blume legacy


*Bambi found another love at uni, hacky-sack

* Bambi returned to the legacy house in time for Bindi and Blanches birthdays.

* And it’s not a sim birthday party unless someone up and dies. It was Pepper’s turn to leave the mortal plane, Napolean turned up to assist her. Farewell my founder.

*Everyone mourned.

*Alistair and Boney created a fun game of, kick the gnome, pick up the gnome. Everyone mourns differently I guess.


Cordelia changed her LTW, she now wants to reach the top of the music career, in the rock track, (I didn’t feel like updating all the venues to work with the showtime careers) she is very much pregnant here but her guitar is covering her bump, kind of, if you look closely you can see her bump poking through it.. Mini Cordelia, aka Dawn, just lurves that rocking horse, girls on there all day everyday, which is okay with me because it’s really cute.


* The family didn’t stay in Sunset for long, Aurora Skies was their next destination. Bambi and Barney became teens.

*Alistair continued being photogenic, university got installed and the ladies in the house became neeeeeerds!

*Bambi took an aptitude test and went to uni.

*where she spent less time studying and more time being rejected by the entire male uni population.

*Bambi got caught by the popo for doing graffiti, then she finally caught herself a man. Walter.


I moved the family to Glendalough and of course the first thing that happens upon opening their household is the new future thingy, I haven’t gotten around to sending any of them to the future yet, but since it was Bambi who was given the timey wimey doodad she is going to be my future guinea pig…eventually, at least before she dies anyways. Ariel makes her first appearance in the new world, and as Daffys birthday is nigh, she makes plans for a Blume family hootenanny.

I have gotten a few lovely messages in my ask box, and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent said lovely messages, I haven’t gotten around to replying to them yet, as a) I am useless and b) they’re really nice to read and I’m holding onto them for rereading purposes.:)


I’m continuing my Blume legacy, and decided for my own benefit and for those who hadn’t been following, that I would do a quick catch up to where I left off, which I think is gen 4. My apologies for clogging up your dash if you have already seen these pics.

* Pepper Blume moved to Twinbrook with her furry companion, Ladybug. Soon after she adopted Napolean.

* Pepper met and married Alistair Blume, they had a little boy named Axel, and not long after, during the full moon, they had Ariel.

* After aging to teen, Axel had an unfortunate accident with the dishwasher which resulted in his death.


*They had a wacky costume party, Cordy was unable to dress up due to her being pregnant, so she tended the bar.

*After the guests left, two new Blumes were welcomed into the world. Generation 4!!!

*Drusilla and Dawn.

*I got tired of boats so the family moved back into their original home in Twinbrook.

*Peaches was happy to be reunited with his water slide.


*Arry started forgetting to put clothes on, but she never forgot how much she loved Peaches.

*Moved to Isla Paradiso, Raff came along with the family, and Bambi introduced him to hacky-sack.

*Ariel and Peaches had date night at the beach.

*Grim reaper cut their date short when he decided it was time for Ariel to pass over.

*Goodbye Ariel :(

*Alistair took his daughters death very hard.


*Another house, another world, another birthday. Back to Sunset.

*Bambi built a time machine, and went to the future, before we even had a future ep. She came back looking all futurey.

*The quest begin’s to make 3 monsters.

*After gathering the necessary ingredients, Bambi made Angelina, whoi was promptly moved out, because one simbot in the family is enough.

*Cordy celebrated another birthday.