bluh bluh ignore this

it’s 2am and obviously this isn’t the full costume and tbh i’m a little nervous to wear something that does show quite a bit of skin but i was doing poison ivy things and ngl i feel really cute??? this is really minimal for everything i plan to do for this cosplay but idk i wanted to see how it might look and yea. 🌺🌿

hey everyone, it’s a fresh new year and i’ve decided to make it my resolution to start being more interactive with people on here again.

i’m deeply sorry for being so distant this past year. so many people have tried to reach me through messages and whatnot but i’ve been neglecting them, and i really don’t have any excuse other than business but i feel like thats not good enough.

so, in honour of fresh starts i’m cleaning out my whole inbox and making it my resolution to keep it empty. i want to show everyone how much i appreciate you! because i do! i love you all 🎉

i hope everyone can forgive me and i will try to do better and have more presence online. happy new year to you all! i hope its full of good things!