The worst thing about planning a sequel to Hope of Morning is that the entire story is [spoilers] and if I post any snippets then everyone will know that [spoilers] and [spoilers] try to [spoilers] while [so many spoilers]

And ofc I’m also anxious about bringing in [spoilers galore]


rooks-and-blighters  asked:

Hey, I think that it's amazing in your cosplay MysMe art how you had each character dressed up as one another but still kept individual pieces of their personalities (Jumin playing with the cufflinks or Yoosung being excited). Keep it up! (Don't worry about answering this)

Thank you! The mentioned cosplay here. The truth is, I intended the poses to be a huge giveaway to the characters because it was referenced from their actual poses. (original pics from Cheritz)

Surprisingly, some still have a hard time telling so I guess I failed ^^;;;;

oh man…my drawing looks so lame next to the official art :’D

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