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how would the boys ask their s/o out on their first date :0

Osomatsu: Well, if it’s someone he’s had the hots for for a really long time, he’s gonna do his best to make it sound as genuine as possible. Surely s/o is aware what a (bad) flirt Osomatsu is, and has noticed that his version of asking someone he isn’t familiar with on a date is very casual and crass. He doesn’t want to give off this vibe with someone he really cares about. It wouldn’t be fancy, but when hanging out with s/o he’d very abruptly stop whatever conversation was occurring beforehand and just kind of go for it. Looking them in the eye and puffing out his chest to feign confidence as he just announces, “I-I really like you, s/o! Like, seriously! Please go on a date with me!” It’s not elegant and sounds a little desperate, but every word is very genuine, and s/o’ll be able to tell.

Karamatsu: With Karamatsu, it’s very clear that he’ll make a show of asking his s/o out on their first date. Honestly, it’s more like a marriage proposal than it is a mere invitation to go out! He gets down on one knee and everything, in a place that is very, very public, where a lot people will definitely stare as this weirdo drops to his knee and declares: “You, darling, are an angel that was sent from heaven above to save this sinful man! You have captured my heart in your tender hands, and now, I must request that you allow me to take you on a date!” S/o will be beyond embarrassed by his showy nature in executing the act, but agree nonetheless. Even if it is painful, s/o can’t help but also find it cute.

Choromatsu: The poor boy will be shaking in his boots at the mere prospect of asking his s/o out on a date. He’s never asked anyone on a date before! It’s WAY too intimidating! But he just… he REALLY likes s/o, and he’d never forgive himself if he let them slip through his fingers without even making an attempt to date them. It’s a lot more spur of the moment than he’d typically like, but he forces himself to call s/o and tells them to meet him somewhere in the next 30 minutes. He has this burst of confidence he can’t let slip away. So he marches up to them at the desired meeting spot, shaking badly and face all kinds of reds as he bows and shouts, “P-P-Please go out with me! I-I know I’m a bottom of the barrel NEET, b-but please allow me to take you on a date at least once!” He nearly faints when s/o happily agrees.

Ichimatsu: It’s less of asking you out than it is silently dragging s/o to the cafe with him hoping it can be a date? Using his words to ask them out is absolutely out of the question. He doesn’t trust his mouth one second in properly asking them on a date. So instead, he leaves a sticky note on their front door with a time and location, and is just ecstatic when they actually show up to meet him- and seem incredibly happy about it! He’ll be beyond nervous throughout the whole affair, but s/o’s enthusiasm and joy at him asking them (in his own way) will ease his nerves enough where he’ll enjoy it thoroughly. It won’t be until you use the ‘d’ word that he’ll go along with it. “… a date? Did you just actually call it a… u-uh! Y-Yeah, that’s fine… I guess this can be a date…” Don’t let him fool you, he’s celebrating inside.

Jyushimatsu: Both the least nervous, and the most blunt of the brothers. Jyushimatsu is a boy who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to pursue it. He’ll still try and make it sweet though! S/o will receive a phone call from him, where he tells them without hesitation to meet him in the park for a special surprise!  With a bouquet of hand-picked flowers clutched to his chest he’ll come barreling at his s/o the second he sees them, stopping himself just before he crashes into them. “I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU, S/O! GO ON A DATE WITH ME!” He’ll shout as he thrusts the flowers into their chest, not feeling the embarrassment sink in until they agree with such a cute laugh.

Todomatsu: Clearly the smoothest when it comes to asking people out, he’d do it as sweetly and casually as possible. Like Osomatsu, he’d officially ask his s/o to go on a date with him while already hanging out with him. He’d be sugary sweet to them while they were hanging out, maybe sneakily paying for their lunch when they were in the bathroom or dropping extra compliments on their outfit choice for the day. You know, really soften them up and get their affections for him going. He’d wait until the walk home to actually ask them on an official date, “Aah, s/o, I had so much fun with you today! Maybe next time we hang out we should sweeten the deal even further and call it a date! Hmmm, what do you say~?” He’d be ecstatic to receive an enthusiastic agreement!

~ Mod Oso


On January 18, 1983, 22-year-old Bruce Blackman murdered six family members at his parent’s home in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Just before dawn, a neighbor phoned the police after hearing gunshots and witnessing a man being chased on the property screaming for help. When authorities arrived, they discovered the bodies of Blackman’s parents, Richard and Irene, his 16-year-old brother Rick, and his sisters Karen Rhoades and Roberta Davies along with her husband John. Most of them were shot with a .22-caliber rifle, which was found on the lawn, and at least one was bludgeoned with a blunt object. Bruce’s twin brother Barry and another sister were the only survivors of the immediate family; they were both living out of town.

Blackman had moved back into his parents home two weeks prior to the murders after quitting his job as a garbage man. His roommate also notified his parents of concerns about his mental state. He reported Bruce had become delusional: “Then about two months ago, he started interpreting the Bible. He wanted to talk to me about it, about messages he thought were in it for him. He would see messages, subliminal messages, in many things. We’d be sitting around watching the television and he’d see something in a show he thought was a message. He thought the world would end soon and he had a role of some kind to play in it.”

Ultimately, Blackman was deemed unfit to stand trial, and he was confined to a psychiatric institution. He was released in 1995 with a new identity.

I appreciate Dominique Dipierro being an awkward turtle.

She wants to talk to a victim’s mother, so she’s all, “I rolled blunts for my brother back in the day, I’m pretty awesome at it, if I say so myself!”

She meets the Chinese Minister of State Security and is all, “Ha ha, you collect all these clocks to remind you of mortality and, hey, why do you have a closet full of women’s clothing, and here is a snippet of a personal story about why I became an FBI agent that involves me running out on a marriage proposal!”

She doesn’t know how to accept her favorite bodega is closing and express sympathy, so she perplexingly asserts she’s gotta take advantage of the moment … to order a sandwich, duh!

She cheerfully barges into Angela Moss’ home, a person of interest in her case whom she has spoken to exactly once before, and sits down and just starts eating and is like, “I had this dream about a sexy lady and it went downhill real fast and ended with me drowning, but if you knew me you’d know that dreams are rare for me”–

Like, no, Dom, Angela doesn’t know you or how often you dream and she certainly doesn’t know what to make of you telling her this or why she should care and did you have to clarify it was a sexy woman, now you’ve made her feel weird and like a voyeur gazing unwillingly through the window you opened, good job, Dom.

You betcha I’m here for all the awkwardness.

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what if asher did weed

I’d find em and make em throw the blunt away

My brother was a drug user for personal reasons and I lost him from drinking and driving while high off weed

I can’t lose Asher too 

Ich pack des Tütchen aus,
hol’ die Blüten raus,
es is mir egal was du machst, ich werd n’ Tütchen bau'n.
Atme ein, atme aus, weil ich die Scheiße brauch.
Nach nem Tag, mies gelaunt, wird sich mies einen geraucht.
—  Lance Butters feat. Coru - Blunted Brothers