Sorta a Part Two to This Imagine


-Okay, so after all is said and done, and the pack loves you like their own now, as I said, you and Lydia get a lot closer 

 -To the point where one day, you kinda just look at each other and nod in mutual understanding at something no one else knows about 

 -Except Liam 

 -“What’s with those two?”

 -“Oh, they’re just dating.” 

 -And everyone is shocked but isn’t 

 -“When did this happen?!” Asks Stiles in complete denial. 

 -“About two hours ago.” 

 -But literally the rest of your classmates thought you were dating before so there’s not much of a change 

 -They just actually see you kiss 

 -Which is a surprise because they thought you both didn’t like PDA 

 -After awhile, you notice that Stiles is different 

 -Like he talks to both of you, he’s a lot closer to you than before, to the point that if you weren’t dating Lydia you’d be dating him 

 -And he’s a lot sadder than before, and a lot quieter which is like weird 

-And you confront your cinnamon bun

-His answer surprises you

-”I kinda just thought I’d always be the one to end up with Lyds you know?”

-And that breaks your heart, but then the next thing he says is

-”Or you. Goddamn I wanted you too.”

-”You hated me for a good chunk of time Stiles.”

-”That doesn’t mean I wasn’t attracted to you. It made me frustrated and just drove me to get you away more because I was confused.”

-And that’s when you get the idea

-So like you pinch his cheeks, and start cooing. “Was my little Stiles confuzzled with his feelings for me?”

-And he’s trying to bat your hands away cuz you’re in public on the main quad of the college

-(I wouldn’t care anyway)

-Anyway, when he turns his face away, you take the moment to capture your lips in his, and a heated makeout session follows

-Before he pulls away shocked. 

-”What about Lydia?!”

-And you just look up and smile at your girlfriend who sat on the other side of him undetected

-”I’m totally fine with it.”

-And then she pulls him in for a kiss

-When she lets him go he’s super red and blumbering, so you take a selfie

-It’s your favorite picture and lockscreen, because you and Lydia are smiling happily while he looks so confused in the background

-And then all of you are inseparable

-You guys don’t fight over one another either, you’ve sort of worked out a routine

-Where you’re just together all day almost everyday

-The pack’s accepted it

-The campus is still in denial

-Like he gets daily questions asked about the relationship

-”How did you score two of the hottest people on campus?”

-”Can you be my wingman?”

-”Teach me your ways.”

-”Can I join on your relationship?”

-He gets pretty amused by them all, but they get overwhelming

-And you have no idea how much pride he gets when it’s time for a pack meeting and two people he love the most are leaning against his jeep looking sexy as hell

-And he gets hella fist bumps on his way out of the school (you go glen coco)

-And you and Lydia sort of shower him in affection because you both already know each other inside out and want him to feel included in  all ways

-Because this sometimes happens:


-Scott loves how much closer everyone is

-Him and the other werewolves just don’t exactly like the fact that you all constantly smell like a certain activity has been done

-Scott undoubtedly had new respect for his best friends

-But Stiles still gets into fights with you two, so Scott has to help him see the light

-Liam is still confused on how the whole three people thing work


DAY 2467

Jalsa, Mumbai               Jan 16/17,  2015               Fri/Sat  1:02 am

I am blue with questioning and re questioning and never do aver that it is a testing time, but laud the process because of its potential to be able to deliver comment that has spoken of ad nauseum, in a manner that gives opportunity to be a better actor - 

I am shaded, in the hope of clearing all that is professed to be such in film that comes up for review and critique soon ..

The perspective of the critique is really one that looks at us all from a distance and deciphers what is right and what is wrong … elements that we overlook and have scant regard for during the making ..

When the blues of life mingle with those that are amber, you can possibly come up with what is commonly called ‘mixture’ - BLU MBER .. the 'blu’ of the blue and the 'mber’ from the amber ..

Would anyone be so kind to look up this freshly constructed word 'blumber’ .. it may make sense of the absurd, but it could actually be a number that we may have overlooked and forgotten … 

So … be with you in a while …

Tried to, but it reaffirms that there were 'no results found’ .. and no results found could well mean that it does not place itself in the realm of the pages of a renowned dictionary !! But I must admit, humanity does respect an invention, irrespective of whether it works speaks performs or not !!! Hence 'blumber’ could well become an acronym for the condition that conveys a bit of the 'blues’ and a bit of the warmth of the setting sun - 'amber’ ..

Sunsets have been a delicacy for me .. one that I could devour trillions of tons of till eternity .. my fascination for the moment has been recorded in camera, personally .. it is without any element of doubt, the most colourful description of beauty in any format of the world …

It is metaphorical too ! When you set yourself to disappear you do want to be and look your best .. the sun would, I imagine, wish to be in such condition as well, which is why perhaps it creates the best moment of its stay when it leaves us ..

Do not those that leave us create similar …

Just a question, or an observation. Many would disagree. An estranged relationship, a tormented life, a moment of despair, a failure, a success …. anything !! Especially I would guess, when near and dear ones depart and find their abode in the Heavens above ..  

These are not beautiful moments in reality .. but at times if we were to look at it philosophically, we may be able to find answers …

Did you then find them …

If not ..

Good night …