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Even though I’m really happy with my life at the moment, I still suffer from depression and use music to cope. This playlist, similar to my i met a girl. i knew a girl. and isolation, etc., are more ways to deal with depression. This time’s theme is desperation, so appropriately the playlist is called desperation. I considered making this a double playlist called desperation/release, but I’ll save release for another playlist. For now, enjoy + the tracklist:

1. Savages - “The Answer”
2. David Bowie - “John, I’m Only Dancing”
3. Arthur Russell - “Being It”
4. Beach House - “Norway”
5. The Beach Boys - “The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow)”
6. Animal Collective - “Cuckoo Cuckoo”
7. Björk - “Family”
8. Dean Blunt - “Galice” 
9. Xenia Rubinos - “Hair Receding”
10. Pavement - “Conduit For Sale!”
11. Flying Lotus - “The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep”
12. Danny Brown - “30″ 

The Signs as Anime Girl Archetypes~

make sure you check for moon and ascendant signs as well as sun!!
(descriptions found here)

aries: genki - energetic type. loud and excitable. motivator. always beaming. highly optimistic.

taurus: tsundere - tough outside, soft inside. hot-headed. easily offended. refuses to show weakness. secretly cares for people.

gemini: kamidere - superiority complex. demands special treatment. bossy and comanding. treats people like servants. nobody dares to defy them.

cancer: nadeshiko - perfect wife. polite and reserved. soothing aura. wise and intelligent. very ladylike.

leo: bifauxnen - handsome beauty. masculine and elegant looks. noble behavior. gracious and charming. attractive to both genders. (alternatively, leos can be aidoru as well).

virgo: kuudere - cold type. logical thinker. cool and collected. blunt with opinions. more friendly in private.

moe - pure of heart. sweet and submissive. often fawned over. puts faith in everyone. people want to protect.

scorpio: yandere - soft outside, tough inside. sweet until emotionally hurt. will do anything for their love. obsessive and jealous. psychotic tendencies.

sagittarius: neko - cat ears. feline behavior. has fangs. curious and inquisitive. wants to be spoiled.

capricorn: ane - older sister type. mature. caring and parental. takes care of others. practical and helpful.

aquarius: chikyugai - alien. exotic appearance. comes from far away. easily confused. unusual outlook on life.

pisces: miko - shrine maiden. mysterious. chaste and modest. lives a peaceful life. in touch with the supernatural.

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