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Cannes 2015 Best Dressed

Oftentimes more so than the Oscars or the Met Gala, Cannes emerges as the platform for my favorite red carpet moments each year. The custom gowns and no holds barred glamour make the red carpet one to watch, especially when considering how every top actress and model makes multiple appearances at events throughout the duration of the festival.

This year, I loved Diane Kruger in an embellished Prada that boasted a unique halter neckline and the prettiest cape and train. Sienna Miller sparkled in a slip Ralph Lauren Collection dress that resembled liquid gold. Emma Stone was elegant in a Christian Dior couture number with a long, flattering silhouette. Fan Bingbing continued to win over style commentators with a dramatic Ralph & Russo couture gown that played with the perfect Spring palette.

Emily Blunt shone in a close-cut Stella McCartney and had one of my favorite beauty looks, simple with pulled back hair, understated but smoky makeup, and stunning statement earrings. Natalie Portman, poster girl for Dior, continues to be the perfect embodiment of the House on the red carpet, opting for a classic a-line gown from runway. And Naomi Watts wore an Elie Saab look that seamlessly transitioned from a sequined bodice to a feathered train.

As for the models, Karlie Kloss was radiant in a Peter Copping for Oscar de la Renta runway gown in the most striking blue, and Miranda Kerr chose a Grecian cut pink Emanuel Ungaro number with a plunging neckline that was sure to have stopped traffic.

And last but surely not least, fashion favorite Lupita Nyong’o had my favorite use of color in a gorgeous green Gucci gown that was made for her signature twirls on the red carpet.

サークル ❤ カタログ (Circle Catalogue)

Milky Chain has announced two new series! Another post covers the other series that was announced, but this series involves club activities and the members of a band called ミスフィット (Misfit)…

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

With club activities occupying your lives as college students, what kind of school life will you lead together?

At the private university, コトブキ大学 (Kotobuki Daigaku), every student belongs to a light music club. Misfit, a band of a light music club, is comprised of three musicians, who each sing and play for the band.

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The day had been long and Mulciber had been fuming through much of it. As much as he needed Andromeda’s hand in marriage for the sake of his family, he also needed to satisfy his fleshly desires. He could probably find a bedmate easily, but somehow frustration overcame him. Ever since his father had been imprisoned, it was as if his life was rapidly deteriorating and he had to work twice as hard to maintain its splendor, often in vain. Anyway, there was one thing he needed, and that was release.

As soon as classes ended, he collected some blunts from Lorcan for what he thought was a fairly reasonable price, and met with the closest thing he had to a best mate - Amycus - in an alcove near the Potions classroom. Mulciber often felt oddly as if the storm within him lessened when he was in his friend’s company, but that might just be his imagination. Silently, he passed one of the blunts to Amycus, and held one for himself. “Need me to light it?” He grunted. Before Amycus replied, Mulciber launched into an invective on Ted Tonks and his illicit relationship with Andromeda. He hadn’t even lit his own blunt yet. “I can’t even touch her. I lift one bloody hand to stroke her hair and she goes berserk. I’m starting to go mad, mate.”