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Ally Mcbeal: Larry Paul [ENTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Teilani | enfjs-r-us 

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): “I have no Method, only madness” Quick-witted, funny and semi-incapable of staying on topic at times. Larry thinks and talks at a proverbial mile-a-minute, has a knack for snap judgments and is able to coherently interpret interconnections. Which in turn, leads to one of the reasons he initially gets under Ally’s skin: he is right about her – and her relationships. Even after only knowing her for less than five minutes.  

Introverted Thinking (Ti): “You always talk in run-on sentences?”. Larry is blunt, analytical and collected. He may sometimes needs a moment to retract and organize his thoughts (like in a spirited debate with Ally) into usable form; once organized however, Larry enjoys expressing his conversational bullet-point of facts to support his argument and detecting the hypocrisies and incongruences in the opposing parties message. Larry also doesn’t believe in sharing whats on his mind; he enjoys the challenge of trying to read someone instead of just being handed the answer. 

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Larry is good at detecting peoples motives. Larry sometimes uses this function to manipulate or undermine people in opposing cases in order to win; but he also uses this function to counsel and aid those around him. When Ally first waltzes into Larry’s office, expecting to find her therapist (who has moved away, leaving only one file; the one with Ally’s name on it); and instead finds Larry moving into his new office, he entertains a conversation about Ally’s love life simply because she seems like she needed to talk. His advice wasn’t all that bad, either; maybe thats why it took Ally so long to figure out he was an attorney – like it said on the door – instead of a therapist.  

Introverted Sensing (Si): Larry’s a cynic about relationships at first, because he has learned to apply from his past experiences that most relationships don’t work out; and he thinks that goes for all. Larry also has a specific idea of what the holidays should be and what they represent. As a result Larry resents and feels lonely around the holidays because they remind him of his son and all the the merry activities they did together. 


Cannes 2015 Best Dressed

Oftentimes more so than the Oscars or the Met Gala, Cannes emerges as the platform for my favorite red carpet moments each year. The custom gowns and no holds barred glamour make the red carpet one to watch, especially when considering how every top actress and model makes multiple appearances at events throughout the duration of the festival.

This year, I loved Diane Kruger in an embellished Prada that boasted a unique halter neckline and the prettiest cape and train. Sienna Miller sparkled in a slip Ralph Lauren Collection dress that resembled liquid gold. Emma Stone was elegant in a Christian Dior couture number with a long, flattering silhouette. Fan Bingbing continued to win over style commentators with a dramatic Ralph & Russo couture gown that played with the perfect Spring palette.

Emily Blunt shone in a close-cut Stella McCartney and had one of my favorite beauty looks, simple with pulled back hair, understated but smoky makeup, and stunning statement earrings. Natalie Portman, poster girl for Dior, continues to be the perfect embodiment of the House on the red carpet, opting for a classic a-line gown from runway. And Naomi Watts wore an Elie Saab look that seamlessly transitioned from a sequined bodice to a feathered train.

As for the models, Karlie Kloss was radiant in a Peter Copping for Oscar de la Renta runway gown in the most striking blue, and Miranda Kerr chose a Grecian cut pink Emanuel Ungaro number with a plunging neckline that was sure to have stopped traffic.

And last but surely not least, fashion favorite Lupita Nyong’o had my favorite use of color in a gorgeous green Gucci gown that was made for her signature twirls on the red carpet.