max was expecting to see across the counter. Honestly, RJ wished that person was here too, but figured, hey, maybe this could work out in their favor?

“Are you going to order?” RJ finally asked after several seconds of intense silence. They watched as Max jumped and began to fumble for something to say.

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Malia- Promise Me

Request- Could you do an imagine with Malia X female human reader. We’re she accidentally hurts the reader and feels really bad and become protective. Thank you. Your blog is awesome.

A/N- Thank you hun! So speaking of Theo, it looks like he’s coming back. While I’d rather have some other characters back *cough cough* Kira *cough cough*, it’ll be interesting to see how they justify that. I’m really hoping season 6 just brings everything full circle. 

“You didn’t have to come with me, you know,” Malia told you as you followed Theo down the dark, musty tunnel.
“I wasn’t just going to leave you alone with him,” you said, watching his back carefully as his sneakers squelched on the wet floor.
“You do realize I’m right in front of you, don’t you?” Theo asked, his smooth voice echoing back into the tunnel.
“Yes,” you stated bluntly, the irritation obvious in your voice.
“Could you just pretend to trust me for like, five minutes?” he questioned. “I’m trying to help.”
“Yeah, but at what price?” you muttered to Malia.
“I need to find the my mom,” Malia stated. “She has Deaton, Y/n. If Scott finds out that it’s my fault she has him, he’ll hate me forever. If that happens, I might as well join Theo.”
“Again,” the chimera called back. “Right in front of you.”
You reached out to grab her hand, giving her one reassuring squeeze as the tunnels began to open up into a wide room. “I’d never let that happen. We’ll find her and we’ll find Deaton.”
It was only an hour ago that Theo had agreed to take you to the Dread Doctor’s lab and explain how they had found you all, or more specifically the supernatural creatures of the pack. It all had something to do with their geolocation and heat signatures, but apparently whatever they had used would lead you to the Desert Wolf as well.
You eyed Malia as you stepped into the lab, a little unsettled by all the sharp, bloodied tools and instruments lining the metal tables. There was long chair in the center of the room, complete with straps to hold someone down. The walls were coated with dried, dark stains that you had no intention of asking about. No matter how troubling they were, you just didn’t want to know.
“Scared?” Theo asked with a smirk.
“And you aren’t?” you questioned with a raised eyebrow. “Oh wait, I forgot. You’re a science project, so this must feel like home to you.”
Theo’s eyes narrowed, but Malia stepped in front of you. “Stop it. Theo, you said you wanted to help, so help. How can I find my mother?”
Theo eyed you carefully, bitterly, like he wanted to say something more. But then the tension in his shoulders disappeared and he walked over to one of the cluttered metal tables. You watched as he picked up a pair of what looked like metal goggles, rusty and worn from years of use.
“This is how they found all of you,” Theo explained. “If you put them on, you can look for the Desert Wolf.”
“Woah, woah, woah,” you said as Malia began to reach for them. “These were made by the Dread Doctors? How do we know they won’t kill you if you put them on?”
“I guess you’re just going to have to trust me,” Theo told you with raised eyebrows. “It’s a good thing you’re not putting them on, Y/n.”
“Malia, come on,” you begged. “You can’t trust him.”
“He’s gotten us this far,” Malia told you. “Y/n, there’s no other way.”
“There has to be,” you said softly.
“Not this time, sweetheart,” Theo told you with a smirk. “Go ahead, put them on.”
Malia sighed, looking down at the goggles in her hands. She slowly began to raise them, but Theo spoke up again.
“Oh yeah, you might wanna tie her down first,” he informed you.
“What?” you asked, looking over at Malia in shock. “Of course not.”
Theo shrugged. “Suit yourself.”
Malia swallowed and raised the goggles onto her head. She pulled them down over her eyes, expecting to see something right away. Instead, she suddenly felt a searing pain in her eye sockets, causing her to scream out. She doubled over in pain, and you cried out “Malia!”
Theo grabbed your arm as you darted forward, yanking you back toward him. “What are you doing?! Get off of me!”
“I’m trying to help you!” Theo snarled.
“Let me go,” you spat, wrenching your arm from his grasp.
He huffed and stepped back as you darted over to Malia, crying out her name.
“Malia,” you said, reaching out to place your hand on her shoulder.
She suddenly reached up, grasping your arm tightly. You gasped as her claws sank into your skin, going deep enough to draw blood.
“Malia,” you choked. “What are you-Malia!”
She suddenly straightened up with a gasp, releasing your arm and stumbling backward. “I see her! I know where she is!”
You brought a hand to your arm, covering the sticky surface of your skin. Blood was still dripping from the cuts, but you were just relieved Malia had found her mother. Now that was one less thing you would have to worry about.
“I did it!” she cried breathlessly as she tore off the goggles, blood still dripping from her eyes. “I-Y/n?”
The joyful light faded from her eyes as she caught sight of you, standing there with blood dripping from your arm. The metallic stench of it filled her nose and she looked down at her own hands, which were covered in the same dark substance.
“Oh god,” she whispered, hurrying over to you. “I did that to you.”
“It’s fine,” you assured her. “I didn’t listen to Theo. I should have stayed back.”
“It’s not fine,” she said softly, walking forward to examine your arm. “God, I’m so sorry. I’ll find something to wrap it with.”
She walked over to a few of the metal cabinets, rifling through them in an effort to find something to wrap your arm. The clearing of a throat beside you caused you to look over, and you found that Theo was standing next to you, a roll of gauze in his hands. He nodded down to your arm and you realized you hadn’t even seen him disappear from the room.
“You should have listened to me,” he told you as you reluctantly held out your arm. “Maybe you don’t trust me, but-”
“Get away from her!” Malia snarled, practically shoving him to the side as she took his place.
She glared at Theo, her eyes flashing blue. He might have been trying to help and he had, but Malia still hadn’t forgotten that he had tried to kill both of you at one point. She didn’t want Theo anywhere near you while you were hurt, even if it was just a few scratches.
Theo rolled his eyes, but handed her the gauze anyway, stepping aside and crossing his arms over his chest. He knew better than to get in the way of a territorial coyote.
“I was trying to help,” he said stiffly.
Malia ignored him as she tenderly wrapped your arm in the gauze, gently tying it off. When she was finished, she pulled you against her without warning, wrapping her arms around you and just holding you there.
“Malia,” you said into her chest, just slightly confused. “It was only a few scratches.”
But deep down, you knew this was about more than her scratching you. You knew that she was about to go off and lay her life on the line against her mother, who wanted nothing more than her head on a platter. Finding the Desert Wolf meant Malia was forced to take action and she didn’t want to lose you in the middle of it.
“Promise me you’ll stay home tonight,” she whispered.
“Malia, no-”
“Promise me,” she ordered. “Y/n, please. Just do it, okay? You can’t get caught up in this.”
“Okay,” you whispered. “I’ll stay home.”
“Thank you,” she told you, leaning down to press a quick kiss to your lips. “You have no idea how much that means to me.”
You reached up, running your thumb across her bloodied cheek. “I think I do.”
“Thank you,” Malia told Theo as she released you, eyeing him carefully like she hadn’t wanted to say it.
“Of course,” Theo said. “I know what you guys think of me, but I’m not a total bad guy.”
Prove it, you wanted to say, but you knew there was nothing Theo could do to make you trust him ever again. He may have helped you this once, but you knew he hadn’t just transformed into a whole new person. While you wanted to believe he was the guy who could achieve redemption, you were sure that Theo had ulterior motives.
While that was troubling, you figured you didn’t have time to worry, and you put thoughts of Theo’s betrayal out of your mind and turned back to Malia.
“Come on,” you said, eyeing the blood on her face and reaching for her hand. “Let’s get out of here.”

