Hello again, followers. We are here at the den of the beast herself. BUNNYFEST 2015. Prepare your holy hand grenades.

This pagan holiday takes place near the changing of the seasons to commemorate the yearly ritual of the great bunny slumber (the blumber). During this time rabbits throw a last hurrah wherein they hide in tubes to sneak up on humans and jumps at them. Or away. Usually at full sprint, those fiends.

As you can see they have feats of strength including an obstacle dome (more of a fenced enclosure) where they demonstrate their physical prowess then promptly hide from the blazing murderous sun.

The Blogwife and I have acquired local garb to hide among their people. I hope they don’t realize we’re here.

Pray for our safety. If you don’t hear from us in a few hours, send message to our animal critic apprentices that they may continue our work.