Confessional Virgin (N.M)

|based on the request: can you please do a Nate imagine where you tell him you’re saving yourself for marriage?|

|1.1k words, masterlist is in my description, I couldn’t think of a better title, I HAVE 14 MORE REQUESTS TO DO OMFG|

I take a seat at the table in front of the cute little café, sitting across from my boyfriend Nate, his friends Sammy and John, and Sammy’s sister Emily. The boys haven’t gone grocery shopping in over a week so there is no food in their house whatsoever, so we decide to go out to eat and then go grocery shopping.

“Do you have any studio time this weekend?” Emily asks after the waitress has taken our orders.

“Uh yeah, Saturday night with Dillon I think.” Sammy answers, not bothering to stop typing or look up from his phone.

“Are you gunna go ahead with the song together then? You, Nate and Dillon?”


Emily rolls her eyes at her brothers bluntless, making me smile and slip my phone into my bag sitting by my feet.

“I’m in the studio next Tuesday with Jack J.” Nate speaks up, but doesn’t bother to look up. All three of the boys are so addicted and attached to their phones and social media accounts, it’s becoming ridiculous!

I raise my eyebrows at Nates sudden reveal. “Oh, really? You didn’t tell me that.” We were meant to go and get dinner together on Tuesday, but I guess music is more important than a relationship.

“It was a quick decision,” Nate adds and finally glances up at me. He furrows his eyes in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

I purse my lips to the side before letting a small sigh emit. “We had plans on Tuesday but don’t worry about them, we can reschedule.”

“Shit, Y/N, I’m sorry.” He runs a hand through his messy hair and mumbles to himself. “I can move the studio to another day.”

“No, don’t. It’s fine, whatever.” I mutter, playing with the straw poking out of my drink.

“Babe-” I cut him off. I hold my hand up in front of me to silence him also.

“It’s whatever, Nate, just leave it.”

I can see him watching me from the corner of my eye, probably debating on whether he should say something else or actually just leave it.

He doesn’t bother to say anything else.

The tension between us thickens and everyone just stares at us. We never fight or argue in front of anyone else because it’s not their business, but this isn’t a fight or an argument, just a small disagreement.

“Are you okay?” Emily whispers to me, bumping her arm next to mine to get my attention.

I wave it off and force on a smile. “Yeah, I’m used to it.” Too used to it.

Emily smiles sadly at me and drops the conversation. The silence engulfs the table quickly and the boys are already back on their phones. I look over at Emily, who is already looking at me, and we both roll our eyes.

“Oh, Y/N!” Emily perks up, twisting her body so she can face me perfectly. “I need to go shopping tomorrow so do you wanna come with me?”

“I don’t think I’m busy, so yeah, sure!”

She smiles at me and pulls her drink closer to her. “I just need some new shirts and workout stuff.”

“I could use some new bras actually.”

“Do you now?” Nate looks up at me with a sly smirk, raising an eyebrow mischievously.

“I do actually.” I say, nodding my head slightly. “The wire in nearly all of mine has poked through.” It’s like my boobs are being stabbed.

He gives me pleading, puppy dog eyes - lusting eyes, pretty much. “Can you get some lace sets?”

“I’m not buying lingerie, Nathan.”

Sammy coughs as loud as he can, making not just our table look at him, but pretty much everyone within a 14 meter radius look at him. “Y/N, get some lingerie for kinky times in bed with your man!” He’s not even looking at any of us, he’s just scrolling through Twitter.

John is the first to look at him and ask, “What the fuck, Sam?”

He finally looks up and just shrugs his shoulders. “They have sex naked, why not spice it up a bit?”

The thick tension between Nate and myself thickens even more. More on his end. I don’t really want to discuss this out in public. Where anyone can hear us. Talking about it with our friends.

Nate’s arm swings around the back of my chair and he glances at me before speaking. “We uh, haven’t actually.”

“You’re joking.” Emily gapes, wildly looking between us. “You two are the most loved up couple I’ve ever met, and you haven’t even had sex?”

I just shrug and pick up my drink, taking slow, long sips of it to hide myself from speaking.

“You two have been together for how long?” John asks and puts his phone on the table.

“8 months.” Nate answers.

“8 months and no sex?” Johns eyes widen and he leans back in his chair. “I feel sorry for you, son.”

I can feel my cheeks heating up as the boys discuss our sex life between them, with Emily occasionally butting in to correct them and add her opinions.

I honestly don’t feel one bit comfortable about them discussing things like this right in front of me, but I guess it’s better than them doing it behind my back where I don’t know what they could be saying about me.

“Y/N, why won’t you put out?” Sammy finally asks, shutting off their three sided conversation and pushing the boundaries.

I can feel everyone’s eyes on me and there’s a sudden weight on my chest. I don’t know why it should be any of their business, once again. My vagina is my vagina, I choose when I want it to go to work.

“I’m waiting until marriage.”

“And Nate has stayed with you this whole time?” Emily asks quietly, I just nod.

“He doesn’t care that he won’t get any sex with you?” John then asks.

“Well, he cares because he’s a hormone ridden man, but he’s stuck with me for 8 months so…”

“Honestly, this is the first relationship where I didn’t actually give a damn about having sex within the first month or something stupid. I can see me being with Y/N for a heck of a long time.”

“Even without sex?” Sammy asks for clarification.

I swear, Sammy is that kid in high school who only ever talks about sex and how far he’s gone and he thinks he’s a proper G, but he ends up being a virgin.

Nate looks down at me with a smile, rubbing my shoulder with his hand and nodding. “Even without sex.”

“But you guys still do other stuff, right?”

“Shut up, Sam.”