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Hi love, so I sent you a message earlier about a guy i hooked up with at the first night and wondered if he was a fuckboy. So i've been observing a few days and he has been ignoring me like all day and at night he wanted to call again. I pretend i was sleeping but next day.i found out he blocked me on insta. When i asked him about it it was an accident but he hasnt unblocked me since. Which is telling me that he's hiding something prob a girlfriend, or im just being paranoid. What should i do?

girl he’s probably hiding something & if he’s not hiding something he’s NOT worth your time. He’s clearly playing games and he doesn’t care that he’s bluntly obvious about it. I’d say …. Kick him to the crib. listen baby…. if a guy is feeling you nothing will get in the way of him contacting you and making it known. You’re too good for him …. next.

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i love your headcanons of naruto and sakura! what more do you have? personality and (more) looks????

Ahh thank you!! :3 really glad to hear this!!

Ok so Naruto:

Appearance: I think he would be pretty buff – kind of broad shoulders, toned arms ( not much abs or anything – i just think he would be naturally buff-ish ) He would be prett tan/dark skinned, light haired, A VERY VERY CHARMING/SWEET SMILE. 



Appearance: Tiny. Tiny, Tiny, pale, freckles,slightly curved lips, not very curvy or large chested ( prob a B cup ) She has a very big issue with her hair always going all over the place cuz she cant control the amount of volume in it.

Personality: BOSS ASS BITCH. xD NAH, she would be very very independent, so fierce yet gentle when she wants to. She wouldn’t be that open about her feelings though – she rather prefers to keep a neutral/happy mood most of the time. She loooves plants??? loves gardening and studying different herbs.


With Phil, It Was Different

Hello there! I have finally gotten around to posting my first Phanfic on here. I’ve got so many ready to post and I’m excited to see what people think!! Hope you like it! x 

Title: With Phil, It Was Different (Oneshot!)

Description: Dan is in a relationship with a guy called Charlie, only problem is he’s head over heels in love with his best friend and doesn’t actually love Charlie. Angst and fluff ensue. 

Pairings: Dan/Phil 

Warnings: slight trigger for abuse but it’s literally tiny.

Word count: 2266

Genre: Romance/Fluff/Angst 


With Phil, it was different.

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Teens and Kids

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1080

Summary: the Reader meets Claire Novak, and teaches the girl something special, helping her realize her specific feelings about Dean and his past.

Part 27 in Reincarnation Series. Part 1 here, Part 26 here.

Here we go! I was nervous for this part, because as I was writing it I wasn’t sure how I wanted to write it. But it just came out on its own! :) So, hope you all enjoy! Get ready for some more soon. ;)

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