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Okay so this is a topic I’ve wanted to do for awhile and I’ve seen it discussed on so many sites so I thought I should throw my two cents in there. 

Question: Is Jane Lane Asian?

To be honest when I first watched the show (early 2000’s) and before I re watched the series last year I thought she was Asian! But soon I realized I was wrong!

Canon Reasons Why Jane Isn’t Asian:

  • A lot of people who claim Jane is Asian probably have never seen the episode of season 3’s “Lane Miserables” were you see not only her parents for the first time but her siblings. Jane is the youngest. Her two older siblings who are less “artistic” have blonde hair. Jane’s sister Penny has red hair (most likely died) and Trent, Jane and Vincent(father) are the only ones who have black hair. Looking at her parents (pictured above) you can guess that Amanda (mother) is not Asian but Vincent could be making Jane half-Asian but that too not likely. Also when Trent and Jane visit the rest of the Lanes at a family reunion non of them look Asian.
  • Another reason why Jane probably isn’t Asian is because the designers would not of made it THAT hard to tell especially since she’s a main character. Look at Ms.Li and Tiffany Blum-Deckler. You can obviously tell they’re Asian by their eye shape. So that’s the obvious clue to the viewers that if you see someone in the show with slanted line eyes, they are Asian. Jane’s eye lines are flat just like Daria’s.
  • Other clues include the fact Jane has blue eyes (not impossible for Asians just rare), her never mentioning it, her house doesn’t have any decorations of her heritage, her surname (Lane) is actually of English/Irish origin so that kind of debunks the chance that her father might be Asian. 

Only Reasons Why People Thought She Might Be Asian:

  • Black Hair
  • ????

Ironically though, in the ending credits of the show and all the characters have alter egos she is dressed up as a Geisha so is that a hint from the creators that she might at least be half Japanese? But then again Helen was a samurai and I find it hard to believe she’s Japanese too..

If You’re Still Not Convinced, Watch These Episodes:

  • S1E13: The Teachings of Don Jake (Lane Family Reunion)
  • S3E8: Lane Miserables (You meet Jane’s siblings and parents)
  • S5E7: Art Burn (You see Amanda and Wind again)

So what do you think? Did/Do you think Jane Lane was Asian?

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*disclaimer: In no way am I trying to be offensive to any Asian cultures or play into Asian stereotypes. I’m just using whatever evidence the show has to debunk this idea.


Name: Tiffany Blum-Deckler

Gender: Female

Age: 15-17

Occupation: Student

Family: Not Mentioned

First Appearance: Esteemsters

Last Appearance: Is it College Yet?

“Tiffany is a member of the Fashion Club of Lawndale High. She is portrayed to be clueless and terminally narcissistic. She speaks with a semi-Valley Girl drawl, and almost always speaks it veeeeerrrryyyyyy ssssslllloooowwwwllllyyyy.”


  • In the script for “The Invitation” she was named just “Popular Girl Number Two” it was later that MTV decided to give her a name, a name that the security guard read aloud to confuse Jane.
  • In fanfic she is described being Jewish or adopted.
  • It is concluded that she is either Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese.
  • Her full name is never mentioned in the show addressing her, but is shown in “The Daria Diaries”

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